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Bad date – What to do next ?

Bad date – What to do next ?

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What’s comforting about a relationship is that no matter how hopeless things seem, your happiness can be reversed in an instant. Bad date – What to do next ?However, before that can happen, you have to go on a bad date (or a hundred). While they’re definitely something very boring and stressful, they’re part of the process of being in a relationship. Here’s how to get through the hard parts.

Types of bad dates

Some dates are perfectly mediocre. You felt ok, you laughed a little, but in the end there was no “spark,” and you sealed the night with a quick side hug knowing you would never see each other again.

Some dates are boring. You’re both super nervous, the conversation didn’t go easily, and you couldn’t get their vibe even though they seem nice enough. However, it just wasn’t that.

Other dates are directly bad, without exaggeration. Someone was rude to the waiter, they talked about aspects of your job, they put pressure on you, they talked about ex-lovers, they ordered the most expensive thing, and then they expected you to pay. Worst of all, they never realized you couldn’t get away quickly enough.

What to o next

Here’s how to get through the hard parts of a really bad date

Don’t blame yourself

Please don’t be strict with yourself when you have a bad date. If your date didn’t go exactly as you planned, remember that there are many factors that led to this bad experience. It can’t just be up to you.

It can also be positive to remember that, since you weren’t able to work together to make the first date good, you’ll probably have the challenge of maintaining a relationship if you force it or try to continue with that person despite it not going well.

Just be thankful because you realized early on that the two of you aren’t compatible. Anyway, better now than later. Don’t blame yourself and don’t waste time on unnecessary relationships, which will suffocate you and make you feel awful and empty.

Don't blame yourself

Look for the lesson in all of it

OK, this might be a little easier said than done. Just  take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone if you go on a bad date  and that there’s usually some valuable information in your experience, even if it’s painful or uncomfortable. There’s something good in every situation, and that includes bad dates. If nothing else, in the future you will find it easier to recognize good connections. These are just steps towards something good.

Keep moving to the next one

The point of dating is to have fun while you have someone to share the truth with. Don’t you agree? This doesn’t always go smoothly when you’re looking for it. However, bad dates can help you refine what you’re looking for, and you might even question what appeals to you at first. In any case, even if you need time to recover, try not to let it bring you down or shake you.

You can pause for a while, but don’t stop yourself from actively connecting with other people. Rest, but not too much, because you deserve better, I guess you know that. A bunch of bad dates can happen. It certainly makes sense going forward because it will change your views on everything and change your criteria. Everything happens for a reason. Just try to keep learning and keep going.

Try to see the humor in it

Imagine a failed date not only as something bad, but as a reason for funny stories to share later on. The more awful the date , the more you can tell your friends.

You’re not the only one who’s experienced bad dates, and one of the best ways to deal with that is not to take it too seriously or take it to heart. Given this, some dates  are very bad and you can feel insecure or even traumatic. If it suits you, share it honestly with a trusted friend, and you will feel relief, for sure.

Call that one friend

Or send them a message because no one’s actually calling these days. Surely they have been waiting for that date as much as you were, and are expecting your message or invitation at any moment to share with them whatever happened. The number one remedy for a bad date is to go for a beer with your best friend. You know a friend you should call, they’re non-judgmental, absolutely hilarious, and always make you feel so much better. That’s why they’re here, isn’t it? This is what you need right now.

Call that one friend

Don’t give up hope 

After several bad dates in a row, you can easily feel empty and exhausted, and tell yourself that you’ll no longer go on dates. You assume that it will end badly, so you wonder if it’s all your fault. It’s not! It’s worth it to keep trying. Insecurity breeds despair and can put you in a “it’s up to me” mode. If you get that feeling, think about who you are and what you want. You’re not going to agree to something you don’t want just because there’s no other option. No, no, no, you can’t afford that. Clearly look at your history and identify patterns in your bad dates. If you find things that come up over and over again, clarify what you want instead. Finally, put yourself in the best places to meet the person you want. Don’t do the same old social routines because you find bad connections there! Separate and place yourself where you will most likely meet the person you actually want to be with. Or take a break and be alone with yourself but dont give up hope.  Don’t let a bad date ruin your thinking or the course of your life. There will be someone worthy of your attention.