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10 signs of an intelligent woman -special personality trait

10 signs of an intelligent woman -special personality trait

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How do we know that a person is intelligent? What makes her so?

Or more precisely, what are the signs of an intelligent woman?

It can often be difficult to tell the difference between someone who only pretends to be intelligent and someone who is truly, deeply intelligent.

With women, spotting the difference requires spotting a few subtle cues, especially since it’s so easy for most people to fake intelligence. Here are 10 clear signs of intelligence woman.

1) They’re Imaginative

Intelligence is not only measured by how well you remember things or how well you can follow instructions. Believe me, it has nothing to do with memory and the like. Intelligence is reflected in another way. We will also explain which one.

For example if someone is very smart, they don’t need to use guidelines as crutches because they think on their feet. Is it?

I can rely on my own skills and transform ordinary little things into something truly extraordinary. Intelligent women are imaginative and think outside the box. They have an innate ability to see the situation and approach it with curiosity.

In a completely different types of intelligence , more unusual way. Instead of taking things for granted, they turn things around and ask “what else?” In what direction and to what limit can I go further.

2) They’re Inquisitive

Do you ever remember those kids in class who asked the teacher endless right questions? Turns out they’re among the smartest in your class after all.

Curiosity is often associated with a higher IQ because clear subtle signs of curiosity and introspection are often seen as indicators of a person’s ability to process information. Such people are never satisfied, they are always interested in something, they always want to know everything.

When someone asks questions, you know that information doesn’t just go in one ear and out the other; they actually think about it and understand it on their own short term. And they store that information immediately in their brain, and they keep thinking about it.

They don’t just sit and listen to what people have to say – they evaluate the information and, more importantly, act on it.

3) They are adaptable

Adaptability is sometimes a difficult thing, there is a difference between a “book smart” person and someone who is truly smart.

A person who is book smart will often rely on exactly what they are told to move forward with tasks. She is guided by the sentences written for her, does not go outside the box and sticks to what she was told.

In a work environment or own company , these are often smart people who need guidance and constantly ask questions to get to the goal.

They can figure it out perfectly, but only because they rely on routine to get them through tasks.

Truly intelligent people can function well under pressure.

When faced with uncertainty, they use their curiosity and creativity to overcome unforeseen situations. They go outside the box and find long-term solutions there, they don’t stick to security but get out of it.

They do not rely on a process that has been done a thousand times. They get bored, they look for a more exciting alternative.

They actually enjoy being able to make their own decisions and let their skills do the talking.

4) They are quite effective

An intelligent woman is an efficient woman. Everything is possible with her.

They know that there is only one currency that really matters at the end of the day: their time, so they always make the most of it. The way they know best. The pressure simply does not exist for them. That is the pressure is there but they simply know how to deal with it, they see it as something positive. They learn from every situation and do not see anything as an obstacle.

They don’t let the temptations of procrastination stop them from getting things done.

They love productivity, to the point that they can even plan every hour of the day.

With high intelligence comes the ability to multitask effectively, making them even more efficient than they already are. Women are just like that, aren’t they?

They can juggle multiple tasks at once without missing a beat, making them ideal leaders in high-stress environments.

5) They are excellent at breaking through information together

Some people think that intelligence is simply knowing a bunch of stuff, memorizing multiple encyclopedias from back to front, and calling up the information you need whenever you need it. But as we already explained in the text above, the difference is big.

But there is a huge difference between learning something by heart and being naturally intelligent, and this is something that intelligent women prove to themselves every day by their actions and navigating a certain space and time.

It’s not about memorizing information, it’s about how to put it together.

An intelligent woman is someone who never feels helpless even when she is completely out of her comfort zone. He manages everything, even when he is somewhere he doesn’t want to be.

They have enough experience and education to put things together, no matter where they are.

You always know when you meet an intelligent woman.

Their intelligence radiates regardless of the topic of conversation or the current situation.

6) They are quite attentive

When it comes to intelligence, the ability to observe the world around you is one of the most telling signs of a high IQ scores .

But there is a slight difference between intelligent men and intelligent women.

It comes down to gender roles and expectations.

Intelligent women are on average slightly more careful than intelligent men.


We didn’t say anything more, which you don’t already know, but intelligent women have to hold back more, evaluate situations and problems more thoroughly before jumping into solving them.

So….women – problem-solving

On the other hand, intelligent men tend to jump right into things. Well, whatever the outcome.

Women are used to taking a backseat to situations even if they can handle them, which is why they end up being the more considerate sex.

7) They are open-minded

Women tend to be more open-minded than men; men are simply more stubborn and single-minded, while women are more open to other possibilities.

They have their own views and principles, but they are open-minded in a way that they do not judge and try to understand everything, both themselves and the people around them.

So when it comes to intelligence, intelligent women also tend to be some of the most outgoing people you can meet.

An intelligent woman is a woman who does not allow her beliefs to cloud her thoughts and decisions.

She is always open to the unknown, to the possibility that she doesn’t know everything she should know about a subject.

8) Humble

Is she emotionally unavailable or just humble and knows when it’s time to talk? An intelligent woman should be proud of who she is and what she has achieved and should not feel the need to put others down to make herself feel better.

That’s why a smart woman knows what she doesn’t know. Her level of intelligence quotient shows that she does not know everything, which is why she is sometimes silent and very modest. There are no complexes, feelings of inferiority, prejudices. She is satisfied with who she is and what she has achieved.

9) Learn from mistakes

Women who are not afraid to make mistakes often understand the world better. They do not see themselves as perfect and know that they will make mistakes. They don’t run away from it and face the mistakes they make.

This is because they are more open-minded and less judgmental than the average person. She might look like a woman with an anxious mind, but actually life is one big lesson for her.

10) Love alone time

At first you thought she was a shy girl or an introvert, but in fact she is just a lover of private time. Spending time alone does not always have to do with intelligence. Such people like to enjoy solitude, to settle their impressions about everything that happens in their life, they want to analyze and they need a moment with themselves to understand some things.

This is just a personal development and can be the result of many factors such as introversion, shyness or anxiety.


Women who are intelligent can also be said to be emotional intelligence, they don’t need an iq test, they see their intelligence through other different situations listed in the text above. Their self-awareness and self-control, sense of humor are a reflection of their strong personality. Through life experience, they have reached an enviable level of self-confidence.

Nothing can shake them, only if sometimes they allow themselves within four walls. If you are a man and read this article, beware of intelligent women, because they are always one step ahead of you.