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5 Signs The No Contact Rule Is Working

5 Signs The No Contact Rule Is Working

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What are 5 signs the no contact rule is working? How do you know if the no contact rule is working? How to get over your relationship? Is it correct to quit cold turkey? These are only some of the questions everyone asks themselves after breaking up with their partner and dealing with the fact that nothing will be the same.

5 signs the no contact rule is working

We all experience breakups at some point in our lives, but if this one was particularly difficult, you may have enforced the no contact rule. While this rule may be able to assist you in reuniting with your ex, it can also aid in your healing and allow you to process your emotions. But how would you know if the rule is effective if you aren’t contacting your ex?

5 signs the no contact rule is working – How long does it take for the no contact rule to work?

The purpose of the no contact rule is to give yourself time to get over your ex’s tangled sentiments. Basically, you cut them off completely-ban on social media, block their phone number, and don’t communicate with them, and that time alone allows you to recover and go on.

Of course, you cannot deal with it overnight. It will take some time to see some results of the no contact rule. Give yourself at least 60 days after you’ve been together for 6-12 months or more before you consider reaching out. If you’ve broken up with someone you’ve been with for a long time, you’re definitely going through a lot, and it’s good if it takes you a while to absorb it.

Meanwhile, do things that you enjoy to keep yourself occupied. Go out with your friends, focus on your own life, follow your passions, try new hobbies, and participate in many different activities. Allow yourself a day or two to grieve the loss before attempting to resume your normal routine. Exercise, eat well and get plenty of rest. Take care of your mental health, because at the end of the day, it is the most important part of yourself.

Abusive relationship

Cut them off for good if they were abusive or things were always unpleasant. If you’re in a difficult position, it’s extremely crucial to avoid making contact. It allows you to gain some perspective and see how fulfilling life can be without your horrible ex.

5 signs the no contact rule is working2

You are deserving of better, so don’t look back until you’re certain it’s what you want. It can cross some wires in your head if you were with an abusive person or if they had a tendency to gaslight you into believing things were your fault. Give yourself some TLC and take as much time as you need to get back on your feet.

5 signs the no contact rule is working – Does the no-contact rule work? What are the benefits of the no contact rule?

Fear, rage, and sadness are all symptoms of depression

You will soon recognize that your relationship is truly finished after some time. This can also be a very destructive phase for a variety of reasons and you might be looking for a way to get even with your ex. You might also have a tendency to over-share details about your relationship in order to paint your ex in a negative light.

You’ll come to regret it later. Furthermore, you may wish for your ex to suffer some sort of misfortune. You could also, and this is sometimes even worse, direct all of your negative emotions on yourself.

no contact rule

You can’t degrade yourself if you don’t make contact

Rejection and desperation might drive you to do irrational things like calling, texting, and asking your ex to come back to you. You might start checking your messages constantly to see if he or she has responded. It makes you feel a million times worse if they haven’t. You may strike out at your ex, either directly or indirectly, or you could try to harm yourself by ignoring your health or wallowing in sorrow.

Your mind goes into overdrive, and you start seeing them out partying while you’re locked up in your room, heartbroken. Worse yet, they may have moved on with their lives and found a new lover. Contemplating these ideas will make you feel even more depressed.

5 signs the no contact rule is working4

It prevents you from looking desperate

It makes you appear needy if you call your ex frequently after a breakup. I know you feel compelled to tell him how you’re feeling right now, but trust me when I say you’re not in the appropriate frame of mind. And he’s probably not in the right place at the right time to hear it.

Have some respect for yourself. Self-respect is important. Make every effort to avoid contacting him for the next three weeks so you don’t come out as desperate. Spend time with your best friends. Instead of telling your ex what you feel, tell your friends. Don’t show him how desperate you are because of your breakup.

You reclaim your power

You lose power in the relationship when a guy dumps you. After all, he was the one who decided to call it quits. You didn’t have a say in the matter. If you maintain in touch, you risk obsessing over him and your relationship, which deprives you of authority.

5 signs the no contact rule is working5

However, if your ex starts sniffing about for you, this is your moment to regain control of the situation. If you do reconcile, you must first reclaim control of your thoughts and heart, and then set the pace for things. Following the no contact rule allows you to divert your attention away from him and what he’s doing by occupying your mind with anything else.

You opened the door to new energy

A breakup is surrounded by a lot of bad energy. You’ve been drained. You are unable to consume anything. Your immune system begins to deteriorate. You are unable to sleep. The longer you focus on this man, the breakup, and what went wrong, the more bad energy infiltrates your system.

Following the no-contact rule, on the other hand, dispels that bad energy and allows you to reclaim your sense of self. You can focus on other things if you aren’t continuously listening for the sound of his SMS. You can resume activities that you enjoyed before the breakup of your relationship. Invest all of your time into your self-improvement and you will get over your heartbreak soon.

5 signs the no contact rule is working6

No matter if you are interested in getting your ex back or not, you cannot show him that. Be yourself. Work on yourself. Once you are satisfied with yourself, it will be easier for you to reconnect with someone because you don’t have any insecurities about yourself anymore. There is a chance two of you will be laughing together in this situation because you got back together, use time well while you are single.

You’ve had enough of repeating your mistakes

The no-contact rule allows you to get off the self-critical hamster wheel and view the big picture. Whether or not you committed mistakes, the clear and basic truth is that you weren’t intended to be.

It’ll be difficult to locate one fantastic guy for the rest of your life if you’re intended to be with him for the majority of your life. You could have hoped that this person was the one, but he wasn’t.

It enables you to establish healthy boundaries and healthy relationships

While it is critical to establish healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life, boundaries within relationships are frequently obscured, particularly when you are feeling vulnerable. You’re more prone to let your boundaries fall when your self-esteem is poor. Fear of rejection or desertion is a common reason for this behavior.

It’s vital to remember, though, those appropriate boundaries may protect you both physically and emotionally. Make a list of relationship boundaries during the period of no contact. Be forceful but cool when enforcing these boundaries. You are under no obligation to apologize or justify your actions to anyone.

5 signs the no contact rule is working

When your ex shows up at areas where you go, it’s a red flag

They’ll most likely just “happen” to be in the area. Maybe your ex knows you always go out for drinks on Fridays at a certain bar, or that you go to the golf range on Saturdays. Even if they have an excuse, they’ll be waiting for you when they arrive.

5 signs the no contact rule is working7

If this happens, it is a good sign. Be kind and say hello, but don’t engage in many conversations with them. You can inquire about their well-being or share your own activities, but don’t delve too deeply into the connection and keep the talk brief. If your ex contacts you and wants to meet up, don’t accept that offer. Think about how hard you have been working on your mental health and the time spent in the no contact rule.

You restored some self-love

You may discover that your self-love and self-image improve as you begin to heal. This is a clear sign you’ve been able to focus on yourself and get over your hurt feelings thanks to the no-contact rule. You’re probably doing a good job of sustaining your relationships and focusing on the future rather than the past.

no contact rule

This could be the time when you’re ready to start dating again, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s impossible not to feel good about yourself and who you are when you see progress in your life.

After the no-contact period expires, your ex wishes to speak with you

If they didn’t want to speak before, they most likely will now. He will do anything to find out what is going about with his life – he asks your mutual friends how to reconnect with you. It’s up to you whether or not you want to contact your ex once the no-contact period has ended. You can set this duration yourself, although it’s normally around 30 days.

If you contact out, they’ll most likely be delighted to speak with you and may even ask if you want them back. You might want to reconsider reaching out to your ex for a second. If you’re in a good spot and can see yourself moving on, it’s worth it to keep the radio silence in place for a little longer.

Your ex tries to contact you via text or social media to start a dialogue with you

During this time, your ex will be more responsive to you. Check to see if your ex is an extrovert or an introvert to have a better understanding of whether this rule is working. An introvert male or female, or someone with a large ego, will not approach you directly but will find a method to contact you later.

5 signs the no contact rule is working9

An introvert may not initiate a discussion with you directly, but he or she will like your posts or leave an emoji comment on any photo. On the other hand, an extrovert will jump right to your messages.

They’ll be one of the first people to like a lovely photo you publish on Instagram and they’ll almost certainly respond if you post your Facebook status. They’ll probably stalk your social media accounts to learn more about what you’re up to because they haven’t heard from you in a while. If they haven’t been able to reach you by SMS, they may try to DM you on social media and will follow all of your social media posts.

You are in a better mood

You were undoubtedly sad at first, but you might feel better after a while. Breakups can take a long time to heal from, but going no contact with your ex can help speed up the process significantly. If you haven’t spoken to your ex in a while and find you’re feeling fine, the no contact rule is functioning brilliantly. It’s fine if you don’t feel any better right now. Everyone’s healing process is unique, so it may take a bit longer for you to feel better.

good mood

One of the key signals that the no contact rule is having a significant impact is when you feel ready to break the chain of obsessing over your ex. You no longer think about what your ex wants, what your ex feels, does your ex misses you, or will your ex come back to you.

Instead, you now concentrate solely on yourself. It’s working because you can feel it in your bones. You’re no longer looking for your ex’s approval, and you’re uninterested in what he or she is thinking or doing.

5 signs the no contact rule is working – Mistakes people make after no contact

Taking a break from your life

The 30-day no-contact period is intended to assist you in getting your life back on track. You’ve had 30 days to establish a new normal for yourself and a new healthy habit. Instead of seeing those 30 days as a setback in your life, consider them as an opportunity to reflect on how your life would be different without that individual.

5 signs the no contact rule is working11

Do not become perplexed and believe that the period of no communication is a disruption in your life when, in fact, the contrary is true: Your personal life is what you put on wait throughout your relationship, and after those 30 days are up, you get to decide whether or not that relationship has genuinely improved your life.

Having a rebound relationship

It’s never a smart idea to be in a revolving relationship. You may think you’re demonstrating to your ex that you’ve moved on, but you’re actually displaying signals of desperation and insecurity. You’re exhibiting that you’re not capable of surviving on your own and that you require assistance.

Being in another relationship may initially enhance your self-esteem. This, however, is likely to be temporary. After such a short time has elapsed since your split, it’s likely that you’ll be continually comparing your current date to the perfect image of your ex that you have in your head.

5 signs the no contact rule is working12

Allow yourself time to process your grief and open your heart to the prospect of finding love again. It will never work to replace your ex with someone you deem second best.

Establishing a deadline

Setting a deadline is rarely effective. First and foremost, you must be willing to carry out your stated activity, and second, you must have a valid justification for establishing a deadline in the first place. Additionally, your actions could be construed as emotional abuse. You’re issuing an ultimatum to coerce your ex-partner into doing what you want when you want it done.

Assume you’ve been without contact for 30 days and have decided to call your ex-partner. You consider your options and decide to put it off for a few days. You then send a casual text message to your ex, asking how they are doing.


You’ve completed the task! You’ve gone 30 days without contacting your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Now you’re looking at your phone, waiting for your ex to text or call you. After all, you’ve been patiently waiting for 30 days, and you’ve earned it. Then, when the phone call does not arrive, you become concerned.

Do not, under any circumstances, start dialing or texting your ex while inebriated. If you honestly believe you can contact your ex in a sensible manner and that doing would be beneficial, there are several options available to you.

5 signs the no contact rule is working13

In contrast, contacting your ex should not be on your schedule if you are in an emotional and charged frame of mind, as rejection will harm your rehabilitation.

You should also examine what your ex is thinking about your silence before making contact. There has been some negative press about no contact, which they may have read. If they believe for even a second that you are punishing or manipulating them, they are likely to become hostile to you. As a result, it is significantly better to let them contact you.

What is the success rate of the no contact rule?

In general, the success of the no contact rule means that you will be contacted by your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, but not necessarily that you will get him or her back. To reclaim your ex, you must effectively re-open communication lines, demonstrate change, and re-attract your ex back. It is a hard process for both, a dumper and a dumpee.

The success rate of no contact is determined by the following factors: mistakes made after a breakup, and your ex’s regret for abandoning you and mistreating you. Your ex is similarly apprehensive about relinquishing the power he or she has held for so long. If there was a lot of begging after the split, doing so would concede that you were partially incorrect and give you needless optimism.

Also the factors that matter are what have you accomplished after the split and your ex’s mental state, as influenced by the hardships he or she is facing. The more agony your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is in, the more likely you are to be contacted.

When done correctly and carefully, indefinite no contact has a success rate of over 90%. Self-respect has a tremendous amount of power, which is why it almost always works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the other 10% of the time when your ex deliberately damages your worth through self-sabotage or moves on with someone else in a selfish, egotistical manner.

5 signs the no contact rule is working – To sum up…

These are only 5 signs the no contact rule is working. There are many other. Of course, it is hard to cut things with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend over night, but if you realize you are part of a toxic relationship, it is the best decision for you.