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Botox lip flip – How long to see the results?

Botox lip flip – How long to see the results?

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Not everyone is thinking of getting dramatically augmented lips when it comes to wanting to undergo a procedure to make your lips look fuller. Some of us would rather prefer adding subtle plumpness to our lips that also results in making the lips look full and poutier without the drama. This is when we should opt for Botox lip flips rather than lip fillers, because the latter tends to give this full-blown augmentation rather than something a little more toned down.  

Lip flip is a quick Botox injection procedure, creating a subtle lip enhancement with minimal effort and fast results. Unlike traditional lip fillers, the effect is not instant. So, in case you’re wondering about Botox lip flip – how long to see the results? We’ll get to that very soon. 

What is a Botox lip flip?

Botox lip flips are lip procedures wherein minute amounts of Botox, are injected at the edges of the sides and the cupid bow region of the upper lip, that’s basically the orbicularis oris muscle region. This relaxes the muscles in those areas and results in the upper lip to roll up slightly, giving it an enhanced pout and length. This procedure helps in making the lips look larger without adding the bulk. Botox lip flips are strongly recommended for people with thin upper lips.

Moreover, if you are a first-timer and little anxious when it comes to lip procedures and dramatically augmented lips is your ultimate goal then doing Botox lip flips first can prove to be your baby steps to this final goal.

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How long does the Botox lip flip effect last? 

The effect of the lip flips can last for around 3 to 4 months, so if it isn’t something you like then you just have to deal with it for a small amount of time, as compared to fillers that last around a year.  

Also, there is the budget issue. Botox lip flip procedures are significantly cheaper compared to traditional lip fillers.  

Botox lip flip – How long to see the results?

Once at the aesthetician, the lip flip procedure takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete and you can carry on your day as usual. With fillers, you see results instantly but with Botox lip flips you tend to start seeing the results in about a couple days’ time, with the full effects visible within a week for some people while for others it could also take up to 10 to 14 days. This is because the nerves and muscles need time to respond to the injected Botox. So, you need to have patience and not get worked up if you don’t see results instantly.

Botox lip flip - How long to see the results?

To answer the frequently asked question about Botox lip flip – How long to see the results? In most cases between 2 – 7 days, sometimes up to two weeks for the full effect. Make sure you give it enough time to do the work on your lip muscles before starting to fully admire your new beauty pout.   

Botox vs lip fillers – pros and cons  

Botox is purified protein traditionally used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But more and more it is used as an alternative to lip fillers to create visually attractive, plump lips. It gained in popularity because of the simple procedure and amazing visual effect it provides. While lip fillers actually fill your lips and lip lines with an injectable gel, Botox just “flips” your lip outward – creating an appearance of fuller lips, without actually enlarging them physically.   

Botox Lip Flip is considerably cheaper than lip fillers and relatively painless – taking just minutes and being administered with an ultra-fine needle. 

Any side effects of the Botox lip flip? 

The first couple of days could make the lip feel a little stiff. And as days pass by you’ll start to feel a numbness spreading throughout your upper lip, making it hard to bring your lips together and you might find it hard to use a straw or slurp on things in general. This means that the treatment is working and you will start to notice a slight change to your lips. This gradual change in the lip allows you time to ease into having fuller lips rather than have them bigger all at once. As days go by, the restricted movement of the lips tends to ease out while your lips will start to look poutier and beautiful.

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Of course, for detailed and precise information about any risks of the procedure related to you personally, you should get advice from medical professionals before the procedure itself. Also, it is very important to make sure only licensed professionals conduct this simple beauty treatment.   

Many choose the lip flip to shine on a special occasion! 

Full, youthful lips will never go out of fashion. Everyone loves them and they make you look great. That’s the reason many people choose to go for a lip flip procedure for a special occasion since it gives the person amazing full lips and in principle has no side effects other than temporary numbness the lips as mentioned above. Sometimes, people want to do it to feel sexier or surprise their lover. A simple and quick way to shine by giving your lips some extra pout. Botox Lip Flip is also a more temporary lip treatment, lasting 3-4 months. That’s almost 50% less duration than traditional lip fillers.