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Dating Someone With Anxiety – Signs And Advice

Dating Someone With Anxiety – Signs And Advice

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If you’re dating someone with anxiety, it might be difficult to comprehend why their anxiety won’t go away or why you can’t help them. You need to know a few things about dating someone with anxiety to help your relationship move along. You should have the following information always on your mind so as not to hurt your loved one. People in any relationship must be supportive of one another and communicate effectively. There will always be hurdles to overcome as a couple. It’s the same for any relationship. Issues will almost certainly arise at some point throughout your journey together. Having an open conversation about one partner’s general anxiety problem can help a couple maintain a healthy relationship and may even be beneficial in the event of more serious situations.

Dating someone with anxiety – statistics and types

If you don’t know what’s going on, you won’t be able to completely support your partner. So do your homework. Learn more about dating someone with anxiety and how it affects people.

Dating someone with anxiety

About 3% of adults in the United States suffer from a general anxiety disorder. A general anxiety disorder presents itself as constant and uncontrollable worry about a wide range of topics. An estimated1% to 2% of adults in the United States suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. Panic attacks appear as intervals of extreme stress and anxiety which occur from time to time. Nearly 7% of individuals in the United States suffer from social anxiety. Social anxiety is characterized by the worry (or anticipation) of being evaluated, rejected, or seeming overly uncomfortable when being surrounded by other people. There are also phobias, obsessive-compulsive illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, depressive disorder, and a variety of other stresses. So, yes, anxiety is challenging and everyone who is struggling with anxiety in different ways needs support. Understanding what your partner is going through, on the other hand, will ensure that you’re both on the same page.

Engagement anxiety
Engagement anxiety

Don’t be afraid of their feelings

When your partner is overtaken with worry, they may act in ways that appear unreasonable to you – yelling, crying, or something like that. However, to prevent exacerbating the issue, maintain your composure. Pointing out your partner’s erratic conduct will not help them relax or act more rationally—it will just exacerbate the situation and drive them to spiral out of control more. Don’t add fuel to the fire; they’re already scared that their actions will drive you away. Instead, take a deep breath and keep cool while remembering that your partner is feeling bad. Validate their feelings and pay attention to what they’re saying.

Dating someone with anxiety – Listen to them

When you’re dating someone with anxiety, you should usually ask questions such as: “You experience anxiety, what does that mean for you?”. You will discover more about your partner’s anxiety this way. “What do you wish others knew about your anxiety?” is also an important question when you are dating someone with anxiety. Unless specifically requested, don’t try to step in with your answers or input. Rather, simply be a listening ear for your partner. Pay attention to them and show them that you care. The majority of individuals want to be heard and accepted. When they feel anxious, knowing that they’re loved and aren’t alone can go a long way.

10 tips for dating someone with anxiety

Support them in finding treatment

If your partner requires additional assistance with their mental health, assist them in locating a mental health professionals from whom they could receive counseling. They may be too worried about where or how to begin this procedure. This is where you come in! Help them learn about the various types of therapists accessible to them, as well as the various therapeutic modalities, and even locate a therapist with whom they can schedule a possible consultation. A process like choosing a therapist is likely to feel extremely overwhelming and impossible, therefore they’ll need your assistance! When feeling bad, encouraging your partner to get better will be important to them, so suggest them to try a cognitive behavioral therapy with a clinical psychologist. They can also find some free, confidential services who work with people with anxiety disorders.

Do something together that your partner likes

Pay attention to the things they appreciate and propose doing one with them. Put on some relaxing music, paint, meditate or practice yoga. Writing down what they’re experiencing can also help them get it out of their system. Being there for them will help them go through this difficult time.

Don’t ridicule or criticize their nervous reactions

Sayings like “Just calm down”, “Sit and relax”, or “There’s nothing wrong with you, so stop” should be avoided. Recognize that a panic attack or anxious mood feels overwhelming and frightening to them. They’re suffering from legitimate sickness symptoms, and criticizing them will just make matters worse. Instead, remind them that you’re there for them and that you will get through this together. While telling anyone to sit down may appear to be innocent, it may make them feel more worried. During an anxious mood, adrenaline levels rise, and some people need to walk around or pace. Offer to go for a walk with your lover if they are uncomfortable with the idea of sitting.

Dating someone with anxiety - Support your partner
Support your partner

Dating someone with anxiety – Recognize your limitations

If dating someone with anxiety is too much for you to bear, it’s better, to be honest, to stop the relationship than to wait for the other person to change. Dating someone who suffers from anxiety is similar to dating anyone else. Everyone has their own set of problems. You can’t solve or modify a significant other’s issues, and good communication is crucial in any relationship. Keep in mind that anxiety is only one aspect of a person’s life. It’s not the only thing they have to offer. There’s no reason that worry should keep you from having a successful relationship if you love each other’s company and share similar ideals. To sum it up, don’t make your partner’s anxiety be the only quality that they possess, but if you can’t handle their disorder, set boundaries, let them find someone who can, and you can find someone to date that you’re more comfortable with as well. Even mental illnesses are not an excuse to be cruel.

Loving someone with anxiety?

Dating someone with anxiety can be hard for both of you. Don’t take on more than you can handle, because you can’t be prepared beforehand to date someone with a mental health condition. As well, don’t put more effort into it than they’re prepared to put in, or you will burn out. The key to dating someone with anxiety is to ensure that there is a balance. Being in a relationship with someone who suffers from anxiety can be an insightful experience. You’ll be able to develop a foundation that will work for both of you by being supportive, considerate, and sensitive about your partner’s worries. With enough effort from the both of you, you’re relationship with your partner will be just as loving, romantic and fun as any other relationship.