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Care Package For Boyfriend

Care Package For Boyfriend

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Care package for boyfriend is an ideal gift for him, no matter if he’s at college or he went to sea for a week. It’s a great way to show him you care and think about him when he’s gone. You don’t have to buy something luxurious, just think about something that will make him happy for sure. It can be a little thing that will remind him of you. Care package for boyfriend contains a nice word, which is ‘care’. It really is a sign you care.

What’s a typical care package?

If you’re thinking about what to put in a care package for boyfriend, you can find some advice here. For sure, everyone loves gifts. Think about something cute that will put a smile on his face. Don’t tell him you will send him a care package because it will be better if it’s unexpected.

First of all, determine your budget. It’s easy to buy a gift, but if you have a limited amount of money, you need to be careful not to exceed it. Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs. Also, figure out which day you have to ship it. Many express posts don’t work on weekends or holidays, so don’t be late if you want him to get it on a specific day.  Besides this, also check on the Internet what you can and can’t send through the mail. Make sure your package doesn’t contain anything that will get confiscated.

What do you put in a care package for your boyfriend?

If you’re looking for some care package ideas for boyfriend, put in some necessities, some treats, and some sentimental little things that will remind him of you. If you know what he uses daily, a perfume, a deodorant, favorite chocolate, a clothing item, or something similar, add it in. Put in some treats. You can put in his favorite candy or snacks. In the end, add something sentimental. If he has a pet that he left at home, send him a picture that pet. Also, you can send your favorite photo of the two of you. You can write a message on it. If the message isn’t enough for you to show your feelings, you can write a letter where you will describe how much you miss him.

Grooming supplies

This is something you can always put in a care package for boyfriend, and you won’t make a wrong decision. Boys always need this and they can’t get enough of it. Buy him grooming supplies in  his favorite scent.


Boys don’t care about how some things look. Their wallet is often old and has holes, but they don’t think about buying a new one. So, this is a great idea of what to put in a care package for boyfriend.

A care package idea - wallet
An idea for care package

A box full of his favorite sweets

Buy him a lot of sweets. Include his favorite chocolate, his favorite candy, and chocolate with a romantic shape like a heart.

A care package idea - his favorite sweets
His favorite sweets

A book about love

No matter if he’s a book lover or not, you can buy him a book that has a love topic. Even if he won’t read it, he will see that you wanted to show him how much you love him.

A care package idea - his favorite book
His favorite book

A coffee mug

Buy him a coffee mug so he will think of you every time he makes a coffee. There are a lot of different mugs that you can choose. For example, you can choose a funny one, which includes a funny quote about your relationship. On the other hand, you can pick a romantic one, where you will show him how much you adore him.

I like you a latte
A coffee mug


Write him a few letters and write a date on each of them. Every date is a date when he has to open it. You can talk about something you haven’t before, or just write about your love and how much you appreciate him.

A love letter
Share your love in letter

Game tickets

Almost all boys are fans of some type of sport. If he loves basketball, buy him tickets for a basketball game. He will be so happy that you know what he loves and you care about it.

Custom-made book

You can write some kind of diary about your love. Stick some of your mutual pictures in it too. Write some quotes about love that remind you of him.


You can make matching bracelets for the two of you. Every boy and girl wants to have something that will remind them of their better half at every moment. You can put the first letter of your name on his bracelet and the first letter of his name on your bracelet.


Socks are useful and cute at the same time. You can always put socks in a care package for your boyfriend because you can’t go wrong with it. Buy him socks that he likes. Maybe socks with his favorite cartoon character?

Funny socks for him
Funny socks


A pillow’s a cute idea to show him how much you miss him. Pin a message and tell him to hug the pillow until your reunion. An extra move is to put your perfume on it, so he can remind himself of you every day when he hugs that pillow.

Gifts guys like


At the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter what you have put in a care package for boyfriend. Every boy will be happy with whatever he gets as a gift from his loving girlfriend. It’s enough to see that you think of him and put your effort into being his girlfriend. When you’re not able to send a care package, you can also send a surprising email. In those moments when the two of you are apart from each other, every little thing will mean a world. Also, these are only some of the ideas above. You can think of many more creative ideas that will make your lover happy. We live only once. Life’s short, so share your love with your loved ones.