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What to expect from Aries in love?

What to expect from Aries in love?

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So, you fell for that witty, amazing, fiery creature that totally rocked your world and now you cannot think of anything else? Or you are just curious and want to know what to expect from an Aries in love? Maybe our brief guide about one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, born between March 21 and April 19, will help you understand your Aries better and master your strategy to win their heart. Read about the Aries personality traits, dating an Aries and how do they behave in relationships.

Aries woman in love – Personality traits

Being fiery and free-spirited, independent and fun, Aries woman is like a shiny star on a dark canvas of the night sky. Her element is fire and her planet Mars – she is energetic and passionate, creative, and inspiring. She can be a bit aggressive, impatient, and short-tempered, and above all as stubborn as a mule.

Do not try winning an argument against an Aries woman – she will not back off, even if she knows she is wrong. Aries woman is all about equality, regardless if it concerns romantic or professional relationship, and she would not tolerate chauvinism nor injustice of any kind.

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Aries is the sign of a youthful spirit  – they are playful and childlike, observing the world with a curious mind and always fresh perspective. Aries woman is enthusiastic and joyous. This sign loves parties and good conversations, she appreciates a quick-witted and interesting companion who can keep up with her and keep her spark burning bright.

Aries woman in love – The firecracker that would shake your world

When in love, an Aries woman turns into the most attractive woman on the planet. She is sensible and aware of her sexuality and she greatly enjoys the flirting game. Being short-tempered, however, she might not be patient for a long time and would quickly lose interest if she does not get a satisfactory response.

As a lover, Aries woman is devoted, passionate and generous. She is faithful and supportive, which might sometimes give the impression of her being overly protective and pushy. Physicality is very important to an Aries woman, so the purely intellectual relationship would not suffice without a regular sexual connection. She feels confident with her body and she loves to explore. Her open-mindedness translates into her bedroom too – she loves experimenting and can get quite kinky.  

Sex with an Aries woman can be a true supernova explosion, bursting with intense passion, draining you to the core. Consumed with her immense appetites, both sexual and spiritual, Aries woman might get quite egoistic and difficult to please, a true challenge for her lover who has to be ready to go far and beyond to satisfy her needs and wishes and make her happy.

The best match for the Aries woman is Libra as well as other air signs, Gemini and Aquarius.

Aries man in love – Personality traits

Ruled by Mars, Aries man is a true conqueror, always striving to be in the center of the attention, always wanting to be the number one. He is fiery, proud, self-confident and willing to go through the wall, fighting for and defending what he believes is right. He is stubborn and persistent, bursting with assertive enthusiasm and determination. Aries man may seem to be a bit of an egoistic brute, often task-oriented and cold, but if he lets you in his world you might discover the cutest cuddly bear, trusting and supportive towards the ones he cares about.

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Aries man is typically attractive, dominant and fearless. His energy is dynamic and unstoppable, he is always ready for new excitements. Driven by the constant craving for a fresh challenge, Aries man is somewhat unpredictable, highly amused in one moment, losing all the interest in the very next one. He’s passionate and creative, young in spirit and fun. A lot of men born in this fire sign are prone to brief adventures, that are often the result of boredom rather than a real passion and love.

Aries man in love – The conqueror on stage

In a relationship, Aries man likes to take a lead. But to win his heart, one needs to have a spirit, to be sensual and sincere, but also brave and able to stand up to him and earn his respect. With the right partner, Aries man will remain in the relationship until the rest of his life.

When Aries man falls in love he is capable of an immense passion and sacrifice, but also of monumental jealousy. He proves his love with acts, not words, so do not expect long messages and phone conversations. He is direct in his approach and expects the same from the other side.

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An Aries man glares with raw sexuality. Sex with an Aries man is like an athletic challenge, with a lot of different poses exchanged, sweaty, and sometimes consensually rough. With a massive sexual appetite and no special fantasies, he rarely spends much time on foreplay and gets straight to the business. It is quite important for him to fulfill his sexual need, often selfishly and without emotions. Men born in this fiery independent sign will expect sex on the first date, no matter if you are just one of his conquests or the real prize.

The best partners for an Aries man are zodiac signs Leo and Sagittarius, and in later years Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius.