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About Us

About Us

Free to Live Magazine is here to point to the sunny side of life for all those in love, and all those living fast-paced lives, packed with burdens of stress and anxiety. We want to help you recognise your true power within and embrace all good things in life.

We write about relationships, long distance relationships, friendship and all forms of love but also about looking your best, beauty and a myriad of other topics big and small, important for our every day life.

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About the Authors

Amelia Murphy

Amelia Murphy is a writer of Free to live. She is passionate about IT and writing. Her favorite topic to write about is relationships, especially long-distance relationships. She likes to spend her free time with her pets – cats.

Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson is a writer and a columnist. She is passionately engaged as an author on Free to live magazine. Kate loves to write about love and relationships but don’t be surprised if you see a few articles about beauty, cosmetics and other topics as well. Kate’s work is a reflection of her personality, whatever she does, she does with full intensity.

Joanna Medic

Joanna Medic is a writer and blogger. She especially enjoys writing about relationships, beauty, and love. In her work, Joanna creates passionately written content that’s bursting with personality. Most of all she likes to write about interesting and tricky lifestyle topics which have a touch of taboo.

Vanessa Davis

Vanessa Davis is an editor of and relationship advice expert, who devoted herself to help young people navigate beautiful but dangerous waters of love and relationships. She is a big lover of jogging, workouts and nature.