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Dating a doctor – How to survive dating a doctor?

Dating a doctor – How to survive dating a doctor?

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Choosing a partner can be daunting because you want to make the right choice. You want someone who’s there for you and understands you inside and out. The occupation a person chooses can say a lot about their personality. However, the most important thing is the right feeling towards your chosen person, regardless of their occupation. Medicine is considered one of the noblest professions and with good reason. Doctors are known to be intelligent and diligent. That’s why we believe that dating a doctor at least once in your life is a very good idea. Therefore, here are a few tips on dating a doctor.

●     Plan to spend many nights and/or days alone

Being a doctor can sometimes mean long hours or unexpected calls to work. As well, being a doctor is a wide profession. There are many different types of doctor related jobs and each of them has their own schedules. On-call time is common for many doctors, so it can also be an experience of half-finished events and interrupted sleep. Being a doctor is not always working hours 9-5.

If your partner is a doctor, they will often be called to some urgent cases that are sometimes at conflict with your arranged romantic plans.  It’s of great importance for your relationship and your common sense that you feel comfortable in your skin to change your plans if the situation calls for it. Don’t start getting upset just because your partner has business commitments. Get used to that at the very beginning of your relationship. Go with the flow when plans change. Learn how to follow the flow and if plans change, don’t get upset.

●      Learn to deal with job distraction

Learn to deal with disruptions. If they’re “on call,” there’s no way you can insist on turning off their cell phone. Understand that you’re sharing your partner with patients and be okay with this reality. The sooner you accept it, the easier it will be. If the ringing phone bothers you, consider asking them to put it on vibration or change it to a less annoying ringtone. Avoid grimacing or rolling your eyes when their phone rings even if you’re upset by it. Part of dating a doctor means their work can interrupt you anytime, any day. You just have to show that you have understanding and respect for the work your partner’s doing.

●     Make the most of your vacation time together

When your partner who’s a doctor can escape from the hospital or office and not be on duty or even responsible for giving advice, it’s usually time to rest. Plan to escape from your usual place and travel so you can have them  all to yourself. Go where the two of you can be separated from both of your usual daily routines. This will give you both the opportunity to spend quality time on your own together and learn much more about each other. Of course, as with any outing, don’t rush into going somewhere. Suggest this as an option if your partner wants to go somewhere together during their free time.

How to survive dating a doctor?

What is it like dating a doctor? Dating a doctor’s probably one of the biggest fantasies shared by both men and women. The fact is that there’s nothing better than being able to brag to your friends and family about going out with a doctor. Bringing a doctor home to meet your mother is a fun event. However, the dream and the reality are two different things. Dating a doctor isn’t just Gray’s Anatomy. To reach the top of the medical profession, doctors sacrificed themselves in high school, college, and medical school. They had been competing to be the top of their class, and after graduation, they go to their homes and compete with a whole new audience. They’ve worked hard and won’t give up on things because of their romantic relationship. So it’s up to the doctor’s romantic partner to figure out where they fit into the broader scheme of things. Once you understand what life’s like when you go out with a doctor, it makes things a lot easier for you. If you understand the game, it’s a lot easier to play by the rules. After this, dating a resident doctor can become exciting and interesting.