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2 signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings

2 signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings

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What are the 2 signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings? Well, we can find the answer if we take a deeper analysis of this sign and its meaning. Libra is an air sign along with Aries and Sagittarius. Also, their greatest compatibility is with these two signs. This sign rules from September 23. until October 22. The ruling planet is Venus and their lucky numbers are 4,6,13,15 and 24.

Libra is a fair and peaceful sign

The Libra is a peaceful and fair sign. They are in constant search of balance and symmetry, justice and equality. But through life, they realize that the only thing they can balance is themselves and their inner core and try to reflect that back into the world. The Libra will do almost everything to avoid conflict whenever possible. But when they are caught up in one, they will try to be fair as much as possible and even let the opposite side win just to end it.

They are fond of nice and beautiful things

This zodiac sign is placed between a Gemini and Aquarius which gives him strong intellect and keeps him mentally stimulated. They like good books, interesting discussions, and people with similar affinity and visions. Also, they try to enrich their lives with art, music, and beautiful places they visited.

The ruling planet is Venus which makes people born under this sign great lovers but, also, makes them fond of nice, expensive things. That does not mean that they exaggerate anything but they like to be surrounded by nice things which make them happy. That of course means material things in most cases, but as we mentioned before, that includes beautiful things like art and music too. So a good concert or visit to an art gallery will make them happy too.

Libra is a sign of marriage and they are very traditional

Libra is a sign of marriage and they are very traditional when it comes to it. Although the element of air gives them flexibility, they always lean towards tradition and setting boundaries which means a healthy and strong relationship and marriage. But sometimes things do not always work and you will be able to tell it by the way he acts. If something is wrong he will try to hide his feelings and there are two signs which will tell you that. So these are the 2 sings a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings:

#1 He pulls away from you a little

He is very into respect and boundaries when in a relationship but he pulls away when hurt. In a constant search for order and balance, he does not like to be misunderstood and taken for granted. He already knows what he wants on the very first date and whether is it the person he is going to marry. If it is, he is going to prove everything needed so she knows it. That is why he has a strong reaction to unpleasant and surprising things ruining a relationship.

How to be high value when he pulls away?

He does not like social media but he will use it to get to you

Even if he is not into social media, texting, and things like that he will use it to show her how much he cares. He will send text messages to surprise her and tell her how he feels. But his favorite way to show affection is in person. He is an old fashion guy and likes to do things in the old fashioned way.  There is nothing better for the libra male than being face to face with a person he likes and making eye contact to see how she feels too. So if you want to please him do not avoid personal contact even at the beginning of a relationship. He will take it as insult and become hurt.

He will try to be in person with you whenever he can

Also, he will get all the necessary information from her facial expression which will tell him what he needs to know. And that is, does she like him or not? Does she like how he looks, speaks, and acts? Is he interesting to her and do her eyes and cheeks smile when she looks at him? That is why a libra man prefers physical contact and spending time in person. Because nothing can replace information and feedback you get that way and that is exactly what libra man in love will insist on.

He has no hidden interest and can be trusted

So libra is a good sign and can be trusted. He has no hidden love interests and he is an open book when it comes to it. But sometimes he will try to hide his feelings and that is when he is insulted by something. He will pull away and play cool for a while. That is while he discovers what happened and why you did something that insulted him. He will not leave a relationship at the first sign of difficulty but he will not be that affectionate until he discovers the reason for your action.

He will always give you a second chance

If he realizes that you did it on purpose he will be very disappointed but still, he will not leave immediately. He will give you another chance to make things right and save your relationship. He will try to hide his disappointment and not let it show. You will know this by the way he talks and acts. 

#2 He acts shy around you

When they are in love they also stay consistent with themselves and their beliefs. They are very traditional and they are looking for partners with similar tendencies. When they start a relationship they are not sending mixed signals. It is important to them to be recognized as serious and trusted people so they send very obvious signs of affection and sympathy.

2 signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings. He will be careful around you.

He will be careful around you and while you are conversing looking for a sign was it on purpose or not and will it happen again? Maybe he will look shy during that time. Because he will be. He will be shy and a little bit insecure until he gets proof of your behavior and why you did what you did. And he will be right. That is the most common reaction when we are hurt and do not know why someone did that to us. 

No one likes to be insulted and hurt

No one likes to be insulted and hurt so we all usually back up a little until we see what is happening. Whether it is our best friend, family member, or partner, we all have almost the same reaction to this. And so the libra man. His feelings are very deep so he may react even stronger to them. 

If you are not sure what you did you need to start a conversation immediately to find out what is bothering him. And to find out what you did in the case you did not notice. As we mentioned before, Libra is a sign of marriage so he will do everything first before giving up on your relationship or marriage. Libra man likes true feelings even when they are hurt so you can always rely on them. Even in hard times and even when you are the one causing it.

So in their dictionary, there is no word break up and they are doing that only when everything else fails and there is no solution in sight.

How to fix misunderstandings with Libra guy

When you notice that something is wrong you need to start a conversation with him as soon as possible. That is the only way to find out what is happening and where things went wrong. And the quickest way too. He will also be the one who will want to do it that way so do not hesitate. But try not to be that obvious. Start a conversation carefully so you do not insult him again. You do not want to make things worse. While you are having a conversation try to read his body language too. 

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Apologize and show how sorry you are

That will also tell you something about how he feels and what is bothering him. When you come to the topic that created the problem he will probably start to feel restless and make moves that will show he is uncomfortable. He will probably move a lot and try to avoid eye contact with you. Because he is hurt but he does not want you to notice that. He also just wants to find out what is wrong and was it on purpose. When you realize what is bothering him, apologize to him and try to show him how sorry you are. And do that as long as his sorrow disappears. And of course, do not do that again if it is possible. 

But if you see he does not want that to be said out loud just proceed with a conversation without saying “I am sorry” out loud. Try to prove you are sorry the other way starting with promising yourself you will never do something like that ever again.

What if something like that happens again

Well, it is possible that you will accidentally hurt him again but it is important that you did not do it on purpose. The Libra guy will always forgive you everything but you do not want to take advantage of that. Try not to do things on purpose and everything will be alright. Something like that may continue and happen now and then because those are facts of life. 

We do things to hurt someone just because it needs to happen for some reason we do not understand. But what is important is that we acknowledge that and be ready for it so we can fix it. So be ready for it like for any other problem that can occur in a relationship and do anything to fix it. From words of sorrow to actions that will prove you did not mean it. Libra guy will appreciate your effort and actions and will be grateful for it. And that is something you can count on. 

Family and friends

They are highly social and can put their friends and their friendship first if they want to. The only problem is that sometimes they choose friendship which makes them feel superior to the next person. If another person accepts it, ok, but in most cases, people leave those kinds of relationships because they do not want to feel inferior. So if they do not use the inner balance they have they can keep losing friends. But that is rare because that is what they do and, if they want, they can make the other side see through their conflict and make them understand them.

They avoid conflict as much as possible, especially in a family

When it comes to family and family members they sometimes tend to blame others, but not on purpose. When they realize what they are doing they try to correct it and make balance. A constant search for balance and harmony makes them agree with their parents and siblings and avoid conflict as much as possible. If they already were raised in a good family with strong values, they have no problem going into conflict with them and making it end peacefully. Also being raised in a good family makes them have no problem raising their own.

They have no problem going through hard times and trying the best they can to survive them. They are balancing through obstacles and trying to enjoy little things while fixing everything else. That makes their life easier and fulfills their need for balance.

Appreciate your Libra man

The Libra man is a very good committed sign and you should appreciate him. Do not take for granted his good qualities and the fact that is always ready to forgive and forget. That is very rare among the other horoscope signs like Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus, and Pisces. And in life in general. You should not take advantage of that and do whatever you want thinking he will forgive you in the end. 

That is not a fair and mature kind of behavior so you should try to avoid it. Respect him and consider yourself blessed you have that kinda man next to you. Try to be more like him, not the opposite. Because having someone so committed to your relationship that is ready to give you second chances over and over again is a blessing.

2 signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings. Show him how much you care

So enjoy your Libra man and your relationship he is ready to cherish. He will be your best friend and your love so do everything you can to do your part. Be more considerate and supportive. Show him how much you appreciate him every day. He deserves that so do not let any day pass by without telling him how much you love him. Also, you can do that with little presents and surprises every day. From home-cooked meals to little presents, anything that will show him how much you care. 

How To Surprise Your Boyfriend?

Find ideas on the internet or on Amazon

You can find ideas on the internet or on Amazon. That is not a big problem these days. Ideas are everywhere you just need to be willing to take an effort to pick them and realize them. So surprise your Libran and make him feel loved. And he will probably do that for you too. If you are his soulmate he will do everything to show you that and you will know exactly how your man feels.

So how do you know That Libra man is hurt? 

There are 2 signs that Libra man is trying to hide his feelings. He will pull away immediately and he acts shy and insecure around you. When you notice those telltale signs you should try to find out what you did wrong and try to fix it. be open and generous and try to do your best. It should not be hard for you to do that because he is a conversationalist and likes to talk so you can find what is wrong that way. 

React on time to avoid more problems

Also, you are the one who did something wrong so you need to do everything to solve the problem you created. Do not hesitate and let time go by without some actions from you. The more time passes, the deeper the problem gets. If you do not react on time he may get restless and more insecure about you and your relationship. He will think things through and might get some ideas that will be over proportional and that way reduce your chance to resolve the problem and make him at peace again. In this situation, time is everything so react quickly and save your relationship. If you are lucky, and the problem did not go deep you will succeed. 

Where is a will there is a hope

But if you did not react on time, saving your relationship may not be possible. So do not let things go that far and seriously. Read those clear signs and react properly. We all make mistakes and the important thing is that we are willing to make them right.  If there is no regret and will for making up for mistakes or, at least, not to do them again, there is no chance for recovery. People without sense and consciousness will always repeat their actions. And they will not feel shame, sorrow, or regret. That is not a pleasant experience and we hope your Libra man will not be that unlucky. There are 2 signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings and we hope you have enough consciousness not to do something wrong again and hurt him so he has to do that. At least on purpose.