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10 helpful tips for long distance relationship problems

10 helpful tips for long distance relationship problems

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If you have long distance relationship problems, you’re in the right place. First of all, you are not the only one and you don’t need to worry. Most people in LDR’s have lots of questions in their head like how to survive a long distance relationship or how to make it work and so on. Everything that happens in life happens for a reason. Sometimes it will teach you many things about yourself and your partner. You will realize how strong you are and how strong your relationship is. We gave our best in providing some tips and answers to long distance relationship questions that are probably running through your head.

#1. thing you need to know for long distance relationship problems


For long distance relationship problems in most long distance relationship statistics, jealousy is the main reason for breakups.  

If we talk about that, then there is no reason to not trust your partner. With that behavior, you will become more possessive and you will just ruin your connection with someone. Focus on your job, friends, family. In the end, you will have something to talk about.  

Also at the end of the day, you can tell your partner everything that happened that day and you will be happier and less stressed.  

Also, you will have no time to analyze every little thing between you two. So the less drama, the better relationship.  

For those who have “fresh” relationships, this is an excellent test. Just be yourself, the time will tell you the truth. As one of long-distance relationship jealousy quotes goes: “Jealousy only eats up your beauty. Have faith in yourself. You have something that others don’t”.

#2. thing – overanalyzing messages

Sometimes, all of us may be wondering why someone isn’t answering an hour or two or even more. The worst thing you can do is to make a drama out of it. It’s fine to be worried and it’s normal. But you must know the difference between those.  

In a long distance relationship, you need to face that now you have separated lives. That means that someone isn’t able to text you every minute or every hour. Relax. That’s normal and it doesn’t mean that your relationship will get bored or less interesting. Mostly it’s the opposite. You will be more excited to see your partner or to hear it. Also, you will have more things to tell your partner.  

In most situations where two people constantly message each other is they lost topics for conversation. So this may be the answer to some long distance relationship questions. Respect your time, respect your partner’s time. Work on yourself, everything will be fine.

Long distance relationship problems
Long distance relationship

#3. thing – most common

What if he/she forgets me?  

Yes, it’s something that goes through your head. However, you always start by yourself. Would you forget someone who you love the most? Of course, you will not. The same thing is with your partner. If that person really cares about you, then the distance is not something that will ruin your relationship. Healthy couples find a solution for every problem. 

It is hard to learn how to survive a long distance relationship and learn long distance relationship work there is lots of ways how to maintain long distance relationship. For everything we love, we must sacrifice ourselves, in fact, we must sacrifice everything. The risk is something that separates the brave ones from those who aren’t. Real ones deserve that and you never need to worry. Real ones will stay no matter what.

#4. How you can know if your partner is cheating on you?

When we talk about long distance couples, that’s also included in lots of long distance relationship questions. If it’s a person you can trust, then simply you don’t need to think about cheating. Your partner can cheat on you even if he or she is every day with you. For people who are faithful distance means nothing. It’s not gonna change them or make them find someone else. Of course, if you really know the person and spend time with her or him.

If you are in a relationship with someone you don’t know the best, watch how they act by talking to your partner. Of course just in case if you realize they changed behavior. Mostly that’s a sign that something is happening. It doesn’t mean that your partner is cheating on you. But it can help you to discover the truth behind that behavior. The fact is you can never know, that’s why trust exists. In the end, you will always know what is happening. Every truth comes to those who stay true. Also in a long distance relationship statistics, we can see how social media affect a relationship. It is visible with the positive and negative results.

Long distance relationship problems

#5. thing you need to know for long distance relationship problems

Most people in this situation become nervous and suspicious. You miss the person you used to have by your side the whole time. LDR loneliness is a normal appearance for people who go through this situation. You need to know that the feelings you feel inside you can also transfer to your partner through text messages. So if you feel constantly nervous and suspicious your partner will become too. So the solution is, you must stop with that and start to trust your partner.  

Even if you shouldn’t trust your partner, you will realize that by the time. But till then don’t make it worst because of these 2 dangerous things.

Long distance relationship problems
Long distance and closeness

#6. What if your partner becomes worried about your relationship

The best solution is to talk. Most things can be fixed by conversation. Just tell your long distance partner what is going on in your mind, find a solution together. The same is when your partner starts with possessive behavior. Make some fun with video chatting, calls or texts, or phone call.

Explain to them that you love them and that they don’t need to worry. Talk every day and pay attention to your partner’s feelings. Also, you can suggest some great long distance date ideas to refresh your relationship by the time. It will help for sure!

#7. thing – Don’t listen to everybody!

Psychology says that lots of relationships have problems because of friends and their advice. Remember that your friends know about your partner and your relationship just as much as you talk to them about it. They don’t know everything and from every perspective. You are the person who knows the most about your relationship and your partner. When you get advice just think about it twice before you take it. Of course, it wouldn’t be bad advice every time. However, the best thing is to listen to yourself and your partner. Instead of telling your friends what your partner did or said. Tell that to your partner, face to face. The result will be better and that is the recipe for healthy relationships.

#8. thing you need to know for long distance relationship problems

Never react immediately. Think about it for a while. Try to look at the situation from another perspective, maybe you are wrong sometimes. Be patient, try to understand your partner, work on your relationship. Practice good communication with your partner. Apologize if you’re not right. Make compromise. Make sure you have time to talk, even if your time zones are not matching.

Long distance relationship problems

#9. Show your partner that you care about her/him

The best feeling in the world is to be loved and to love someone. As you need attention, understanding, your partner needs that too. A lot! So show the person you love that you love her/him the most. Send some sweet good night and good morning messages, be close to your partner’s heart. It’s never too much showing how much you care for someone. Keep that in mind, especially in long term. There is the answer to how to survive a long distance relationship. Fight for your person.

#10.  You want a breakup?

Breakup is a big decision and you don’t decide that just like that even when long distance relationship problems become worst and worst. Unfortunately, sometimes people will realize that may be that is the best solution. For a decision like that maybe the smartest thing is to wait to see your partner again. Then you will know 100% how you feel. Also, you need to respect your partner and that means that text messages for breakup never comes as an option! Always wait to see your partner and then tell her/him everything. Maybe you change your mind or by the time you will realize it was a bad idea.

The final answer

Well, the answer is you. Always listen to your heart, what is saying, how does it feel. Intuition is a very powerful thing. Trust your feelings, learn them, notice them. The fact is that absence of a loved person can be bad for you. Sometimes you will be angry for no reason, or your partner and so on. All that is normal when you miss someone. Always focus on the main thing, your love, and everything you built together. Sometimes the answer will be breakup but always look from every perspective before you decide something big like that. If it comes to a breakup because of long distance relationship problems it isn’t the end of the world. Always stay positive and calm. In every other way, fight for your love, your partner. Hard times will pass; true love stays forever.