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Do Guys Like When You Send Them Pictures Of Yourself? – 11 Amazing Tips

Do Guys Like When You Send Them Pictures Of Yourself? – 11 Amazing Tips

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If you’re wondering do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself, the answer is totally yes. This is especially true if you constantly text message guys or communicate with Snapchat or WhatsApp. 

Apps for communicating with each other are great for many different reasons. In fact, social media helps a lot in keeping a conversation interesting.

However, you also need to be careful not to show off too much, if it isn’t about sexting or flirting texting. 

Your significant other wants you for sure, but you need to be smart and give him yourself piece by piece. That way it will be more interesting. 

On the tinder app, people mostly are interested in finding a guy friend or something more. The mistake they make is that on dating apps people express their sexuality too much. You need to be more mysterious, that way you’ll attract more people. 

Should you send him selfies?

Sending selfies is exactly what a guy wants, especially in a long-distance relationship. To make his love with you spicier, send him a cute selfie that will make him miss you.

Of course, there are lots of different types of pictures. The type of picture that you choose to send someone has to coincide with your relationship with them.

There’s a different type of picture for your best friend than the type of picture That you send to someone who’s in the famous friend zone. 

Some of the many different types of pictures include break-up pictures, pictures with emojis, the first time sending pictures, even pictures, text back pictures, pictures for a good friend of yours, nude photos and so on. 

In fact, the best relationship advice is to gain self-love, not in a narcissistic way, but in a good way. That’s the best validation and road to a beautiful relationship.

Tbh alot of relationships work because both partners know their value. Lol on those who don’t think it’s going to change anything. 

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Pics that would be interesting for him

If you’re wondering do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself, it’s a great tactic for sure. However, it’s important to be subtle even if you want to show more. 

Flirty texting is always a good idea to make someone want you more. Make the conversation a little bit spicy. You can also send a meme or a quote that involves flirty content.

Not in a narcissistic way, but in a way to intricate someone, in this case, your partner.

Are sending nudes involved?

Do guys like when you send them photos of yourself and do you need to send nudes is often questioned when we talk about sending pictures. 

The answer for that mostly depends on what kind of relationship or connection you have with your boyfriend or the guy you’re texting. 

If he’s someone you can trust, then it’s fine to send some pictures that will make him want you more. Although, in most cases, you need to really think about it. 

Be sure you know who you’re texting and how that person looks at you. If it’s someone who’s really good to you, then nudes can be something really interesting to make your relationship spicier.

Why do guys ask for photos of you?

It’s mostly because they want to see you. Though there are also cases when someone is trying to get something from you. 

Be careful who you send your photos to. Sometimes it can be a great idea, but sometimes the consequences can be really bad. So think twice before you send it to someone.

In fact, it’s important to know who the person on the other side of the internet is.

If you feel safe sending it, then do it. If you have doubt, then it’s better to skip the option of sending him the picture of you. 

Why men ask for photos?

What does it mean when a woman sends you pictures of herself?

As you ask yourself do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself, they also ask do women like when they send them pictures of themselves. 

When a woman sends you a photo, selfie or something like that, it means that she really likes you and she shares her photos with you. Also, she may be showing you how stunning she looks today.

However, women will always show interest in you that way. She’s showing you how she looks and she’ll expect compliments or some cute words from you in return. 


#1 Don’t send him pictures of yourself too early

Don’t start sending a guy pictures of you immediately. Go with the flow. Wait until the perfect moment and don’t rush into things. That way it will be more interesting. If he’s waiting for you long enough, he’ll be more interested in you, remember that.

#2 First send photos of something else

Sending photos of your favorite food or sunset or something like that will show him that you have an interest in him. That way you’ll both get closer to each other and you can share your day with him.

Also, the whole conversation will be more comfortable. After quote time you can send some cute selfies to remind him how beautiful you are.

However, don’t do it too often. Make him think about you and make him imagine you in his head.

#3 Take small steps

For sure, it’s not recommended to send photos on a daily basis, at least not in the beginning. If you want to intrigue him, take small steps. 

You can send some photos you look cute in on a, spontaneous basis. 

Be creative. Try to make unique photos that would be interesting and funny. The best advice is to make funny photos or happy photos where you can show your smile. 

Smiles are very attractive, so use it to make him more interested!

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#4 Don’t try to be perfect

Everyone has insecurities. Do guys like it when you send them pictures of yourself? Yes. Does it need to be perfect? No. 

Guys like natural girls, funny, cheerful and confident. So, be confident about your body, your face and everything you are. 

You don’t have to photoshop your pictures or use some apps to make you look different. Be you, even if you’re without makeup. 

That way you will be more attractive than someone who has full makeup and a full outfit to match. 

#5 What do guys find sexy?

Well, most people think that guys find a beautiful body with curves as sexy. In fact, attraction is present when your energies match and your minds and souls are in harmony. 

It’s the mind that makes you attractive and sexy, not your body. Even when people think that physical attraction is based on a physical appearance , it isn’t true.

People find other people attractive when that other person matches their energy and state of mind.

Before sending photos of you, make sure he finds your mind and your way of thinking attractive. Everything else is just a bonus.

#6 Is there a way to know if a guy likes you?

You will notice his behavior. Trust your inner gut and your intuition. If you feel like you’re trying too hard in starting a relationship with him and if you feel that you’re the person who always takes the first step, then it’s time to take a step back.

A guy who’s really interested in you won’t let you go. He’ll care for you and your feelings. You won’t need to wonder if he’s interested and he won’t send you mixed signals.

Of course, you need some time to spend communicating to realize if you like each other. If that happens it will be both-sided.

When a guy likes you, he’ll text you every day, he’ll find time for you even when he’s too busy, he would like to hear how you spend your day and so on. He’ll share his day with you, he’ll send you photos of his daily happenings and you’ll feel his nearness and care.

Trust actions, not words.

#7 Make him feel wanted

Like women, men also need attention, closeness, and affection. Don’t forget to tell him something nice through texting. Send him some love messages, tell him how beautiful he is, how amazing he is and so on. 

Sometimes women forget to give effort to someone and most often men become distanced because of that. 

When you don’t show your interest in him, you may push away a person you really like. Be careful with those who you love.

If he sends you his photo, selfie or whatever, compliment him on his looks, smile or whatever else. 

Show love and kindness.

#8 Stick around

Stick around means that you keep the contact “alive”. Sometimes, he may not text you or call you, but don’t make a big deal about it. Give him time and space. If you constantly try to talk, to force conversation, and so on, that will only push him away.

No one likes things that are forced on them. This will indirectly tell him :” I desperately need you”. That’s not something you should do.

First of all, you need to love yourself, your free time, your job, your hobbies, your friends, your family and everything else that you have in your life that makes up your identity. 

When you know your likes and your dislikes, it’s easier to control your emotions. Knowing that you can live with a romantic partner eliminates any possessive drives. 

You need time for yourself. That’s normal. Don’t take everything too seriously and don’t look at every situation with negative thoughts.

#9 Small details make a difference

Always be careful but don’t be afraid to play little tricks to keep him interested in you. Pay attention to details. 

For example, if he likes nature, take photos of nature, but only sometimes. Listen to what he likes and what he’s interested in. 

Make sure you aren’t too much into taking photos. Take them in time, but not too often. Make him wait for your photo.

Also, make sure your photos are natural. Your selfies and photos you are in should look casual. 

Let it be spontaneous and go with the flow.

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#10 Send a photo of your workout or your daily work

Sending a photo from your workout routine or your daily routine gives the impression that you’re a diligent person who’s consistent and committed to your future.

People love successful people because it means that you’re someone who makes something out of your life. Show it.

That way you’re making a great picture of yourself in front of a person you like. 

Don’t be too available for him, make sure he knows you have your priorities and clearly stand your borders, put yourself in first place.

#11 Don’t be the only one who sends photos

Do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself? Yes, they do. However, if you realize you’re the only one sending them, then you shouldn’t do it.

Sometimes boys don’t have clear intentions and you should be careful. If he’s insisting on sending photos, but he doesn’t do that, you should stop sending photos.

Everything in your communication needs to be both-sided. If it isn’t then something is wrong. 

Maybe he would send fewer photos than you, that’s fine, some guys don’t like taking too many photos on a daily basis. However, if he doesn’t send you photos at all, but expects you to send them, you should really think about it.

Make sure you’re sending photos to the right person.

What do guys find sexy and attractive?

Most researchers say that most guys like natural and confident girls. If you really enjoy yourself and feel happy in your body, that reflects on the outside also. 

Make sure you have good confidence and make sure you look fresh and cute. For most guys, a smile and bright eyes are important, but also they like curves on a woman.

For a sexy and attractive look, you need to make sure you look good that day, especially if you’re going out. Take a pic and send it to him, he will be amazed. Make sure you look elegant and classy.

A cute bun, red lipstick and a black dress are always a good shot.

Attraction and texting

It’s hard to find attraction and passion through text messages, especially if it’s a long-distance relationship. It’s important to make your partner interested in you. Do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself?

Developing a base of attraction by flirting with him is always more effective in person. Messages can be good before meeting each other, but make sure your relationship doesn’t make everything on the basis of a message.

A big mistake you can make is to be flirty through text messages, but in person, you don’t flirt at all or send “green signals”. That can confuse him and send him wrong signals and he can become distanced. 

Make sure your actions and your words match. Be mysterious and unpredictable. That way you represent a challenge to him. Guys like challenges and things they need to investigate.

Always try to show your best sides and represent yourself in a good way. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to do something you don’t usually do, or to lie. However, sometimes you can show yourself a little bit better than you really are. 

Little tricks and a combination of words can really help. In fact, your energy is the most important thing. If you’re matching your energy to his energy, everything else will go easily.

Support and comfort

Make sure you give him support. Every guy searches for support from his partner. They like to hear words of comfort in a situation when they’re feeling bad or when something bad is happening.

If he shares with you something that bothers him or makes him feel bad, listen carefully and try to be his comfort and support. We all sometimes need that. Don’t always talk about you and your problems, be there for him to listen to him, to watch how he feels and what he has to say.

Guys appreciate when someone is with them through the bad times. If he has a friend in you and partner all in one, you’re everything that he wants.

For a quality relationship, friendship is very important. First of all, you need to be best friends, then lovers and partners.

You need to be able to talk about everything and to be there for each other. That way things can go right and you will have someone you’re comfortable doing everything with.

Sending photos of yourself: yes or no?

For sure, guys like when you send them some nice photos. Make sure you do that, but also make sure you send your photos to the right person. 

Also, make sure that the photos you’re sending are fine as if they end up being published or sent where they shouldn’t be.

Always be careful, because sometimes people don’t have clear intentions and you can end up being disappointed or harmed. 

However, if you really feel good with that guy and if you really like to text him, then it’s fine to play some flirty games with your photos and to intricate him and his imagination.

Make him want you more. Be in his head. Do guys like when you send them pictures of yourself? Yes, they do. However, don’t forget that you also like it when he sends it to you.

Make sure that everything is both-sided. That way you can truly enjoy that communication, texting, flirting and loving.