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20 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

20 Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

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Thinking about fun things to do with your boyfriend can be really hard and stressful. Guys think that women are the most difficult people to deal with, but that’s not true! The truth is, there are plenty of fun things to do with your boyfriend. Every adventure you have with one another will help the two of you get closer to one another. It will also keep your relationship fresh and fun.

Fun things to do with your boyfriend, avoiding boredom

What happens when you and your partner keep doing the same things? What happens if your relationship turns into a habit rather than a romance? Going to the same cafés for coffee, returning home in the same way at the same times night after night, watching the same series, and then going to bed may seem appealing at first, but it will quickly become monotonous due to the lack of novelty. To avoid a situation like this, you and your partner should engage in new exciting activities regularly to keep the relationship filled with enthusiasm.

Fun things to do with your boyfriend, but how to define ‘fun’?

Everyone has a different definition of fun. Playing an intriguing game of chess may be fun for some, while the thrill of going skydiving may be fun for others. We have made a list of many fun things for you and your boyfriend to do. Pick and choose what works best for your personalities. Do you want to push yourself to new heights? Do you want to start small and work your way up to being more spontaneous at home? In either case, pick what activity works for you and him. Just make sure to keep him in mind too. Your boyfriend will be surprised if you prepare some fun things to do. Try planning something together so the two of you can bond from beginning to end and have fun at the same time.

Funny things to do with your boyfriend
Funny moments with boyfriend

Go canoeing

If you live in a coastal city, a nearby river can be used to inject some excitement into your relationship. Going on a canoeing date with your partner can provide you with yet another amazing memory.

Have a photoshoot that isn’t so formal

This is another enjoyable activity to do with your lover, particularly if you have some time off work. You could bring a friend with a camera over to shoot some humorous photos of you and your lover dressed up in silly clothing! Aside from having a good time, you’ll be making a lasting memory.

Dress each other up and then go out

Have you ever wondered what your lover would choose if he had the chance to dress you up for a date? Yes, the idea of him deciding what you wear is a little unsettling, but give it a shot. Your evening will be a little more interesting as a result of this rather than the usual routine.

How to do small things with great love

Fun things to do with your boyfriend – Camp together and take a bike ride

Plan a weekend trip to that camp place he has been mentioning. It may be a lot of fun. On winter nights, cuddling in front of the campfire is very enjoyable. On summer nights, why not make a campfire too? There’s something about the glow of a wood burning fire that sets a romantic mood!

Compare the results of a love language test

A love language test is a simple online quiz that reveals how you prefer to give and receive love. Not to get all deep on you, but mismatched love languages are the leading cause of breakups. Therefore, doing this love language test won’t only be important, but it will be fun too. It will offer you the same kind of high as choosing to go on an adventurous date.

Do DIY projects together

Working together on a task, whether it’s hanging up something or finally putting furniture you bought together, can be beneficial to your communication skills. Fun things to do with your boyfriend aren’t just for fun because they will help you to find out something new about your partner and meet their creative side.

Couples bucket list

Fun things to do with your boyfriend – Cook together

There are a ton of fun ideas. For example, to spice things up in the kitchen, get out the measuring cups and cookbook. If you and your partner have children, try to have dinner alone at least once a month. Prepare your food together and have a romantic supper for just the two of you. To add on, if you have some free time, you can take a cooking class and learn new recipes together.

Redecorate together

Choose a room to redecorate as a team. It could be a space in need of organization or one that you wish to freshen up because you use it frequently. Being a skilled interior designer isn’t necessary for creating the perfect room. It’s about spending time with your partner while restructuring, repurposing, or reevaluating your needs for a certain room or location in your home.

Travel together

Pack your bags and go somewhere with your partner. A romantic retreat will revitalize the two of you and provide you guys with some quality time away from your daily routines. If money is tight, consider going on a one-night trip or renting a home through a service like Airbnb or Booking.

Visit your hometowns

It’s a wonderful approach to discover more about your partner’s childhood by visiting their hometown. Spend an afternoon together there. Even if you think you already know everything there is to know about your mate, seeing them in their initial environment will help you connect to him more deeply. As you explore their old haunts together, swap embarrassing childhood stories or treasured family recollections with one another.

Discuss the future

We don’t always have the opportunity to do this. Life gets in the way of fun things to do with your boyfriend. However, if you have a few free hours together and are looking for something to do, chat about the future, what you want it to be like, and what would be wonderful to have. Imagine anything, and you’ll be able to construct it together shortly.

Take a long drive

It doesn’t have to be a long travel or road trip, and it doesn’t have to be to a certain location. Simply get in your car and drive for a few hours to wherever the road leads you. It’s a fun way to discover new things, and the element of surprise will add to the excitement of your relationship. This will definitely be a fun date for both of you.

Adopt a pet

Do this only if you’re ready to take on the responsibilities. It’s the best thing in the world if you are. It can be any pet. Purchasing toys, forming bonds, and ultimately being parents together will be quite rewarding.

Make a fort out of blankets and watch movies

Make a blanket fort with your partner and watch movies under it to spice up your typical movie night. You can also reminisce about the good old days by munching on a bunch of snacks from your childhood. If you think about fun things to do with your boyfriend, this one is one of the best, especially for high school students.

Funny things to do boyfriend
Spending time together

Spa day at home

Start a day with breakfast in bed. Then light up some candles and bring out the aromatic oils. Dim the lights and listen to some relaxing music. Make a spa day out of it by giving each other a full-body massage. Later, you can have a bubble bath together.

Fun things to do with your boyfriend – Exercise together

Join a gym, do some at-home workouts, or sign up for an online yoga session. Not only can working out together improve your and his moods, but it will also keep you both motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After training, you can relax playing board games together.

Learn to play a musical instrument together

Learning an instrument provides a satisfying sense of progress as well as a fun shared activity. Music is a mood enhancer and can induce the creation of oxytocin, sometimes known as “the bonding hormone.” After you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may incorporate at-home jam sessions into your date-night routine with your partner.

Fun things to do with your boyfriend – Jigsaw puzzles or video games

Solving difficult jigsaw puzzles together can be a great way to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. The two of you can even make your own puzzles. Find a good photo of the two of you and have a jigsaw puzzle made for you. After you’ve completed the puzzle, you can have it framed and displayed in your room.
After solving jigsaw puzzles, you two can relax playing video games together.

Write each other a love letter

Love letters are always in style. Write each other love letters and read them out together. Set themes for the love letters before you write them, or play some fun games such as sending each other miniature love letters inside tiny bottles.

Recreate the first date the two of you had together

This one is wonderful if you’ve been together for a while! If the two of you can go to the actual place where your first date happened, that’s great. If not, try to recreate the event in a different way. For example, make the meals you had, watch the same film that the two of you watched, and decorate the space to look like where the two of you had your first date. Maybe you think it is a silly suggestion, but write the destination’s name on a piece of paper and put it up. It’s adorable and amusing, and it doesn’t need to be over the top. Make some cute photos and post it on social media!

Fun things to do with your boyfriend, how it affects relationships?

Every day is a reason to celebrate the love between your partner and yourself. Those are the times to cherish. Make a note on your calendar to remember your first date or your engagement. As well, don’t forget to commemorate other milestones in your life and his. We hope these fun things to do with your boyfriend ideas will help the two of you get closer and create a special bond together!