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Beauty and difficulty of monogamous relationship

Beauty and difficulty of monogamous relationship

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A monogamous relationship is a relationship between one man and one woman. It’s created on loyalty and love. Also, it involves sexual attraction and affection. It’s difficult to make it work like that, because it needs a lot of work, understanding, love and confessions. Things can be great if you work on them. Open relationship or polyamorous relationships can be sexual or romantic. It’s not a long-term relationship like in monogamous couples’ situations. Monogamy isn’t boring as most people think. Romantic partners can really make relationship style interesting and fun. Multiple partners consensual non-monogamy can sometimes cause lots of problems. Romantic relationships are signs that monogamy is the right thing. Also, multiple sexual partners aren’t good for you. Only one partner, even if it’s your personal information, is something good for you. Just one is the size fits into your life.

Are monogamous relationships better?

A monogamous relationship means to achieve some good things, a lot of love, and commitment. However, monogamous relationships also require giving. According to the standard cross-cultural sample, the majority of societies are almost wholly monogamous with only very low rates of polygamy. One thing is for sure, the human proclivity for monogamy is highly unusual.

Animals that are monogamous are usually solitary, and form monogamous pairings only because females are so spread out that it’s impossible for males to guard more than one. Human nature focuses on the concept of love and being loved. That means to sacrifice physical enjoyment for something extraordinary. This makes humans a little bit weird. We’re social and monogamous. That is how it’s supposed to be. One man needs one woman and that way the love will function and be present.

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Theories and facts

There are theories that humans are monogamous because of lethal weapons. This is a bit of a fringe theory. Polygamy, in most cases and relationships, is the result of human competition. Many males die for the chance to monopolize the majority of females. Even some guy who isn’t that attractive can be superior in that situation. Monogamy is an uneasy peace; the only alternative is mutually assured destruction. Monogamy is only the norm because of culture and even then I would be hesitant to say monogamy exists completely because of that. What you would be better to say is maybe monogamy is socially acceptable. From a biological perspective monogamy is awful. Consider that monogamy means that you have one crush your entire life, not from a love perspective, but rather a genetic one.

Monogamy over polygamy?

You have multiple opportunities and choices in polygamy relationship. That way you don’t risk being alone or being hurt. The truth is monogamy is rare, if not absent entirely. In all apes we see monogamy as nonexistent. Humans are the same way. It’s almost 30%, or something close, cases of all babies born in marriages are from another man, which confirms presence of polygamy. Women cheat on their husbands most when ovulating.

We could argue all day about the true intentions, but biologically speaking they’re more receptive which may underlie the desire to find a missing gap from their relationship. Also, men are unfaithful, mostly when they use position and power to have multiple females around them. Or, in most cases, when they have trust issues or traumas in previous relationships. However, people are happier in monogamous relationships. However, it takes a lot of time and effort. In a monogamous relationship, everything fits into place. There’s no sadness. Just pure love.

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Difficulty of keeping a monogamous relationship

It’s a fact that 50% of marriages fail. It’s likely because a relationship wasn’t meant to be truly monogamous. Most studies have their right to think about monogamy, it being the norm would likely prove this true. Relationships like that should be what the participants want them to be. As far as monogamy goes, the couple involved needs to be on the same page, up front. A relationship where one party wants to be monogamous and the other doesn’t is bound to fail sooner rather than later.

However, if both agree that polyamory is for them, then that’s their business. If they both agree to be each other’s one-and-only, that’s also their business. In a monogamous relationship it’s way harder to keep everything in place. It’s rare that both partners are for monogamy. So it involves lots of work on connection and relationship. To choose that you love just one man or one woman and to do everything it takes to keep that relationship alive can be a difficult task.

Is it wrong?

Knowing that you have the capacity to love more than one person, while having committed to be exclusive to one person, is real bravery in a monogamous relationship. The other thoughts of feeling an attraction and connection to someone and not acting on it because you’re ‘not allowed’ is illogical for someone.  It’s like having a best friend and not being able to have another friend because you need to stay loyal to just one. It’s like walking through shops and seeing a really pretty blue shirt that you can easily afford, is your size, and would work well with your wardrobe but you have a red shirt that’s your favorite, so you choose not to buy it. For some people that would be completely wrong. However, to love one man or one woman is a special thing.

To sum up

All people have different states of view. For many, a monogamous relationship is the right one. For real happiness, you really need just that one person who will make you complete. Human nature involves jealousy. It’s an answer to cheating or any way of giving attention to someone else. It’s normal and it confirms that monogamy is in human nature. For some people it works to be in polygamy and that’s totally fine.

However, when we talk about monogamy, every special thing is rare. For example, you won’t find diamonds in every corner of the world, right? Or you won’t find pure gold that often. The same is with people and relationships. If you really want something unique, amazing, beautiful, expensive and worth it all, then it’s going to be hard to find it. The beauty is in that difficulty of finding and keeping. Monogamous relationships are hard for sure. However, it’s also a beautiful road that leads to an even more amazing destination called love.