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After 3 years in a Long Distance Relationship, he found out I’m missing a breast and broke up with me!

After 3 years in a Long Distance Relationship, he found out I’m missing a breast and broke up with me!

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Heartbroken and lonely, after a bizarre situation when her Long Distance Relationship Boyfriend broke up with her moments after finding out she is missing one breast, a girl shared her grief on Reddit

Her story starts with a confession of a heart brake. She is a 24-year old girl, a breast cancer survivor. She managed to beat the cancer, but had to have her left breast removed. After recovery, she wore silicon padding on the place of the left breast. Without it, she would feel self-conscious. 

Three years of the loving Long Distance Relationship – breast situation hidden

She found love and fell head over heels for a 23-year old guy. They were in a long distance relationship for three years enjoying their company but only meeting a couple of times in person. She shared her story of surviving the cancer, but decided to withhold the part about her breast. 

After three years, she decided to move in with her long distance boyfriend and they tried to consume their relationship physically. Tried, she emphasizes, because when they tried to have sex, things did not work out. 

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He saw it and didn’t want to touch me!

Here is where her story gets tricky. The moment he saw the scar on her left breast, he grew pale and refused any physical contact. He didn’t want to touch her and kept repeating that she should have told him. He felt cheated. 

She said that she didn’t think it was that important since he always told her he loved her and found her beautiful.  

After the initial shock wore out, they talked. He said he couldn’t be with her any more. On all of her pictures, as he has put it, she looked good. But the scar was too much for him to handle. 

There her confession ends. But comments were just getting started on Reddit. 

People on Reddit had plenty to say

In a multitude of comments, some strongly defended her position, some felt the blame was on both her and her boyfriend but all agreed she should have shared her situation earlier. We chose two comments from over 3000 to share here:       

“I certainly don’t think you’re an a**hole. But I do think you should have told him beforehand, probably long beforehand, because a) it would be a surprise for anyone and it doesn’t do you any good to spring that surprise on him in the moment.”

“And b) if he’s an a** about it, wouldn’t you rather know that sooner rather than later?” — HatsAndTopcoats

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She was brave and insecure and he was weak and sincere

Cancer survivors are heroes. People who survive the dangerous disease and continue with their lives deserve happiness and everything life can give them. Unfortunately, not all consequences are physical like the removed breast. Some lay deep in the mind like not being able to freely share the physical situation without fearing rejection. 

She withheld the information which was a part of her.  

On the other hand, he turned out to be far from understanding and sympathetic and superficial. However, he did have a point about a part of his girlfriend’s life being hidden from him. Sincerity is important in every relationship. 

Perhaps if she told her long distance boyfriend about her breast before they tried to be physical, things would turn out differently. Perhaps not. In any case, a boyfriend who can’t handle her situation she doesn’t really need. 

It is often said that life tales the most unusual tales. Here is just one of them. After three years of a loving Long Distance Relationship, the boyfriend finds out she doesn’t have one breast and breaks up with her. A lesson to be learned in everything.

Can’t go wrong with bravery and truth.       

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