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Can my ex leave my child with his girlfriend?

Can my ex leave my child with his girlfriend?

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably in a slightly weird situation, wondering can my ex leave my child with his girlfriend? Let’s cover that. It is understandable that you’re anxious about your child spending time and possibly bonding with your ex’s girlfriend. A stranger parenting your child doesn’t seem like a good idea. However, it is important to know if your ex’s current partner is a stable, responsible adult, competent for child care. If that is the case, the answer would be – yes, your ex’s girlfriend can babysit. 

Maybe you’re a single mother and you work hard to have a good quality of life for yourself and your child. He/she must also be with his/her father, your ex, as your child must receive love, education and economic care from both. The first thing you need to do is relax and then reflect on the topic to draw good conclusions.

Can my ex leave my child with his girlfriend? Take these into consideration:

Both parents have a parental responsibility that they can exercise any way they see fit, as long as the child is safe and cared for. Your ex’s girlfriend can babysit during your ex’s time with the child. 

Why is he leaving the child with his girlfriend?

When you find out that your ex is going to leave your son with his current girlfriend you might get angry, it is a natural reaction. Logically, the one who has the obligation to take care of the child is your ex, not his girlfriend and you don’t want strangers raising your child.  

However, there are some situations that are exceptional, as your ex has no choice but to leave the child with his current girlfriend. The circumstances you can understand are the following:

  • he must work,
  • he has to attend an unexpected emergency,
  • he did not have the opportunity to organize otherwise because unexpected events happened,
  • he will only leave your child with his current girlfriend for a short period of time, just a couple of hours.

You must check that all the explanations your ex gives you are true. If he’s telling the truth, you can probably understand that.

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Can I keep my ex’s girlfriend away from my child? 

Not really, unless there is a court order in place that prohibits it, but those cases are rare and have to be very justified. Your ex has rights as the father of the child and it is normal for him to include the child in his new life. 

However, you should be careful and make sure all is well and healthy for the child in that new arrangement.    

Study your ex’s behavior carefully

OK, so you must leave your child with his father, who is your ex-partner. You know he’ll leave the child with his current girlfriend. He explains that he has no choice. You’re understanding and you prefer to keep the harmony. What you need to do from now on is to closely observe your boyfriend’s behavior.  

You should check if he is truly interested in educating his child, if he organizes the meetings with the child correctly and finally knows if the child is the most important priority of his life. If you come to the conclusion that your ex-partner is not willing to exercise his paternity in the proper way, you can ask for legal advice so that he fulfills his parental obligations or in asking for full custody of the child.  

What is the girlfriend like? 

The most important thing to do is care for the child. Find out about your ex’s girlfriend. Make sure she would not in any way endanger the child’s physical or emotional health, or impair the child’s emotional development. 

If she is a normal, stable individual, willing to babysit or spend time with the child when needed, you might want to notch down the worry a bit. Maybe even establish some kind of a communication.       

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Children always come first

Unfortunately, not all men fulfill their parental obligations when they’re separated from the child’s mother. They make the wrong reasoning: they no longer have a loving bond with the child’s mother, so they will not have a link with the child that they had either. These men leave everything in the past, they don’t want to know anything about the mother or the child. That’s why they don’t want to exercise fatherhood, and if they do, it’s very reluctant. They should educate their child, regardless of whether the relationship with the mother has failed. If man persists in this wrong attitude, there must be a legal intervention that arranges everything for the good of the child.   

If that is not the case, when wondering can my ex leave my child with his girlfriend, if your ex is providing a safe and a healthy environment for the child, you can accept that.