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A good breakfast and 10 other cool things you can do to combat anxiety!

A good breakfast and 10 other cool things you can do to combat anxiety!

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RING! The alarm clock goes off! It’s 5:30 in the morning. You could hit snooze. What’s another 20-minute nap gonna hurt? Right?     The thing is if you’ve ever stubbed your toe on the edge of your bed, slept through an alarm, or simply skipped breakfast before an exam, you know that it’s the little things that seemingly creep up out of nowhere and builds up into mental, physical and emotional tension. And as many of us know, tension is the first step towards that predatory hidden tiger of psychology – anxiety. 

Breakfast Is Of The Essence

I must admit, I haven’t been the breakfast guy myself, up until the last 3 years. The difference it has made up for me has been a decrease in the delayed drowsy morning tiredness most people, especially myself feel in cars, buses and trains en route to the destination.  

For most people, breakfast is a rushed half drunken cup of coffee, however I have learned the difference carving 25 minutes for some scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles and coffee make makes in both time and mental strength during the day.

Everyone Feels Anxiety

If you’re spending your days feeling anxious – first thing you need to know – you are not alone! Far from it! 

Did you know many celebrities, including Hollywood A-listers struggle with anxiety? Ranging from famous people to anxious working moms.  Anxiety starts in the earliest age. Motion anxiety in children and teens is often caused by having the urge to “pee” and having no place to go in sight, or even sitting sandwiched in a moving car for an extended period of time.

However, in older teens and adults whenever persisting anxiety symptoms such as sudden breath loss, ringing in ears. heart palpitations, and blackouts in extreme cases are felt, there because plausible cause for concern.

Coping with anxiety is the art to master for a calm and centered life. We made a list of things to try. Small tips for a happier life.       

How To Cope With Anxiety – 10 Things to try!

  • Start walking dogs as a side gig!
  • Go outside and take deep intentional breaths from head to toe. Center your chest and feel the calm wave come over you.
  • Identify situations & people that make you uncomfortable and identify the root problem.
  • Are you adding to others stress? What ways can you minimize it?
  • Change you diet a bit! Magic is in the little things like, eating fruits with your breakfast and hydrating as often as possible — the body is 60% water for a reason!
  • Students, become close friends with someone of the opposite gender & have consistent study phone calls. Healthy sexual energy does wonders for anxiety. 
  • Sports are a must. After your body sweats out the toxins you will feel instant and lasting relief. Take care of your body and you will be all right. 
  • Enjoy deep alone time to rest your body and mind. This is often a difficult one for most people because work, school, and family life demand so much out of our daily existence. But take some time and make it happen. You will center yourself and feel good for days to come.   
  • Learn a fun new skill. Contrary to what most people believe, learning a new skill isn’t another added layer of stress. It can be a healing tool for both the body and mind. So pick up a Guitar or learn to cook a Swedish dish. — You pick!
  • Sleep more! Your body needs time to heal and replenish itself. Give it time to do what it does best — grow!