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Betrayal and the reasons behind it-Things you need to know

Betrayal and the reasons behind it-Things you need to know

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Betrayal and the reasons behind it-things you need to know, never come along with people you just have met. Or people you are seeing occasionally. Betrayal always means that someone you deeply care about did something that you never thought they would do. That is why it hurts so much and leaving us with major consequences and scars.

What are the reasons that people you love and care about, for a long time, turn against you? Has that happened all of a sudden or it was coming your way for a while, but you did not saw the signs?

Betrayal and the reasons behind it-Things you need to know. I do not like you anymore!

Is it even possible that someone just woke up one morning and decided that he does not like you anymore? I do not think it is? Ok, we all, sometimes, do something that other people do not like. Or maybe they are surprised by our actions.

But, can it be that our one word, or action, that they do not like, could be the reason for them to turn against us, do the backstabbing and betray us? Or we have to do it more than just once? I would like to think, at least, that we all need to have few strikes before someone decided to do something horrible to us, make it even or, teach us a lesson.

Someones heart is the most precious thing you can own-Do not throw it away!

But what I do not understand, even if I am trying, how could you do something to hurt the person you love. How words love, betrayal, and the reasons behind it go together? If you saw a problem, how you decided to make it worse instead to talk with a person you love and care about, and try to solve that problem? How do you expect the person you hurt and betray, to act and feel after that?

People betray you because they are hurt!

Some people want to hurt you to make it even and then go back to you as nothing happened. They wanted to make themselves feel better because they felt threatened and hurt by your action. And the funny part is, you usually do not even know what you did.

Or even when you know you said something wrong and you did not have the intention to hurt anybody, they still want revenge and they do not accept your explanation. So after their action you find yourself shocked and hurt, not understanding what just happened, and there you have those persons smiling at you like they did not do anything wrong. Are they for real? They are.  

Dealing with the insecurities by making others miserable!                                     

There are people out there who think that problems in the relationship are solving by making more problems, and that hurt feelings are healing by making others miserable. And, as mentioned before, the funny part is they want to stay around you after making you miserable on purpose.

I love my girlfriend but I want to be single
I love my girlfriend but I want to be single – What should I do?

How is it possible that they think that you still want to be around them after that? After betrayal, trust is ruined, and what is left? Only hurt feelings and you did nothing wrong to them. Certainly not on purpose.

Revenge, the best way to make it even!

When it comes to betrayal and the reasons behind it-things you need to know, revenge is the best way to make it even. And, ok, I can understand the need for revenge. But what I can not understand is that they expect things to be like before. And that they want to proceed with your relationship like nothing happened. Like, we are even now! Yes, we are even now, so goodbye! Why? Because sometimes you are not even sure that you did something wrong at all. But here they are, looking for revenge.

Hurting people on purpose is never OK!

It is not ok and healthy to believe in things like that, and you can not trust people who go through life with that kind of philosophy. Hurting people on purpose is never ok and justified. Things can never be the same after that. That is the end or, at least, the beginning of the end.                 

At that point, you just find yourself asking what just happened and who is the person in front of you. Is this the person you loved and trusted? Is this happening? And the next thing you want to do is just run away and cry your heart out because you feel betrayed. But they even do not understand that, either.

How to make someone cry in a goodbye letter
How to make someone cry in a goodbye letter?

Fighting and arguing for the right to be hurt!

And then you find yourself arguing and fighting for the right to be hurt and to cry. And being judged why you do not want to be around those persons anymore. That can be so confusing that you can not believe what is happening to you. So if you ever find yourself betrayed, you should consider yourself lucky if that person wants to leave your life after that.

If they decided to hurt and betray you and, at the same time to stay in a relationship with you, you will experience an unbelievable amount of different feelings you can barely take. And if you stay in a relationship with that person after a betrayal you just can hope that something like that will never happen again. But the chances are very weak.

Betrayal and the reasons behind it-Things you need to know. Is there love after betrayal?

When it comes to betrayal there is always some bad attention and bad behaviors behind it. Some people just need revenge when they are hurting and they do not hesitate to hurt you back. They do not even wait for an explanation.

If you find yourself in a situation that you have to deal with that kind of person, there is no point in proceeding with your relationship. If they decided to hurt you without an explanation they probably care more about themselves than you. And they will probably do it every time they are hurt. So betrayal and the reasons behind it-things you need to know are never nice. Is there love after betrayal? Probably not. Was it ever there? Doubt it.

Love, compassion, and forgiveness

In a situation like that, we can not talk about love and compassion. They are just egocentric persons trying to make themselves feel better. Your reasons and your feelings are not important.

If it is one time thing give your love another chance

But, if there is love and it is something that happened for the first time, maybe you should go with forgiveness and try to give your relationship another chance. Especially if we are talking about a romantic relationship. It is easy to walk away from the problems, but to stay and fight for your relationship is something that is not everyone ready to do.

But remember, persons which always put themselves first are always a factor of risk in the relationship. One way or another, you always find yourself betrayed by them. Thing is that betrayal and the reasons behind it-things you need to know are something that could happen to all of us. And by the persons, we cherish the most.

That is life and we do not know what is expecting us. But we should all live and love without fear and expectation. Because that is the only way that is worth it.