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Top 9 DIY Gifts for Girlfriend – Make Her Happy!

Top 9 DIY Gifts for Girlfriend – Make Her Happy!

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DIY gifts for girlfriend are perfect way to show her how much you care about her.
Of course, you can always buy a gift that is made in vast amounts for your girlfriend at a regular store, but where is the thought in that? Why not give a DIY gift to your girlfriend instead? 

Need a gift?

Are you thinking of unique DIY present for girlfriend but don’t know what to give her? Well, worry not! These homemade gifts can provide you with some great presents. There are gifts mentioned here for every girl, whether she enjoys cooking, games, fashion, or just laying around at home.

Most of these gifts are also ideal for moms, sisters, aunts, coworkers, neighbors, teachers, best friends,and any special lady in your life. With one of these cute DIY gift ideas for your girlfriend, you will give her something she will adore.

Finding a unique gift for your girlfriend is difficult, but with these brilliant and cute DIY gifts for girlfriend, you are sure to discover something she will adore for Christmas, her birthday, her anniversary, or any other special event that you share with her. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a special occasion.

Most importantly, she will know you crafted it with her in mind, which is the most endearing statement of all. Personalized and romantic DIY gifts for girlfriend are the best form of gifts.

Don’t forget, gift wrapping is also important, so make it look beautiful!

What are the best birthday gifts for women
The best birthday gifts for women

DIY gifts for girlfriend – How to come up with gift ideas:

1. Find out what activities help her relax.

You want to offer her a gift that she will appreciate. For example, if you know she has crafted jewelry before, you can bet she will want to do it again. Also, if you have ever seen her coloring with her nieces and nephews, you should get her a painting or coloring kit.

2. Make a list of areas in her home that she thinks need to be updated.

She can determine how to improve her (or yours if you live together) home jointly. For example, if you think a coat rack would look great in that spot, then get a kit for it, and put it together. Sometimes it’s not important to think of a romantic gift but to think of some DIY gifts for girlfriend to show her you are aware and take care of her needs. Thoughtful gifts are always a good idea!

3. Select projects that you and your partner can work on together.

You are both capable, creative people and a DIY kit is a match made in heaven for the both of you. It allows you to interact and establish effective communication while working toward a common objective. Then you can work together again, for example, on diy christmas gifts.

DIY Gifts For Girlfriend – Ideas:

1. Candy cake

Are you unable to bake? If so, it’s not a problem. Any sweet tooth will be satisfied by this candy dessert. Here is how it is done. Your girlfriend will be happy when she sees how much effort you put into making this.

Diy gifts for girlfriend - Candy cake
Candy cake

2. Favorite perfume with a personalized message

If you run out of ideas, what else to choose as a gift than her favorite perfume? To make the gift more personalized, write a sweet message where you express your feelings. A bath bomb is also a good combination with perfume.

Favorite perfume
Favorite perfume

3. Jar of memories

A jar of memories is always one of the best DIY gifts for girlfriend. You can write about everything you can think of when you think of your girlfriend, sweet messages, recount some nice moments together, and something like that. You can buy mason jars in every store.

Diy gifts for girlfriend - Jar of memories
Jar of memories

4. Homemade chalkboard mug

A personalized mug is a perfect fit for a gift, especially if your girlfriend is a huge coffee lover. Every time she makes coffee, she will think of you. This is one of those super easy DIY gifts for a girlfriend, but it works every time.

Diy gifts for girlfriend - Homemade chalkboard mug
Homemade chalkboard mug

5. DIY gifts for girlfriend – Love stickers for laptop

The 21st century is a time when technology is increasingly being developed and used, and thus people are becoming more attached to, for example, their mobile phone or laptop. It has become popular to decorate laptops with various stickers, especially among the female population. Stickers that will associate your girlfriend with you are a great gift and will surely cheer her up. You can choose something unique about your relationship and print it for her so that she can use it as a sticker. This can also be one of christmas gifts for girlfriend.

Diy gifts for girlfriend - Love stickers for laptop
Love stickers for laptop

6. Rose in a glass dome

Every woman is a huge fan of flowers. However, they also get sad when their flowers wither. That is why a rose in a glass dome is the perfect DIY gifts for girlfriend. A rose in a glass dome will remain unchanged and, in addition, it will remind your girlfriend of your love. Write her a message and decorate the box so she will see you put some effort to make it look better. This is one of the most romantic DIY gifts for girlfriend.

Rose in a glass dome
Rose in a glass dome

7. Favorite board games

Many couples like to spend time with other couples by playing board games. If your girlfriend is a fan of board games, this is the perfect gift for her. To make it personalized, you can decorate the game in her favorite colors.

Board games
Board games

8. DIY gifts for girlfriend – Surprise exploding box

A box is always a good DIY project! You can put in it your favorite pictures, some trivial things that remind you of a girlfriend or her favorite sweets.

How to make a surprise exploding box

9. 365 good morning messages

If you want to be sure that your girlfriend will start every day happy, write her 365 good morning messages and put them in a jar from which she will take one every morning for the rest of the year. Cute DIY gifts for girlfriend always contain something like this.

Good morning messages
Good morning messages

10. Photo frame

Photo frame of your favorite memories together is always a good idea. It will remind her of good times spent together every time she looks at it. This is a great anniversary gift for your love.

DIY gifts for girlfriend – Have an idea yet?

These are just some of the DIY gifts for girlfriend that you can make for your girlfriend. You can find a lot of other craft ideas on the internet.
Remember, the most important thing is to know what she likes and do something that will show her how well you know her and that you listen to everything she tells you. That is how she will understand how much she means to you. Sometimes trivial things that someone makes for us and shows us how much we mean to them, mean a lot more than someone buying  an overpriced gift. Keep in mind, handmade is heart-made!