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Can we train ourselves to be happy?

Can we train ourselves to be happy?

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Can we be happier and can we train ourselves to be happy? Does our happiness depend on something else and something beyond us or we are responsible for it? Or maybe both? Whatever the reason is, there is always something we can do, so we could live a happier life. It is hidden in the things we all do daily and it is hidden in our big life decisions which are changing our lives and pointing it in other direction. It depends on both.

Big life decisions and chances for happiness! 

Our life decisions we all need to make at one point in our life could completely change everything and by that, our chance for happiness. Some decisions may take us in horrible misery but some decisions could change our life for the better. Sometimes we are aware of possible outcomes, but usually, we can not predict what could happen and will we be happy.          

Would we have made some decisions if we knew what will be expecting us in the future? Probably not. Is it true that our future is something that is written in the stars, and our destiny, so we just get an illusion that we can change anything?

Live in the moment!

The best advice is to live in the moment and reduce stressful things that make us miserable, to the minimum.    

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It is probably true that we had to go through some things in our life because it is our destiny and no matter what we do and how hard we try to avoid it or prolong it, they expecting us at some point in our life. Whatever it is and wherever our life takes us, we can always train ourselves to be happy and live a happier life.

How can we train ourselves to be happy?

How to be happy or happier is hidden in things that we do every day. It is saying that the little things are what make our life better and it is completely true. We should start by analyzing our daily routine and what we can do to change it to better and more efficient. Can we take something out that makes us more stressed and unhappy?                     

For example, if a crowded train makes us feel uncomfortable then we should maybe try walking to work. That way, instead of a lot of stress you can enjoy a lot of fresh air and certainly feel more joyful.

Morning habits-life changing factor

But maybe we should first start with things we do at home. If you are getting up at 8 every morning maybe now you should try to get up a little earlier, for example, at 6 so you can have more time to prepare yourself for work without the unnecessary stress you are experiencing every morning.

That way you can have your coffee and breakfast in peace reading some newspaper or magazine which will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. Also, the fact that you get everything done on time and even had time to enjoy reading will fill you with a sense of pleasure, positive emotions and make you feel happier.

Start exercising! It will change your life!

If you manage yourself to get up earlier, you could also start exercising. If you take a few minutes every morning to do some workout that will improve your health and your body condition and will make you feel more confident and happy with yourself.

Positive thoughts and messages for the beginning of the day!

Also, you can try to cheer up yourself or your friends with some inspirational good morning messages and quotes. Positive thoughts and wishes are always welcome, especially at the beginning of the day.

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So if you are asking yourself how to be happy and can we be happier, you should start from these examples.

Little things make our life better and make us feel happier!

If we start doing these little things every day and make them our daily routine, that will improve our lives and will make us feel happier because we will get a sense that we are accomplished something and changed our life for the better. It will rise up our happiness level and bring us closer to the answer can we train ourselves to be happy.

Do things that make you happy!

If we do things that make us feel good and happier then we will be happier. Common sense. And we just talking about little things and little changes. Things that we can incorporate in our life without changing important staff that we can not change like the fact that we have to work every day and be there at a certain time.

Imagine if you can afford to take time off whenever you want and go on vacation where ever you want how that would make us feel happy and satisfied. But that is a luxury that some of us can not have so we should be happy with what we have and try to manage with things that are offered to us at where we are.   

Smile! Does not cost anything. But could change everything.

Also, one of those little things is a smile. Smile every day without any good reason! To your neighbor, to your friend, to your work colleagues. Smile to yourself. Maybe you will get that smile back, maybe not but it will certainly make you feel better knowing that you did your part to make somebody′s day prettier. This is a good start to getting the answer on how to be happy and make other people feel good as well.

Surround yourself with friends, people you like, and love. Do that as much as possible. They will give you the strength and support you need and fill your heart with love and tenderness. If you can not see them at the moment that you need them, text or call them. You will exchange your love and inner jokes and you will feel much better and happier.

Can we train ourselves to be happy at work?

A lot of us are unsatisfied with their conditions at work. Either it is about your employer or your work colleagues, those things can make us unhappy and affect our work productivity which can lead to a lot of unwanted situations. So can we train ourselves to be happy at work? Of course, we can. There is no situation in life in which we can not do some improvement to make our life easier and better.      

Bad boss?!  It does not  have to be end of everything!  

When it comes to work there are few things you can do. First, if you are unsatisfied with your employer you can tell yourself that you can do worse than him, because believe it or not, you can. You can always have an even worse boss.

So if you really need that job and you love it, and the other things are working well, keep telling yourself that every day. And if you do not have to see him every day even better. Try to find a way to reduce your stress and negative thoughts, and keep your head up.

Because, why focusing on negative things and interpretation if we can choose positive ones. Even the research shows that, according to Yves-Alexandre Thalmann, the Swiss psychologist.

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You love your job?! Try to be patient!

You have the job you love, good colleagues, and a good working environment, all things you should appreciate and be thankful for so you already have a lot of reasons to be happy. Remind yourself that every day and focus on the positive.

Because the point is to be grateful for things you have not focusing on the ones you do not have. If you train yourself to think that way your life will be easier and you will be much happier.

Bad work colegues are worse thing than a bad boss!

If you have a misunderstanding with your colleagues that could be a bigger problem. Bad colleagues are worse thing than a bad boss. You have to see them every day and communicate with them so you can get your work done.

So if you created a bad relation with colleagues you have to spend time with, that can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant situation for everyone. If other things at work are ok, you have a good boss, good salary and good working conditions then you should try to fix your relationship with your colleagues.

Keep reminding yourself of other benefits!            

Be patient and take one step at a time, be nice and polite, smile as much as you can and the result will show at the end. Reminding yourself about all other benefits will keep you strong and motivated in your attentions. But if job-related or workplace stressors do not change even after all your attempts to make things better and they keep making your life miserable, then you should consider changing your job.

Say no to being bulied!

Being bullied and molested every day certainly is not a recipe for a healthy and happy life. It will not be easy to let go of other good things related to that job but nothing can compare to your health and well-being. You will find another job which environment will fill you with joy and happiness and not with tears and misery.

If you look at that situation in that way you are already halfway to a better job and happier life. Positive thinking will bring positive things your way. Believe in that and you got nothing to worry about.

Happiness is by choice not by accident!

So, can we be happier! Yes, we can! Happiness is by choice not by accident. Everything we do determine our chances to be happy so we should pay attention to what we do. And make sure that we always do things that can make us happy and not miserable.

Some things we can not controle

Some things we can not control like places we have to be and people we need to communicate with. But we can always control our behavior and actions which can provide us a better and happier outcome. And teach us how to be happy. Human brain is liable to changes and to learning new things and we should use that fact.

Even studies show that the way we interpreting things generates our emotions. And our emotions determine our behavior towards others and life in general. So we should try to train ourselves to focus on the positive interpretation of events for a happier outcome.

You should keep on being nice and polite even with rude people. Smile at them as much as possible and sometimes try to hug them, too. Maybe they are just unhappy. And maybe your attention to melting them down will succeed eventually. You never know.

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If things are not working-change your condition

If our actions and attempts are not working we can change them into something else. And we should keep changing them as long as it makes sense. But if we tried everything and still there is no positive feedback and chances for happiness then we should let go and change our conditions.

Because, sometimes, some things are not working no matter how bad we want them to. And how hard we try to fix them with our attitude. So if it is not bearable, then we should try with different places and different people.

Stay positive!

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to get the answer can we train ourselves to be happy, in some conditions, it is not possible. We just wasting our energy on something that is not working so we should let go and change it into something else. But keeping ourselves positive and determined to be happy will take us a long way and provide us a healthy, meaningful life.