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Dating A Cop – You Have To Read This!

Dating A Cop – You Have To Read This!

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Dating a cop can be challenging because of their specific job. Sometimes, you won’t be able to meet a cop anywhere except on online dating site, because of their busy schedule. So, dating website is an ideal place to meet a cop. If you want to date a police officer, you have to be flexible with time because their job takes up a lot of time. For instance, you won’t be able to plan a date when you want to but rather to do it when their job allows. This kind of job can be exhausting and don’t be surprised when they choose to spend a free day sleeping or watching movies at home. Being a cop is a demanding job so try to understand them.

Dating a cop – How does their job affect your relationship?

Not being fully open

Sometimes, you will experience an unusual situation when asking them about their day at work. When they witness something scary or terrible, they won’t tell you about it because they want to forget it as soon as possible. Of course, you will probably be surprised because your partner isn’t completely open in a relationship, but you have to be ready for that challenge when dating a cop.

Rude comments

Also, the other common situation everyone who’s dating a cop gets into is rude comments. Police officers are people who will always have some kind of enemies or simply people who don’t like them and who will always talk badly about them even though they didn’t do anything wrong to them. Try to ignore these comments. As well, you can always block everyone who’s disturbing you on social media. Even though his job is risky at times, dating a policeman doesn’t mean you have to suffer for it. 

Behavior outside working hours

Dating a cop is different than dating anyone else because this is a type of job where the job never leaves the worker. Even when they’re not working, you can notice that their job is always present. When you drive somewhere, you probably notice that they often comment on other drivers and what they do wrong. Don’t be surprised, that’s what law enforcement officers do.

Don’t forget this when dating a cop

There are a few things you should always have on your mind when dating a cop.

No special treatment

If you commit some kind of crime, remember that you will have to pay the consequences just like anyone else. Don’t expect any special treatment.  Don’t you dare try to do anything illegal. That will break them down and show them you don’t respect their profession.


The other thing you need to know is that cops always want to sit somewhere where they can see the entrance. It’s not a big deal so respect it when this comes up. They’ll be happy if you’re flexible with time when it comes to dates. Sometimes, you’ll plan a holiday a month before and it won’t happen. Instead, it’s better if you plan a simple night out and it will happen, but it will be messy. That’s a cop’s life. They have rotating shifts, and they will be pleased if they date someone who’s not routine-driven. Don’t be mad, because sometimes it can take a long time to organize a simple date.

Don’t be afraid

Many people are often scared of guns or anything else that can be connected to violence. When dating a cop, you just have to get used to seeing guns around you all the time. Try to think about it as it’s making you safer. Guns don’t kill people. People use guns to kill someone, that’s the difference. Cops know how to use it the right way, so don’t be afraid. When time passes, you’ll feel safer and it won’t be weird to have a gun around you all the time.

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Advantages of dating a cop

Here are a few advantages when dating a cop.


The best thing about dating a cop is that you always feel safe. It’s a natural feeling that you feel safe around them. When you hear some noises, no matter what time it is, your cop partner will handle it. You’re always aware that they can handle every dangerous situation you can get in. Some activities seem different if you do them with your partner who’s a cop. For example: going to some dangerous locations at night. When you’re with them, you know that they can back you up if anything wrong happens. When you fall in love with each other, you should know that safety and security will be a part of your everyday life.


Cops are natural leaders. They’re the kind of people who calculate risks and make heavy decisions. They’re not hesitant, they always know what they want to do. Being a cop’s partner is reassuring for everyone. No matter what life brings you, they will always be there for both of you to deal with that challenge.


Cops are those people who are respected everywhere they go. They’re heroes and protectors for society. They risk their lives every day to protect people. What else do you need to consider someone a hero? Nothing for sure. There will be moments where you will feel like you’re dating a superhero so get used to it. You will always be proud of your partner and their bravery.

Time for yourself

If you want to work on your career and achieve your goals, a relationship with a cop will have a positive influence on you. You’ll have time to do everything you want for your career because they will be on duty most of the time and you can use that time in the right way. When you spend your free time doing something you like, it will get faster to the moment when they’re done with their job. Good luck and enjoy your free time!


Putting others before themselves affects a policeman’s personal life as well because they’re conditioned to think of others first. They will always think of you first and regard your feelings. However, keep in mind that police officers can smell corrupt behavior from a mile away, so don’t abuse your privilege. Respect them and treat them properly. They will look after you, your physical needs and your emotional desires.

Disadvantages of dating a cop

Here are a few cons of dating a cop.


Even though policemen spend most of their time doing their job and risking their lives, they don’t have much money. It’s a bit disappointing. They do a lot for the community but it’s not appreciated enough. If you expect some expensive gifts or fancy dinners, don’t. Money doesn’t define happiness, so enjoy your love, and don’t make some awful scenes if it’s not a relationship like a fairytale.

You won’t be able to control them

Every cop’s the kind of person who’s always there to protect someone. Due to this, you’ll feel like you can’t give them enough support. Sometimes, when they’re in danger, you will feel helpless because you can’t be there to support them. If you love him, you can endure this.


Cops are always in some kind of danger because they’re in touch with criminals all the time. Some criminals can be dangerous not only for cops but also for that cop’s family. Criminals often think that they will hurt cops more if they hurt someone who means a lot to them. Keep safe!


There’s no timetable for crimes, so there’s always a chance that your cop partner will work for 24 hours straight. Sometimes, they’ll work the night shift and you won’t be able to see each other during the day because they want to get some sleep. This can be tough for your relationship. You have to be very reasonable if you’re dating a cop.


A lot of police force officers deal with trauma because of the experiences they encounter during their job. Not all of them deal with it the same way. Someone can behave much differently after a specific experience and you have to be ready for those mood changes. Try to help them and go through it together. Also, when they experience some bad or violent situations, they think about death. Yes, they risk their life every day, and that can happen one day. It’s sad that they can get killed because doing the most important job for the whole community has its risks.

A lack of emotions

Sometimes, when someone has been a cop for a while, they get into some kind of routine and their life only consists of dangerous situations when they don’t have time for a real relationship. They might just look for some kind of adventure without any emotion, so they don’t put enough time and energy into this relationship. Also, expect a cop to be suspicious for anything suspicious you do.

Dating a cop - policeman kissing his girlfriend
Dating a cop

If the cop’s your soulmate…

Dating a cop isn’t easy. However, at the end of the day, you know that every relationship has its challenges and its ups and downs. If you found the love of your life who’s a cop, all of the problems you face together become imperceptible. When two people love each other, they can overcome every problem together. Is dating a cop easy? Definitely not. However, if it’s worth it, you will forget everything that’s hard for you.