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Cute summer hairstyles – new hair ideas

Cute summer hairstyles – new hair ideas

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Are you looking for cute summer hairstyles?  The summer heat can often be unbearable. At times like these, you’d rather lie somewhere in the shade while they wave at you with huge fans and bring you cold drinks. However, in reality, it doesn’t look like that unfortunately. If you have long hair, then you know for sure how long it took you to grow it to the level it’s at now. When you know that on average you grow just over an inch of hair per month, definitely consider your options when you go to get a haircut. As well, also consider what type of hair you have. Is your hair weak or strong? This factor can also affect your hairstyle choices. If you have long hair or strong hair, when the summer days come, you find yourself in a difficult situation. You need to find a cute and easy summer hairstyle that you feel comfortable with. This style should be one that you can do quickly, that you don’t mind during the day, and, most importantly, one where your hair doesn’t make you hotter than you need to be. Here are a few summer hairstyles to inspire you.  

Cute summer hairstyles 
Pretty Girl Polka

●     Messy bun

Usually, when you think of a bun in terms of hairstyles, you think of an on-point bun in a net that ballerinas wear on stage. These types of buns take a long time to make. As well, these buns need to have every single hair tied up and away to get that clean look. You may have tried to make this type of hair bun in the past and realized that it requires a lot of time, skill, and, worse of all, heavy products!

If you have long hair, a bun can be a great hairstyle. This is because buns make sure your hair is out of your way so that you can do anything and everything. However, you don’t have to make the perfect ballerina bun to enjoy all the benefits of this great hairstyle. This is why messy buns will be your best friend. As the name suggests, messy buns are supposed to be messy and imperfect. As a result, they’re super quick and easy to make, but will still leave you looking cute!

Funky, messy, but at the same time a great hairstyle. All you need is a comb, hairspray and a great decoration to put on it at the end.

How to make a messy bun

Step One : First you have to split your hair, separate the top from the bottom.

Step Two: Comb the bottom as you get volume, spray hairspray to hold and tuck the ends under the volume and fasten with hairpins.

Step Three:  Loosen the rest of the hair and start attaching the strands you want. You can still add hairspray to keep something from falling out.

How to do a fast messy bun

●     Loop-side ponytail

This loop-side ponytail is a more relaxed ponytail style. It’s a cute and funky look to spice up your life and outfit. It’s a super cute and easy summer hairstyle to do. Also, you won’t need a lot of hair tools to make it. All you need is a hairbrush, hair wax, and a hair elastic. Make sure to add in your Luxy Hair extensions for this look as you will need to have long hair without any layers. This hairstyle only requires 4 steps. To make a loop-side ponytail, all you need to do is prep your hair, gather your hair, divide to style and then make it shine!

How to make a loop-side ponytail

Step One :  To get the best results, always prep your hair with a serum to make it smooth and easy to style with.

Step Two: Pull back your hair and gather it to make a ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a rubber band. You can make it a high or low ponytail.

Step Three: Make a loop above your ponytail with your finger. Divide the part above your ponytail into two sections. Flip the ponytail through the loop.

Step Four: The final touch is just a little spray of shine and you’re ready to go.

Simple Looped Side Ponytail

●     Perfect ponytail

Practical for all situations, a ponytail is one of those summer hairstyles that can look disheveled, voluminous, completely licked, or thin. However, whatever style of ponytail you choose to wear, all of these options are a delight. Truly, the ponytail is a diverse hairstyle. We decided to present you with a trick with which your ponytail will always look perfect regardless of whether you go out or stay on the couch. Although the ponytail reads like a simple and quick hairstyle, the one you strive for often doesn’t turn out the way you would like it to, so it’s time to change that. For your ponytail to be durable, several factors are essential. Here is a simple guide on how to get the perfect ponytail. When you perfect this move of “assembling” a high, gorgeous ponytail, we guarantee that this effective hairstyle will become your favorite. It’s ideal for more formal occasions, business meetings, but also everyday wear, so try to make it at the first opportunity that you get.

How to make a perfect ponytail

Step One : Choose your hair styling products before you start. In this case, it’s a hairspray or gel, and a shampoo for dry washing. It’s best to apply a dry shampoo to your hair before you start styling your ponytail to create a hair structure that’s easy to style. If you want to wear a sleek ponytail, we suggest you wash your hair the night before as it will be much easier to style.

Step two: Now it’s time to lift your hair up to tie it back. This is a crucial step. All you have to do is divide your hair into two parts as if you were doing a half ponytail, and position that part to the height at which you want the ponytail.

Step Three : Next, lift the remaining hair and tie it with a rubber band very close to the first tail. To connect the two separate ponytails, you can use another thinner rubber band and wrap it around your hair to achieve a glamorous and professional look. Of course, if it’s a ponytail for daytime occasions, choose trendy colored rubber bands or a hair scarf. A tail consisting of “two tails” guarantees longevity and you will certainly not have problems with falling and losing volume after a few hours.

My 5 minute Ponytail

●     Half-raised simple hairstyle

You can do the next hairstyle in a very short time, but it will look like you spent a lot of time on it. This hairstyle does allow for some hair to fall down naturally. However, the upper part of your hair is still tied out of your way so you can go about your daily business with a clear stream of sight. The half-raised simple hairstyle is highly diverse. This means that you can add your own personal touch to make you feel unique and to show off your hairstyling talents.

How to make a half-raised simple hairstyle

Step one: Tie a scarf around your head.

Step two: This step is optional, but can add a great touch of flair to your appearance. Highlight the profile if you wish. 

Step three: Gently pull your hair around the scarf.

Everyday Braided Tie Back Hairstyle

●     Bantu knots

While there are limitless protective style options, you can’t go wrong with bantu knots in the summer. This versatile style works on all hair lengths, not to mention it gets all the hair off the back of your neck and cuts down on styling time. For a sleek take on the classic protective style that Tracee Ellis Ross loves, use a hydrating style cream. To note, bantu knots are easier to do with recently washed hair.

How to make bantu knots

Step One: Separate your hair into four parts using the t part. Oil, and then gently comb each part with a brush. After combing each part and tying it again, separate each section according to the amount of bow knots you want in each of them. If you have thinner hair, you would probably want fewer knots for each section.

Step Two: Using the “praying hands” technique, apply all of your products to each section one by one. After applying your products, comb through your smaller hair sections gently and thoroughly.

Step Three: Using a hair tie, tie one of its smaller pieces tightly creating a ponytail. Then separate that tail into two parts after it’s firmly attached to the hair tie. Once you have two pieces of hair in your hands, start curling with two strands. (Some people create a braid for a different twist pattern. You can choose whatever you like best.)

Step Four: After twisting the two strands together, take the whole twist and twist it in a knot clockwise. To secure your knot, you can use a bobby pin or tuck it under the knot.

How to Perfect Bantu Knots

●     Beach waves

This one’s for all the babes with long and luscious locks. Beach waves are the perfect cute and easy summer hairstyle for you! It screams effortless and chic at the same time. Achieve this look with a curling wand. On the other hand, if you are looking for a heatless method, hair rollers will do the trick. A key feature of beach waves is that they start at about half of your hair length, around ear level.

How to make beach waves

Step one: Before using any curler or iron, we suggest applying a heat protection spray to protect the strands from damage

Step two: Pull your hair into a ponytail

Step three: Twist only the tied parts of your hair with a curling iron. This way, you’ll find it easier to keep track of which pieces you’ve twisted (compared to the ones you haven’t) when your strands are gathered in one place.

Step four: Finish with a texturizing spray to encourage a natural, blended style and flexible hairspray to keep everything in place.

Beach waves in 15 minutes

●     Classic French braid

When your last blowout is starting to feel stale, style your hair in a classic braid. The simplest way to do this timeless style is by pulling your hair into a high ponytail first, then plaiting the ponytail and securing the end with an elastic. To keep your hair from slipping as you braid it, blast it with some dry shampoo first. This is because dry shampoo gets rid of excess oil which could make strands of hair in the braid slip out.

How to make a classic french braid

Step One : Seperate the top 1/3 of your hair into three sections.

Step Two : Begin braiding these sections together

Step Three: As you braid add more of the loose hair to each section so that you use all of your hair by the time you finish the braid

Step Four: Tuck any loose strands into the finished french braid, and you’re done

How to Basic French Braid

So, what’s your cute summer hairstyle?

In summary, we’re confident that all the cute summer hairstyles we suggested will keep you inspired from sunrise till sunset. Ultimately, the true secret to Insta-ready summer natural hairstyles is to be yourself and rock your locks with confidence and a smile!