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7 signs of stupidity

7 signs of stupidity

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7 signs of stupidity can be very obvious for those who know how to recognize it. Stupid people, dumb people, those with lack of intelligence, those with general human stupidity, and those with a low iq can really harm intelligent people that have much higher levels of intelligence. Looking stupid with your body language can be clear to see. Smart people always pay attention to their body language and how they present themselves. Unintelligent people will be very rude, vulgar, or inappropriate in general. Bad habits, a bad point of view at everything in life, doing stupid things to impress others and more are common for stupid people to do. An IQ test isn’t needed to show who the morons are. Signs of intelligence are visible in just one conversation with someone. Eye contact, disabilities in communication, lack of common sense and everything in between, aren’t found in signs of intelligence.

7 main signs of stupidity:

#1 Acting rude/arrogant

People with lower IQ are likely to act arrogant to other people because they’re trying to put their self-worth on a higher level. That happens when a person doesn‘t have any qualities, so they have to do something in a rude way to improve themselves. Also, people with low IQ have extremely high self-confidence. It’s because they believe they’re the most perfect person in the world and that they know everything the best.

Being in company with people like this can really make you uncomfortable. It can also cause lack of self-confidence because of their arrogance. Avoid them.

7 signs of stupidity

#2 Lack of vocabulary

A lack of vocabulary is easily noticed when you talk with someone. This aspect leaves a very bad impression on others. No one likes a person that has a lack of vocabulary. Especially if there are a bunch of people involved in the conversation.

Education and language is very important. It represents you very closely. Also, it shows how you communicate with others. If you show manners and cultural respect through your speech, you leave an impression of high intelligence. However, if someone shows that they lack a decent vocabulary, then they’re another one of those unpleasant jerks.

#3 Gossiping or being annoying

If someone constantly talks bad about other people by gossiping, then it’s a sign that they’re a low intelligence person. Choosing good topics in interaction with people is a mirror of social intelligence. Of course you won’t talk about someone’s life with your friends from work or your boss. Knowing when and how to talk with people is very important.

Following that, being annoying and not knowing when to end the conversation is one of the 7 signs of stupidity. If you notice that someone doesn‘t know when to stop themselves, it’s a sign of stupidity for sure.

#4 Messy clothes

Messy clothes and lack of hygiene isn’t for human beings at all. Self-awareness about those things for every person needs to be on a priority basis. If someone doesn‘t take care of their body, look, or smell in general, that’s not the person with whom you need to hang around.

It’s very unpleasant to be in public or anywhere else with a person like that. It’s visible and it shows so much about that person. A messy and dirty body shows that the mind is in bad condition too.

#5 Lack of care about their own life

People who are irresponsible and never take care of anything, involving their own lives, are the ones who don’t take care of their mind too. People with high intelligence will always take responsibility for their lives and will always try their best to make the life they want to live a reality.

If you notice that someone’s just living day by day, doesn‘t put effort in anything, waiting their time, wasting others time and more, you should know that this person has a really low level of intelligence.

#6 Blaming others for everything

If someone blames others for everything in their life but doesn’t take action on their own, that’s one of the 7 signs of stupidity. Taking life in your hands is one of the biggest signs of intelligence. If someone doesn‘t take anything serious and doesn‘t take action for anything but blames others for everything, you should notice that something’s wrong.

A mature person will always take care about life and situations that are happening in it. Avoiding problems and running away from everything is for kids, immature people, and irresponsible people.

#7 Low self-esteem

Low self-care and low self-esteem is connected with stupidity. If a person doesn‘t value themselves and doesn‘t appreciate themselve, how can others value that same person?

Adding on, someone who doesn‘t know how to value themselves doesn‘t know how to value others. Everything starts with us, so if you notice that someone always agrees with others and accepts every opinion from everyone, it’s a sign of stupidity for sure. A real and intelligent person will always have high self-esteem and clear boundaries with others.

Choose wisely with who you spend your time with. Make sure you’re surrounded by great people. Just like that, you can learn and grow too. Notice this sign at the very beginning and save yourself from bad experiences.

7 signs of stupidity

What are the levels of stupidity? – 7 signs of stupidity

There are many levels of human intelligence and brain function that are based on medical research. These are some scales of human stupidity:

90-110 IQ range is normal or average inteligence

80-90 is Dullness

70-80 is the borderline deficiency

Below 70 is definite feeble-mindedness

Stupidity isn‘t necessarily connected with low IQ. Sometimes people with average intelligence can have extremely idiocy behavior. You can see on social media or in subtle signs different viewpoints from a different level of intelligence. Stubbornness isn‘t a necessary sign of stupidity, it depends on many other things. In a larger group of people, you can clearly recognize which one’s stupid and which one’s not, like in high school, or in New York. Also, healthy relationships need intelligence and understanding. So if you notice that someone has a really healthy relationship, it can show that the person is very intelligent.

Why is it that people are sometimes considered stupid?

These 7 signs of stupidity can’t necessarily take someone as extremely stupid. It depends on many other factors too. In fact, there are many people that fight depression and anxiety that sometimes can cause very problematic behavioral issues when it comes to interacting with society.

Understanding between people and understanding the needs of others can help in human relationships and make them better.

It isn‘t necessarily correct that someone’s stupid just because of their low ability to communicate with others, or their low ability to express themselves. Some people just feel good around people, and some don’t. So, observe all the things before you come to the conclusion.

Science of stupid

How to behave around stupid people? – 7 signs of stupidity

Sometimes, intelligent people can feel very uncomfortable around people with lower IQ and it can be unpleasant for all the people in the group. To know how to handle this in different situations, you should be very professional in recognizing the cause of someone’s behavior.

There are many tips you can put into practice to make those situations more comfortable and less unpleasant for you and for other people. Never react intensely, keep it classy, and keep it calm.

Here are some tips on how to prevent an unpleasant situation with stupid people.

#1 Most effective tip is – ignorance

Ignorance is the best way to avoid stupid people and their way of acting, of course when it’s possible. Make sure you don’t get too personal about everything and don’t get upset by their actions. People will often stop doing something if you just calmly ignore them.

That way you’re calmly avoiding an unpleasant situation and an uncomfortable discussion.

Of course, there won’t always be situations where you can just ignore someone. However, when you see it’s possible to get along this way, use this method. It won’t only make the situation better, it will also make a person stop doing that behavior for a long time. Use ignorance as your superpower.

#2 Don’t get into a discussion with them

Mostly, stupid people don’t have a lot sense of when it comes culture, so if you get into discussion with them, they’ll most likely win in the conversation so it would only make it all worse.

People with low IQ think a lot about talking with everyone, so they’ll always find arguments to win in every discussion, even if they aren’t right. They’ll make you look stupid.

So, be clever, and don’t get into the discussion with them, especially in a group of people. It will only make you feel worse and you’ll lower yourself to the point of the person you’re discussing with. Few words and calm energy are the best weapons to get over the mindset of a stupid people.

Everything else is just a waste of time and an unnecessary violation of your own peace of mind.

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#3 Be kind to them

Yes, maybe it sounds crazy, but be kind to them. If you’re urging aggression from them you’ll be put in a place where you don’t have the ability to run away anymore and it will only get worse.

Make sure you always lead a good and comfortable conversation with them, where they’ll feel comfortable and accepted. This way there won’t be unnecessary tension and conflict.

Kindness, in most cases, is the best method to calm a situation. Even if the other person is wrong. Kind people are the ones with the highest IQ. Be that person and watch the changes in others behavior. Also, that way you’ll guide your conversation in the way you choose. The less drama, the better.

#4 Speak simply and clearly

In a conversation with stupid people and those who are likely to be stupid, always use simple words and sentences so they can understand you clearly.

If you use a complicated way of communicating, it will make them feel bad and humiliated, and again you’re causing aggression and defence.

So, be kind, and use simple vocabulary so they can feel comfortable in the conversation and to make them understand what you want to say.

Even if it’s about work or something that’s business related.

Simplicity is always necessary because it will always make conversations better and make them end faster. It’s important that they end fast and in peace. Of course that doesn‘t mean you should avoid every single conflict with everyone, but always try to reach a conclusion with calm energy for a calm conversation.

#5 Know when to stop them and know when to pull back yourself

Sometimes, there will be situations where you must stop them and give them a clear sign that they’re showing inappropriate behavior. If you are willing to do that, make it fast and clear and stay by your words and actions. After that move, don’t come back in the same energy that was at the beginning of the conversation.

Of course, it’s very important to see the situation from the right angle and to react in a good way.

This is especially true if there are a bunch of people. Sometimes, if you react too aggressively, it will only create the worse response and a much worse situation that can be present. So, try to stop it in a clear and more calm way.

However, if you notice that your reaction will make things worse and if you try to calm down the situation but the person isn‘t stopping, pull back.

There isn’t a place for drama or something that you’ll regret later. Knowing how and when to stop yourself and pull back is as important as knowing when to react.

Make sure you’re clever in a way to perceive the things and to see the situation from a better perspective.

So, don’t react too quickly.

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Stupidity exists and it’s hard for intelligent people to handle it. However, if you just ignore their behavior it will only get worse.

As Albert Einstein said: “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” The same is with stupid people. If you let something be, it will be, all the time and at some moment it will become unbearable.

So, reacting properly and thinking objectively can fix many things. Understanding and empathy are important too.

By making others feel comfortable, you’ll feel comfortable too. 7 signs of stupidity can help you recognize stupidity in people and that way you’ll be able to act right in front of the people like that. Mostly, it isn‘t that easy and you’ll need a lot of practice. However, in the end, life is one big school where people will always learn until the last day. Make sure you learn every day from every person you meet.