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7 tips on how to flirt with girls

7 tips on how to flirt with girls

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Charm, humor and access that results in success on how to flirt with girls is a process in itself that needs practice. Energy and something that connects us with other people can be different things. However, if you obviously like someone and you have clear signs that the girl in front of you is giving back sympathy, then you can go and try to make conversation with her. Remember, girls don’t like boring guys, if you notice that she hasn’t the interest in you, stop. Of course, you need to have a lot of self-confidence because that’s very attractive. Always start with a look, smiles and body language. After all of that, move on with the conversation. Signs a woman wants to sleep with you can also be part of the flirting game. Watch that details too. You can start a conversation and approach a girl. In learning how to flirt, pick up lines and flirting technique are very important. You can break the ice by maintaining eye contact and don’t feel uncomfortable because of that. Showing a girl attention through flirty text is recommended by a dating coach.

#1 flirting signs

Women mostly have their attention on you. How to flirt with girls isn’t that hard. You will just feel their eyes on you. If she’s touching her hair when you look at her and if she keeps her eyes on you while you look at her, it’s a clear sign that she’s interested in you. Also, watch the eyebrows. People raise their eyebrows when they like someone. She will have some cool moves with her eyebrows. Notice that stuff. Her clothes are also important. She will play with her clothes and make herself look attractive. Those are body language signs that can be very important in the steps that follow. Pay attention to them.

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#2 Posture and confidence

For sure, women love confident men. If you go to someone with bad posture and insecure body language, it will result in failure or flirting, no matter who you’re talking with. Work on your posture.  After that, practice confidence in conversation with people from your everyday life. That will help you a lot. Create your own attitude and be someone who has their own thoughts about everything. If you’re someone who doesn’t have self-confidence and always take other people’s thoughts, you need to work on yourself before you start to flirt with someone. It’s not a bad thing to be insecure, it’s just a sign to work on yourself. Always do the best for yourself, that way you will attract good people. To get into and established a connection, you need to have self-confidence.

#3 Humor

To the question “How to flirt with girls?”, the best answer is always a good sense of humor. Generally, people love when someone has a good sense of humor. You feel comfortable and happy in the presence of that person. The same is with girls. Girls love when boys have a good sense of humor, even the sarcastic one. Work on it. Watch and read great things that can upgrade your social interaction and social intelligence. The internet’s full of funny content where you can find a bunch of cool jokes and take them to go in with some girl. Search through interviews of some stand-up comedian or similar things. For sure it would be great if you have some cool jokes in your pocket. It will leave a good impression on any girl for sure.

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#4 Good looks

The first thing that everybody sees on someone else is their look. Make sure that you’re the best version of you at the moment you try to flirt with someone. A good look will help you a lot. With a good posture and confidence added in, a good look can make someone crazy about you. Of course, by good looks it means to have a cool hairstyle and to pick clothes in which you feel the most comfortable and good in. If you look good to yourself, you will look good to others too. It’s as simple as that. Work on your outfit and hairstyle for sure.

#5 Not interested looking

At this point, you need to be careful. How to flirt with girls has its own rules. Sometimes, you need to look uninterested. Girls like that. In some moments you can leave the conversation and go away for a while, to give a sign like she isn’t your priority. That way she will be more interested in you. You will seem like someone who has many options and you seem untouchable. People who are hard to get are always more interesting. Keep that in mind Don’t be boring in the conversation and don’t wait for her to end the conversation. Disappear for some time, then come back. It’s a game of flirting and falling in love. Try it out, it will work for sure.

6 ways to flirt with women

#6 Interesting topics

Interesting topics are very important in the process of how to flirt with girls. You always need to be on the move with time and trends. Always watch what’s trendy. It’s cool to make jokes about trends that are viral. It’s much better to have something to talk about, and for sure you’re the one who needs to lead the conversation. If you lose topics to talk about it will lead to an uncomfortable situation. So be prepared to have things to talk about, or to have something interesting to say about yourself. However, make sure that they’re fun.

#7 Touch

At the end of our “how to flirt with girls” article, it’s time to get in some touch. It’s best to do it at the end of the conversation. Gently put your hand on hers or put your hand on her waist. Just make sure it’s not too intense. Make sure that the touch is gentle and appropriate. For sure it will leave a good impression on her. Do that with confidence and add a little smile, it’s the best to do it as a memorable goodbye. That way you’re giving signals that maybe she will like to meet you again. With that touch you give some kind of attachment to her. Just be careful, if she doesn’t like you it could pass as a really bad guy.

Signs she is madly in love with you
Signs she is madly in love with you

How to flirt with girl over a text?

How to flirt with girls by texting them is much easier. You can see her reaction through the text messages and there are less uncomfortable situations. Also, you can easily change topics depending on which way the conversation is going. Mostly start with some banal questions like “How are you?”, “What you are doing today?”, “How was your day?” and similar. After that make sure during the conversation to give her some compliments. Show her that you like her. After some days of texting, you can invite her on a date. 30 romantic date night ideas – check it out! Maybe it will help you with your first date night.

Flirting and relationships

Flirting mostly leads to falling in love, so be careful. It’s not a good idea to flirt with everyone or to take flirting for granted. Make sure that the girl you’re flirting with is really someone you like. Mostly it can lead to a relationship or even something bigger. However, good confidence, humor, good topics and nice looks can be the best answers on how to flirt with girls. Good luck!