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Can talking to other guys save your relationship?

Can talking to other guys save your relationship?

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Every relationship comes to the point where you have problems which need to be solved. This is when you need to figure out how to manage your relationship in a broader social context. This stage comes after the beginnings of your relationship. At this point, you learn that you and your partner aren’t the only people that you want to have in your lives. Can talking to other guys save your relationship at that moment? Maybe. Some of you will try to do it. These guys could be your friends from the past, or people that you have just met. Besides who these guys may be, they are outside of your relationship. So can these external views save your relationship?

Talking to others can be helpful, but it also can cost you the girl you like

Maybe you’re still insecure about your feelings and you don’t trust yourself. On the other hand, you might not trust your new girlfriend. Either way, the fact is that most guys will check almost everything first with their friends before they even talk to their girlfriend. That could be helpful, but sometimes, it could cost you the girl you like.

Think twice before you do anything someone else told you

You have to think twice before you do something that someone else told you because everyone has different opinions about the same things. We’re not the same, and we don’t feel the same about everything. Of course we can ask friends for advice, to see what they would do in the same situation. However, the smart thing is to think twice before you actually do anything someone else told you to. No one knows better than you what you need and like, and no one should decide it for you.

Second opinions

A second opinion is always welcomed but, in the end, you’re the one who will live with the decision you make, including the consequences that come with it. Don’t take someone’s advice so easily, and don’t react immediately to the suggestion. Have a conversation with friends about the problem, but after you leave, think again about what they said, and if that is the right solution for you.

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Friends with benefits and how to deal with them

When it comes to a romantic relationship you can only talk to a trusted friend.

Some people will accidentally lead you on to a wrong conclusion. By doing this, it will destroy your every chance to make things right. You need to trust the people you’re talking to, so you can take their opinion as valid. So when it comes to a romantic relationship, you can only talk to a friend you have known for a long time and that you trust with everything. Only that kind of friend will be honest with you and tell you what you need to hear. A real friend wants the best for you and, if he thinks that girl you’re with isn’t right for you, maybe you should listen to them.

Can talking to other guys save your relationship? A second opinion is always welcomed

When we’re in the beginning of a relationship, we don’t think straight because all of the excitement and emotions we feel overwhelms us. So it’s possible that we won’t get the right impression of a problem. In that case, it’s really good to talk to someone else about a problem so we can get that second opinion. We need to be sure that we’re not wrong.

Problems in the beginning of a relationships aren’t irrelevant

No one wants problems in the beginning of a relationship, but they usually come up. They’re not irrelevant. Their ratio and frequency will tell us what kind of relationship we’re in, and who your partner is. Depending on the variety of the problems, you will be able to decide if your current partner is the right one, and if you can handle everything that comes along with her. Those problems can be big or small, but they will give us a picture of the life that expects us. So don’t ignore those problems and don’t let anyone make the decision for you. Especially if you really like your new partner. Take some time and think it over before you react. It’s easy to get upset and throw everything away but if you act like that you might be sorry later.

Trusted friend can help you decide

If you really need to talk to someone to help you decide how to save your relationship , do, but be sure that’s a friend that you really trust and that they’re honest with you. Guys usually have a lot of male friends who aren’t really their best friends. So don’t talk about serious problems which will define your future with one of those ‘friends’. Make sure that it’s a friend that you’ve known for a long time and that you have been through some things together already.

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The best idea is to talk to her first

In the end, maybe the best solution is to talk to her first about it before you talk to your friends. That way you will get the chance to hear and see for yourself what’s going on, and what are the reasons. You will be able to see her reaction and decide if it’s true or not. You can find out if what happened was accidental or not. Was she trying to hurt you on purpose, or did she not consider what would happen? If she’s really sorry, she will be able to apologize to you. All of these things are really important if you want to stay with the girl you like and to solve the problem that came between the two of you.

She will appreciate that you came to her first

Also, she will appreciate that you decided to talk to her first before anyone else. That will show to her that you trust her and that you really want to save your relationship. You didn’t neglect her or her feelings and you didn’t do what maybe would have been easier for you to do, which was discussing private problems with your friends.

Instead, you came to her first to see what was happening and if you were able to fix it. It’s never easy to confront someone directly and have an open conversation. However, that’s why it’s more valuable, and more respectful. Both of you might be a little uncomfortable and embarrassed, but that’s the only way to know for sure what’s the truth, and what’s not.

An open conversation with your girlfriend’s the best way to solve problems

Don’t hesitate to have an open conversation with your girlfriend. That’s the best way to find out what’s happening. There’s no place for misunderstanding and confusion. There you are, face to face with each other, able to see for yourself everything you’re interested in. Is she guilty or not, is she sorry or not, and are you able to proceed with your relationship as it was will become apparent to you. Maybe you will both decide that it wasn’t that important to stress about the problem that came up. In this situation, you both will let it go. You should not hold on to every fight and every problem so serious anyways. Especially if you like each other so much and if there are plenty of other good things about your relationship.

If you are at the beginning of the relationship, give it a little bit of time

Relax and try to enjoy your relationship, and try not to take everything so seriously and personally, especially in the beginning of the relationship. You’re still getting to know each other, your differences and affinities, so it’s easy to get into problems and fights. Give it a little bit of time before you start taking your problems seriously. Be alarmed only if they are repeated regularly. Things and problems which are repeated more than once are something that become the rule of the behavior and your relationship energy, so you should not neglect that. Talk about it with her or with friends about how to save your relationship. Just don’t let repeated problems go by like they did not happen and let time decide if the smaller problems are worth the stress.

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Talking to other guys vs. talking to a girlfriend

Well, this will decide your future with her. Of course, all of these things you will consider in the case that you really like the girl you’re with, and want to save your relationship. When you love someone, you will do anything to keep them in your life, and try everything to make things right. Maybe you will succeed and maybe not, but you will have no regrets later in life.

Talking to other guys

Can talking to other guys save your relationship? Maybe. But you really need to be sure that it’s your good friend, who won’t lead you on and give you bad advice. After every discussion with friends about your relationship make sure that you think again before you actually do what they have said.  It’s easier to go with someone’s advice without thinking for yourself, or having a conversation with your girlfriend first.

The reality

Sadly, however, this is what most guys actually do in this situation. So before you even react to the problem that occured, think twice about what will be your approach to solving it. Will you listen to your friends, or will you have a conversation with your girlfriend about it? You decide your future and the future of your relationship.