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Aquarius Man Pulls Away when in Love

Aquarius Man Pulls Away when in Love

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Aquarius man pulls away when in love always, and we will give you the answers why it is like that. We are all born with certain personality and characteristics, which make us unique and special, and different from others.

Along with our looks, we differ from others by the way we communicate and behave. And that is what makes us really different.

We all have a set of qualities which make us unique

Thanks to the set of those characteristics we are accepted and recognized in society, and among friends and family. Those characteristics make us who we really are and they are dictating our behavior and how we will react in every situation. People always know what to expect from us.

Astrology as a science interpret influence of stars to our behavior

To find out why things work like that there exists a completely separated part of science which is analyzing people behavior. But there is also astrology, pseudoscience which interpret the place and inter relation of stars and planets and their influence on us and our behavior.

We all have a horoscope sign which tells us more about our personality

They came up with astrological cards (Horoscopes) which tell them more about us, our personality and our behavior. Astrologists say that stars and planets, and their relations and positions have influence on us and that they determine our behavior. By them we all have our horoscope sign, our planet and our element.

According to their positions and behaviors they can tell us who we are and how we will react in every single situation. They can also make predictions for every single day, how we are going to feel, act and react to something.

They predict the future, present and they are telling us about the past. All from looking at the stars.

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Aquarius is one of the most popular signs

We have 12 astrological signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. They all are interesting and they have their specific meaning.

One of the most interesting one is definitely aquarius. One of the most popular descriptions is that it is an eccentric sign. Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac, considered as lasting from about January 20 to about February 18.

This sign is progressive and innovative

The Aquarius sign is presented as a man with a jug pouring water out of it and because of that they are connected this sign with a period of rain and flood in the Middle East in ancient history. Interesting fact is that despite the word „aqua“ in its name, Aquarius is the last air sign in the zodiac.

This sign is progressive, innovative and revolutionary and also it is considered as the most humanitarian of all. People born in this sign have their own look at the world and development of events.

They are very convincing

That is why there is always a chance for them to get in arguments to prove their constatation. And because they are very convincing and have a lot of arguments they usually win their argue.

They are also creative and innovative so their ideas are usually not taken as welcome in the present. Sometimes you have to wait some time to prove that they were right about something or someone.

Aquarius male is interested in everything and he likes to conversate

So if you are in some serious relationship with an Aquarian, expect from your aquarius man to talk a lot and be right about almost everything.

If you are aware of this fact maybe you should stop at the beginning of the argue and not go further into discussion. Point it in another direction and go do something more fun and important for your bonding, and your relationship.

Aquarius is also very creative so you can plan a lot of activities for you two. There are a lot of things you can do together that you will never have a spare time for.

He is into books and history so expect a lot of recommendations for reading and a lot of documentaries to watch. Of course, he will not insist if he finds out that you are not so crazy about those thing much.

He likes to conversate

Aquarius man respect your wishes and you can do whatever you want

He will respect your wishes and affinities so you will be doing your favorite things too. He also like conversating if he is comfortable with you, and he always have something to talk about.

Try to meet his wishes and let him talk about things he like. Be a good listener and participate if you hear something you like and want to give your comment on it.

He is very social and like being surrounded by people

He is very social and likes to be in a big group of people. You two will never be alone. No matter if it is another couple or a bigger group, be sure that you will always be surrounded by people.

So if you are a little bit of a private person maybe this will be too much for you at the beginning. But, you will get used to it if you really like him.

You do not want to lose him because he is a people person. Maybe he will tone it down for you a little bit but do not expect too much at the beginning. But later, who knows. Maybe he will want that everything that surrounds him is you, and your love.

Aquarius man pulls away when in love because he has a doubts at the beginning

He is not afraid to fall in love with you but he worries a lot. He can be in constant doubt and confusion, especially at the beginning of a relationship and he gives himself a hard time. But that will not keep him  away from you.

He will be face to face with his doubts and get the answer and facts he needs. If he gets confused and has dislikes with some of your actions, he will be not afraid to talk to you about it, and get all his doubts away.

So unlike a sagittarius man, scorpio man and capricorn man, an Aquarian man pulls away at the beginning of the relationship and he hesitates a bit.

A lot of doubts are tearing him apart and he takes his time before he is open with his feelings about you. Maybe he will act more friendly then boyfriend like at the beginning.

That could be confusing for you too, but do not give up on him. He just needs to solve some of his issues and he will be all over you in no time.

Aquarius woman acts the same as aquarius man when in love

Aquarius woman also acts in love the way Aquarius man acts. She is tending to pull away at the beginning of the relationship and maybe could look uninterested. But that is far away from the truth.

She just pulls away because she has doubts the same way the Aquarius man does. So if you are in love with an Aquarian, no matter male or woman, do not be fooled away with this behavior and give up on them immediately.

Stay around for a while and you will not be sorry. They will be loving and affectionate if they really like you.

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If he shows you affection and that he likes you then go for it

Saying is that, if you get him to text you, it is a certain sign he is interesting. So if those little messages start coming, that is a green light for you to act on him too, and for all your wishes to realize.

He is not that into social media and all those texting and text messages, so this means a lot. Do not be shy and write to him what is on your heart and what you are expecting from your relationship.

And, of course there are a thousand love messages already existing so you can tell him you like him that way, too.

Show your affection to him

Show your affection to him any way you like because he needs some support and encouragement at the beginning. If he does not call you, you call him.

Do not let your relationship slip away just because of a little bit of hesitation from you or him. Some people let go of love too easily and have regrets their whole life. So do not be that person.

If you saw a sparkle between you two already at the beginning, do not let that slip away. Give him a phone call, text him or do anything which will get you in contact with him.

Of course, you will do that as long as that makes sense. If he does not respond after a while you will have to go of it, also.

He is romantic and gentle in a relationship

He is also very gentle and romantic when in love and he will chase you. Once he is sure he likes you, expect a lot of flowers, candles and other romantic gestures from him as soon as he realizes how much he likes you.

He will compliment you a lot too, so enjoy your relationship with an Aquarius guy. And being in a relationship with him can be also overwhelming because his feelings can go deeply, and he will show it to you.

Do not take it for granted, and if your feelings do not meet his, tell him that at the beginning. Do not make him think that you love him if you do not. An Aquarius man does not deserve that.

He will put all his trust in you so do not lead him on. Also if you are an independent woman and you need some alone time, tell him that. He will respect it and give you all the space you need.

He is romantic and gentle

Aquarius man pulls away when in love. He will not hide you from friends

He also will not hide you from his friends. If he likes you he will expect his friends to like you too. That is not always possible but do not let that bother you. If he has friends who do not like you try to ignore it.

Be polite to them in their presence and ignore the fact that they do not like you, so you can keep your relationship safe from it.

It is not that hard but it can get you a long way. Who knows, maybe in time they will change their mind. And if they do not and you two stay together try to minimize being in their presence as much as you can.

He does not stay angry for long and he makes up for it always

He gets angry but it fades away fast. Do not be upset if that happens and in no second he will be hugging and kissing you.

That is not happening so often and he will apologize and make up for it to you. And hugs and kisses are more than enough to make up for heartache.

He has his floss, but in exchange he does not judge you too for yours. You can be little aside from reality like the aquarius can be, but he will not take it against you. He respects everyone and he will respect you, for who you are and your needs.

With the right person all our doubts fade away

So an Aquarius man pulls away when in love and can be a little introvert, but with the right person he will be just right too.

In love life, his personality traits could be a possible reason for pulling away or giving you a silent treatment. But once he decides that he likes you he will let his guard in front of you.

If you are the one, and he feels comfortable with you, he will be open, chaty and everything you need from a boyfriend. He will be your best friend and your soulmate.

So do not give up on him at the beginning of the relationship because he will be a little shy and astray. He is just trying to adjust to you and a new relationship.

He analyzes your compatibility, and he needs time. If you really like him, be patient and you will not be sorry. An Aquarian can be a beautiful partner if you let him in, and if he decides to let you in.