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10 Signs She Secretly Wants You

10 Signs She Secretly Wants You

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Are you wondering if a certain girl secretly wants you? If so, here are some of the signs she secretly wants you. You might have noticed some of them before, but it is also possible you will read some of them for the first time.

1. She is nervous near you

If a girl is interested, she may get fidgety and uneasy in your presence. Her anxiety may cause her to talk too much or too little. She could also appear disoriented.

What does being disoriented look like? Well, being disoriented could take on many forms. Face caressing, interlaced fingers, hair patting, glancing down, frequent blinking, playing with her hair and lip compression are all indicators of anxiousness and signs she secretly wants you.

What is causing her to be anxious?

Her anxiousness might be caused by your lack of attention to her. If she secretly wants you, she will connect with you and welcome your attention even if the environment isn’t the best one to be in at the moment. However, if she displays signs of boredom or discomfort, it is time to call it a day.

2. 10 signs she secretly wants you – She completely agrees with what you have said

When a girl likes a guy, she treats him as if he is a god who can’t make a mistake. Of course, in many cases, this is exclusive to the “honeymoon time,” but it can serve as a signal.

What does this look like?

She is probably into you for a long time if she is always rooting for you and standing up for you, even when everyone else is right and you are wrong. Start a conversation, pay close attention and you will notice this.

3. She mirrors you

Watch how she speaks to see if she is secretly in love with you. It is one of the signs she secretly wants you if she imitates your motions, shows a lot patience, tries to match your speed, and uses the same language you do. She also avoids calling you “a good friend” to avoid a situation where you think she sees you as a friend.

Mirroring entails imitating another person’s emotions, speech patterns, energy, and vocabulary. Mirroring is sometimes known as the “love detector” or “unconscious body language of love.”

When you are talking to her and you see she is making your signature gestures or using your slang, it is a sure sign she likes you.

Signs she secretly wants you

4. 10 signs she secretly wants you – She is constantly looking at you

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Our eyes speak for us as they reveal how our hearts feel. If a girl can’t take her gaze away from you, it’s one of the signs she secretly loves you.

If she maintains eye contact, she is confident. She is shy if she glances away when you make eye contact. However, if her gaze merely passes by you momentarily and then disappears, she is most likely uninterested. If a girl is talking with you, you know she likes you because she will not avoid eye contact with you. She will show you that she is infatuated and that you have her full attention.

Signs she secretly wants you – Sight and feelings

Because the eyes are the initial conduits for sight, they are windows to the soul. Emotional expressive alterations around the eye affect how we see, which in turn transmits our thoughts and feelings to others. Therefore, a pleasing eye can be distinguished from an angry, shocked, or terrified one.

5. She appreciates and reciprocates your touch

This is a simple test to see if there are any signs she secretly wants you. It is as easy as simply touching her arm, pay attention on her reaction. It is a good indicator if she doesn’t brush your hand off or go away immediately. However, it is equally possible that she is just being courteous. It is a good indicator she is into you if she also leans toward you or reciprocates the movement.

What if she touches me first?

If she initiates the touch first, that is fantastic! It is important to note that her casually touching you is not a sign she secretly wants to sleep with you. This delicate touch is not an invitation to a sexual meeting; it simply communicates that she likes you.

If she frequently “accidentally” brushes her leg against yours, picks dirt out of your hair, or provides a long hug, these are all signals she likes you.

6. 10 signs she secretly wants you – She blushes when she sees you

Girls blush when they feel “exposed” or “caught” by something they don’t want to be publicly known. She will blush if she is self-conscious about her attraction to you. Attraction manifests itself in the form of blushing. When people are attracted to someone, blood rushes to their face, resulting in flushed cheeks. It is a natural mechanism for the body to be attracted to the opposite sex. If she blushes, she likes you and it is one of the many signs she secretly wants you.

How to manifest love
How to manifest love

7. She is interested in the things you enjoy

Basically, if she starts to take interest in things that you enjoy, this means that a girl loves and wishes to spend more time with you. As a result, she will engage herself in something that you care about.

If she shows an interest in the things you enjoy, it is a good sign she likes you and is not completely opposed to you figuring it out. Things that you are passionate about that she will take a forced interest in could be anything. This could include a fandom, a hobby, a human rights movement you believe in, and so on.

8. She alludes to her availability

Another one of the signs a girl secretly wants you could be that she is willing to indicate that she is not in a relationship. As well, she might allude to the fact that she is interested in exploring what you and her could have together if you are also interested.

How will she allude to her availability?

What is the best way for her to inform you? She could allude to her availability by bringing up her “ex” or by attempting to connect with you on social media so you can see her relationship status. Also, she could start chatting about how much fun it was to just hang out with her girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, which would hint that she is not in a romantic relationship.

Meet her friends and family
She wants you to meet her friends and family

9. When you are together, she gives you her entire attention

Consider what you do when you are chatting to someone but are not fully engaged: In this event, you might be checking your phone, checking the time, decluttering, typing, or something like that. If she is into you, she will not do any of these things while she is chatting to you. You will not see her talking to someone else. She will do anything to catch your attention. She will laugh at your jokes, but will be angry if you talk to the other girls even if they are only your friends.

Why does she do this?

Everything else fades into the background while you are around her because she likes you and gives you signs she secretly wants you. As a fact, she might even give you signs she secretly wants to sleep with you. She only sees and hears you. And she hopes you feel the same about her and have true feelings for her.

10. 10 signs she secretly wants you – When you compliment her, she blushes

When you compliment her, she might blush and act a little shy. However, deep down inside, your compliment brings her joy.  If she is not used to receiving praise, she may express her gratitude in more subtle ways. Even if she is unable to accept the comment, she will show you that she appreciates it. She is still hiding her feelings, so don’t be surprised when she blushes.

He bought me a gift does he like me
He bought me a gift, does he like me?

10 signs she secretly wants you – What if she doesn’t want your compliments?

If she doesn’t want a compliment from you, on the other hand, she will either ignore it or disregard it openly.

After reading this article and you notice a certain girl acting this way around you, it might be one of the signs she secretly wants you!