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Did He Block Me because He Cares? Everything You Need to Know

Did He Block Me because He Cares? Everything You Need to Know

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Did he block me because he cares or did I do something wrong? Either statement is possible. He might be hurt or angry with you so he doesn’t want to speak to you again. Do you have any evidence for this? If you think about it logically, when someone blocks you, it signifies they no longer wish to communicate with you. 

Furthermore, they may not be interested in learning anything more about you. However, don’t jump to conclusions that this is the case with the person who blocked you. Relationships, let alone emotions, are devoid of reasoning. When you disturb someone more than they want to be bothered, they will usually block you. 

On the other hand, if your loved one blocks you, it could be a sign of something else entirely. If you’re thinking, “did he block me because he cares?”, you want to get your ex back, or you want to find out why he’s following the no contact rule, you can find the answers below.

Did he block me because he cares? – Why would a guy that likes you block you?

If you’re trying to find out what could be the real reason for why your social media accounts and your phone number, read these possible reasons. Maybe you will realize what made him do that.

He’s hiding things

On dating apps, lying is really common. It’s simple to hide behind a screen and create a completely different character for yourself, complete with age, height, marital status, and even pics. With a little effort, anyone can become a catfish. 

If you’re wondering “did he blocked me because he likes me?”, it’s possible that he didn’t even love you from the first place. It’s possible that the match you thought was initially established was just a joke.

did he block me because he cares or is he texting another girl

If he blocks you, it’s because he’s worried you’ll find out about his falsehoods. Perhaps his girlfriend found out and he had no choice but to block you in order to maintain his current relationship. He may have felt awful for being deceitful. On the other hand, he might have run into the problem of being unable to keep up the deception any longer. 

Maybe he wanted a romantic relationship but couldn’t cope with this complicated situation he made for himself. There’s a chance he’ll change his mind and admit everything to you the next day.

He actually likes you way too much

This reason may appear to be a stretch, but it’s one of the most common reasons for why someone would block somebody. It saddens him to see you happy and gorgeous on social media, such as on Snapchat or Instagram. This could be to the point where he starts to feel inferior to you. This is one of the possible reasons he blocked you. 

Even if you consider him as a friend only, he could have a romantic liking towards you. Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you that he might be interested in more than just friendship with you. This means that every time he sees you smiling in a photo with another guy, it hurts him. 

It elicits his strong feelings. Guys feel confused when they feel a massive infatuation for the first time. Boys are full of insecurities, even if they try to hide this fact. Due to this, he chooses not to see your pics, send you text messages, or answer your phone calls. Will he come back when he realizes he did the wrong thing? No one knows.

boy kissing girl

He has a problem with relationships

Romantic relationships can be challenging. One of the possible reasons why it can be challenging is because of people who have been hurt before. Even those who appear to be tough may have a slew of hidden issues. 

Years ago, he may have been traumatized by an unfaithful ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. He might have never recovered from a recent breakup. He may have been anxious and stressed due to the rapid development of his relationship with you. It’s possible that he had strong feelings for you but was too afraid to commit. 

On top of all of this, he could be suffering from mental health issues. He might be unable to cope with his emotions. He may lack the courage to be forthright and honest with you. As a result, he opts for the easy option of blocking all of your social media accounts and your phone number. 

Being safe by hiding can be preferable to having to be vulnerable when open. People like this change their mind often because they’re not emotionally stable. These people are full of insecurities. As a result, there’s a possibility he will behave well one day, but the next day he will want to end things with you.

angry man

He used you

Some men are just concerned with their own selfish needs. It’s customary to have sex with a lady, but that’s not all. They may seek approval, attention, or someone to console them following a breakup. They move on to someone else and end things with you once they have gotten what they want from you.

Maybe this happened to you for the first time, but remember there are many guys who do this all the time. It may be difficult to say, but he may have exploited you for something, rather than being honest. 

Perhaps you finally had sex with him or sent him some improper pics. Perhaps his ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend reappeared and he no longer required your attention. You just existed to serve a purpose. Regardless of his motivations, he acted like a jerk. 

If he has done that to you, don’t ask yourself “will he come back?”, because he’s not worth it. All that he has done to you is a clear sign to avoid him.

sad girl

He can’t handle you

In a romantic relationship, some guys desire to be in charge. However, not all women enjoy being dominated in this day and age. He probably prefers a woman who’s easy to control. So if you’re a bold, confident, opinionated, and an independent woman, he has most likely blocked you because you’re too much for him. 

Perhaps you have such a high level of energy that it overwhelms him. If he doesn’t believe you’re a pleasant woman, it’s not your fault. Maybe you’re just not meant to be together. Weak males don’t belong with strong women. 

He most likely feels this way, and in order to avoid having to explain why you would never work out as a pair, he simply chooses to block you and end things. Instead of telling you what he thinks about the whole situation, he chooses to follow the no contact rule. 

frustrated man that cannot handle you

He’s not looking for drama in his life

Perhaps you’ve observed that he’s becoming less interested in you. He stopped talking to you and stopped spending time with you. In a desperate attempt to get some space, he eventually blocked you. If your relationship had been fraught with a lot of turmoil, he might have cut you off. 

Maybe he couldn’t have a life outside of the relationship while you were together. Maybe he didn’t want to be nervous all the time. He requires some space, and you must provide him some separation from you. Regardless of your affection for one another, if your relationship had a lot of drama, it might not be a relationship worth saving. 

Talk about it with your mutual friends. He must have mentioned something about it. Don’t say any mean things about him or play mind games. If he continues to follow the no contact rule, do it too. Don’t be the one who’s asking for love.

no drama allowed

He had a change of heart

For all of you that are asking yourself “did he block me because he cares?”, this is one of the most common reasons why he blocked you. When it comes to online dating, it can be really difficult for someone because so many options exist. 

It also causes the paradox of choice or choice overload, which occurs when there are so many possibilities that making a final decision is difficult. Some people, for example, can never commit romantically to one person since they’re always comparing their numerous matches and admirers. 

With so many options, the guy who blocked you may have easily found someone else he liked. Of course, he still likes you. He simply prefers someone else or believes that his ideal partner is just a right swipe away. Instead of telling you the truth or making an excuse, he took the cowardly route and simply ghosted you and blocked you.

he likes someone else

He got what he wanted and is not interested in seeing you again

Unfortunately, any guy you hook up with may disappear shortly afterward. You used to talk every day via text messages, Whatsapp, Snapchat or you used to have phone calls every day, and suddenly you got ghosted. You shouldn’t feel bad about it if it happened to you. 

A man like that isn’t the one for you. Forget about him, and be thankful that he ghosted you since he’s made it simpler to forget about him. Blocking someone who cares about them demonstrates arrogance and ruthlessness. This guy isn’t worth it, and he certainly doesn’t deserve your time. 

Now is the time to concentrate on yourself and try to achieve pleasure on your own. The perfect guy will appear, but don’t spend your time with the bad one while you wait for him. Remember, he’s not worth it!

he ghosted me

He didn’t care for you

Some people believe that every lady that smiles in his direction is in love with him. Naturally, he’s unhappy to learn that these women not only don’t love him, but also don’t like him! If a man blocks you on social media, you may have to realize that he didn’t care about you in the first place. 

Go over your messages with him again and attempt to be neutral. Do you believe you had something special or were you just hoping for the best? If you don’t believe your intuition, talk with some of your mutual friends. They must have noticed the change in his behavior before he blocked you. 

When we project our own ideals and sentiments onto another person, our reasoning becomes clouded. You might have been so taken with him that you imagined he felt the same way. You couldn’t see the reality about how he actually felt because of this.

He’s looking for something from you

When a guy blocks you, he usually expects you to respond. Maybe he’s looking for your forgiveness, your undivided attention, or your affection. He blocks you in the hopes of eliciting a response from you. 

If he doesn’t want to hurt you, he should make it clear that your relationship has problems. Maybe he wants to work on them, but he wants you to show that you want to work on them as well. Ask yourself if he’s worth it.

he is looking for something from you

He’s hurt

Whether you realize it or not, when your lover blocks you, it’s almost always for a purpose. When your lover blocks you, it’s sometimes because he’s hurt. He doesn’t want to talk to you right now because of something you said or did that wounded his feelings. 

He’s implicitly expressing his sentiments by barring you. Consider what occurred that caused him pain, and consider apologizing if you said or did something you shouldn’t have. Send him a text message and ask if he wants to talk about it. It will be a clear sign you care about him. If he thinks of unblocking you, it’s the first step of healing.

hurt man

Seeing your social media profile is excruciating

A guy may block you merely because looking at your social media profile offends him. What if you’re dating someone else and he sees a photo of the two of you together? Perhaps he doesn’t want to know that you’re perfectly well without him while he’s miserable. 

He doesn’t want to know what’s going on in your life since it makes him even more depressed. Ignorance can sometimes be bliss, thus he chose not to know what’s going on in your life. Also, he may have uninstalled apps for some time, so he can’t be tempted to send you a text message.

He’s not worried about losing you

Is this the first time he has blocked you, orhas it happened before? If he frequently keeps blocking and unblocking you, he doesn’t value your relationship. He isn’t concerned about losing you, which is a warning indicator. 

He’s probably just taking you for granted, and he doesn’t believe he will ever lose you. Demonstrate to him that he can’t treat you like this.

He genuinely cares about you

It may be counterintuitive that someone would block you because they care, but there’s evidence to support this claim. What would you do if you were injured and simply wanted to move on from someone? 

You would attempt to stay away from them in any way possible, because reading their posts and seeing their pics can cut you like a dagger. He may be enraged with you, but it doesn’t mean he no longer cares about you. 

he cares about you

In fact, he wouldn’t be angry if he didn’t care for you in the first place. People who are hurt don’t think rationally. Blocking their loved ones is sometimes an instinctive action.

Talk with his best friends or your mutual friends

If he genuinely cares about you, his best friends know that for sure. Try to talk with them. Did they notice anything the last time you hung out together? Were there any unpleasant situations in the last year? 

Find out how he feels about you if he’s unable to tell you that. If you don’t succeed in that, don’t fight with his best friends. You need to understand that they’re just respecting his privacy and chose to be loyal.

talk with friends

FAQ – Did he block me because he cares?

What’s the psychology behind blocking someone?

Did he block me because he cares? Here is what psychology says. In many cases, it’s a petty and foolish practice that merely covers up tough social interactions over the internet. So, rather than confronting perfectly natural human differences, why do we block people on social media and throw these difficulties under the rug?

The tailored nature of social media connections can cause users to develop vulnerabilities, poor self-esteem, and a desire to be accepted. Those who are fast to block others are more likely to be self consumed or engrossed. The term egomania indirectly labels these social media users with a sense of deep buried negative self worth. 

blocking on social media

When your buddy publishes the 500th snapshot of their sweet kid, or your aunt posts a status about some questionable political leanings, the psychology of uncomfortable social connections can be seemingly healed by clicking the all-too-tempting block button. The blocking option can be used for good, such as to prevent online harassment, trolling, and even stalking, which is especially prevalent on open debate platforms. 

Facebook has rules to prevent behavior that may be unpleasant or hurtful to others. The ability to block another contact is also available on WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat. 

Some social media services, such as Instagram, have attempted to mitigate the negative impacts by developing new interfaces and implementing methods to promote good mental health by providing support to users who appear to require it.

Did he block me because he cares? – Why do guys block you after you reject them?

If this happens, he’s making an effort to move on. While he still cares about you, every interaction with you causes him grief since he loves you and you rejected him. This includes any Facebook status updates, pics, or other content that continues to appear on his news feed. 

rejected man

You probably show up more on his news feed than other people because Facebook detects what people he connects with more. Blocking you is a defense mechanism designed to keep you from being remembered. 

Despite being upset, he’s being courteous because he believes that’s how he should act. The best you can do for him is to try to keep your interactions to a minimum while he still cares about you. When he quits avoiding you, it means he has moved on and you can interact with him again.

Did he block me because he cares? – Should you reach out to someone who blocked you?

If someone has blocked you, they don’t want to speak with you and will hang up on you as soon as they identify your voice. 

Also, if you have done anything bad to this individual, you shouldn’t continue to annoy them by looking for new methods to irritate them. If you didn’t make a mistake with this person, maybe make some new friends that can possibly become your good friends. 

should I reach out to him

In case you want to reach out to a friend who has blocked your phone number, having a mutual friend is a fantastic resource. Have this mutual friend tell the friend who blocked you that you’re sorry. If they’re ready to listen to your apology, they should unblock you and text you to let you know the block has been lifted. 

However, this places the friend who blocked you in an embarrassing situation. Which is why, 99% of the time, the correct response is to simply move on. It’s the best for you. It’s the best for them. Don’t try to contact them. It’s the best for both of you. As well, it’s inconvenient for your mutual friends to get involved in a situation like this. As a result, the best advice for you is to move on.

Did he block me because he cares? – What hurts more, blocking or ignoring?

When thinking “did he block me because he cares?”, you also feel sad because you’re being ignored. So what hurts more, blocking or ignoring? Being ignored certainly. Ignorance can drive a person insane! We need things to be conclusive as humans. 

what hurts more, blocking or ignoring

If you watch a movie but don’t complete it, you’ll undoubtedly be thinking about it throughout the day. It can be annoying. It’s natural for all humans to feel the urge for an answer. The fact that you have been blocked is conclusive. It implies that you’re no longer wasting your time. Finally, you will be capable of moving on to something better.

Did he block me because he cares? – How do you react when a guy blocks you?

What you shouldn’t do:

Stalking their social media

You will be tempted to look through your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend’s social media accounts to see what they’ve been up to and look for any signs that they’re still not over you. However, social media doesn’t represent reality. 

Whatever you can infer from their online presence isn’t likely to be true, or at least not entirely true. When you’re spending time using social media apps focusing on their online persona, you miss out on the opportunity to truly experience your own reality.

stalking his social media

Seeing pics of them may reawaken a torrent of feelings you believed had been buried for a long time. It’s preferable to ignore those negative emotions and concentrate on the life you have built outside of them. Don’t use Whatsapp, Snapchat, or Facebook. Focus on real life!

Make contact with them right away

We have a hard time dealing with uncertainty because we want to know everything. However, the reality is that so much in life is unknown, and we must embrace this tough reality in order to achieve serenity. 

You may feel compelled to contact your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend right away to find out what their motivation was and how they have been feeling, but this is likely to cause more harm than good to your mental health. Take a step back instead of acting compulsively and allowing your emotions to take over. 

couple talking

Consider what you’re feeling and what it implies in the bigger pic of your life. Is this someone you really miss and want to get in touch with? Do you want to stop the contact or at least try to be good friends?

Did he block me because he cares? – What you should do:

Focus on yourself and your life goals

When someone you care about becomes a distant ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend, you are compelled to create a life for yourself that’s happy and fulfilling. You can’t rely on them to brighten your days any more, and you can’t allow the sorrow of the breakup to keep you trapped in unhappiness. 

You must concentrate only on your life without them. However, if they unblock you, it’s easy to fall back into the mindset that your happiness and tranquility are dependent on them. It’s possible that you’ll be transported back to how you felt before the split. 

focus on yourself

When these emotions arise, remember the promise you made to yourself and continue to put your happiness ahead of the potential meaning of them unblocking you. It’s up to you whether or not you contact them. 

However, before swimming into the deep end, give yourself some time to let the dust settle and comprehend your emotions. After completely healing from this situation, you’ll be ready for a new relationship.

Keep an eye on the future

It’s easy to get caught up in your feelings over a relationship that no longer exists. However, the past can’t be changed, no matter how much time we spend trying to make sense of it in our heads. Instead, look at what you needed to learn from that relationship’s failure and use what you learned to build a new and better connection. 

Don’t let your emotions hold you back. Accept them and listen to what they have to say. After this, strive for a brighter future in which your freedom is all you need to be happy. If someone new enters your life, you’ll be far more prepared to establish a new relationship with them that’s healthy, and free of the irons of the past. Stop asking yourself did he block me because he cares.

What to do if he blocked you?

Did he block me because he cares? – What to do?

Did he block me because he cares? Maybe he blocked you because he doesn’t care? Do you still care about him? Are you thinking about getting your ex back? What did you do the last time you were in this situation? Is this the first time this happened to you in the last year? Did he start a new relationship immediately after blocking you? Is he already over you? 

Well, analyze all possible options and see how he behaved after blocking you. If you think your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend wants to fix things when it comes to your relationship, talk about it. Don’t play mind games. Talk openly. Avoid saying mean things. 

Think about your mental health. It’s important to stay healthy and positive. Don’t waste your life questioning yourself or his actions. You’re both grown ups. Talk about real reasons for why he blocked you. You both deserve to know what severed your relationship. Good luck!