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Celebrities with Social Anxiety Disorder

Celebrities with Social Anxiety Disorder

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Now imagine being a celebrity and hating the crowds and the attention drawn to you. Not possible?
Well, think twice! We’re not talking about neighborhood celebs, there are some major A-listers
struggling with social anxiety.

Before we get into that – what do we talk about when we talk about Social Anxiety Disorder?

Social anxiety disorder is a condition that makes the person embarrassed and irritated from everyday social interactions. People with Social Anxiety disorder pull into themselves and try to get away from the crowds and people in general. The normal socializing, we practice daily without noticing is very demanding for somebody with this disorder.  

Well, that happens more than you might think! This condition can be very silent, and you can’t always tell if a person is suffering from it.

Here is a list of celebrities you didn’t know had social anxiety:


Nicole Kidman is a stunning, glamorous actress well-known for her outstanding acting. Kidman stated that she suffers from social anxiety. She would panic in social events, and sometimes have trouble breathing, especially in front of the cameras. 

Her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, would always try to calm her down and tell her that everything would be okay. 

Social anxiety didn’t stop her from becoming a Hollywood star.

4. Nicole Kidman

Holywood Star

”Honestly, I didn’t feel like I could trust anybody, not even the people in my neighborhood, who I knew
my whole life”; was what Morris said in 2018 in an interview with ESPN.

Morris openly spoke about his anxiety that emerged since his childhood, since he was living in an area stacked with crime and violence. This was the main reason that led to the condition of Morris, apparently, but also playing in the NBA was very wearying, as it is a system that doesn’t consider the mental health as a priority. However, Morris stated that he thankfully got better with the help of psychological therapists, and he also advises people who need help to reach out for it.

3. Marcus Morris

NBA star

celebreties with social anxiety

Jennifer Lawrence is particularly known for her energetic, bright and hilarious personality, so it may look odd that she suffers from social anxiety.  

In an interview with Madame Fiago Magazine, she said that her mom told her she had a bright spark in her throughout her childhood that eventually went out when she was enrolled in school.  

It was a type of social anxiety that dulled out this spark, her family suggested. She had friends, but she always felt anxious to attend field trips, parties or any social gatherings at school.  

Finally, she states that acting helped her out of this, and this is why her mom fought for her to be an actress.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood star

celebreties with social anxiety

Johnny Depp is one of the most successful people at what he’s doing. He openly spoke in interviews about how he suffers from social anxiety. 

He states that he would prefer to stay at home as long as it’s possible. For, example, He’d rather eat at home than go out and eat in a restaurant. He always has the help of the therapists, even while filming, to help him control his anxiety and panic attacks.

1. Johnny Depp

Hollywood star


This is it for today’s article! Do you know any other celebrity who suffers from this disorder?

If the answer is yes – comment! And don’t forget to share!