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Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

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Thanks to the connected world and all of its social media platforms, there’s no doubt about “do long distance relationships work?”. With all of the technology that exists today, we can meet people from all over the world. It’s the way that we can meet the love of our life who lives on the other side of the world.

Years ago, long distance relationships used to happen later in relationships because one member had to move for work or military service. However, everything’s different now. People fall in love at a distance, they don’t even meet each other before they fall in love. Thanks to the internet, It’s easy to keep in touch even though couples don’t get to see each other often. 

What’s the success rate of long-distance relationships?

If you want to know “do long distance relationships work?”, here are some statistics.

A 2018 survey found that 60% of long distance relationships last. Also, long distance couples break up 3 months after they become closer. Many statistics show that long distance relationships are even more stable and healthier than geographically-close relationships. Couples have a higher level of commitment and trust in long distance relationships.

A 2018 survey found that about 50% of couples who participated met each other online. Also, 27% of those couples lived far away from each other for their whole life.

What kills long distance relationships?

From the beginning, long distance relationships can have their challenges.

Social media

Social media’s a good thing in long distance relationships. It allows long distance couples to connect all day via messages, calls, or video calls. However, even though it’s good for communicating, it can cause a high level of jealousy because you can stalk your lover on social media.


When you’re in this type of relationship, you have to be financially ready to travel often to see your partner. That can be an issue, especially if the two of you are still students who don’t work.


The second challenge is meeting each other. Of course, the first meeting is the hardest for both of you because you have set high expectations and you don’t want it to be disappointing. It’s difficult to meet expectations in long distance relationships because you don’t expect it to be something you do daily. You see each other rarely and you expect something spectacular to happen when you unite.


Jealousy’s a tricky thing to manage when you’re in a long distance relationship. Your partner has their local friends and they spend a lot of time together while you’re away. If there’s a pretty girl who’s your boyfriend’s friend, there’s a high possibility you will be jealous of her sometimes. You will think that after spending that much time together, they will fall in love. So, if you don’t want this to happen, it’s good for both of you to set boundaries at the beginning of the relationship.

Extreme feelings

This is one of the most important factors that decide “do long distance relationships work?”. This type of relationship is specific because partners have extreme feelings, no matter if it’s love or anger.. There’s always a potential for unnecessary fights or emotionally-fueled decisions. Have this on your mind every time you’re about to make a hasty decision. You will be sad later, for sure.

Benefits of long distance relationships

Despite its challenges, there are many benefits to long distance relationships


Even though sometimes it seems that there’s no future for your relationship, be sure that the time will come. Many couples don’t have deep conversations as long distance couples do. Distance forces you to have deeper conversations. Even if you’re not that type of person, a long distance relationship makes you a new person. A deeper conversation is essential in dating because it helps you to know your partner better. After years of dating, those deep conversations allow you to think about the future and you become more excited to spend a life with your partner.


Long-distance relationships usually necessitate difficult decisions, such as which of your parents you will not see for holidays or which of you will relocate. The need for these choices teaches you that love’s inextricably linked to sacrifice. Long-distance losses, however, pale in comparison to the ultimate sacrifice, which is the ultimate act of love.


One long-term benefit of dealing with these issues now is that you’ll be better prepared to deal with problems later on in your marriage. Challenges instill in you the discipline of perseverance. Struggles, on the other hand, teach you that optimism can’t be based on happiness. Joy must be sourced sustainably. You will be able to survive anything if you can figure out what keeps you alive in difficult circumstances. Learning to persevere is a long and arduous process.

Do long distance relationships work - Believer, not a dreamer
Be a believer

Do long distance relationships work? Three things that will make it work


Talk as much as you can. Call each other on video calls, text, anything that will keep you in touch. Talk about the future and plan what to do when you meet.

Tell your partner about your feelings often

Don’t forget to tell them ‘I love you’ every day. It can make your partner’s day and you will show your feelings. So why not do it every day?


The key to every successful relationship is support. No matter what your partner’s job is, support them. If your lover gets in a hard situation, your support will mean more than anything else.

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Do long distance relationships work? It’s on you

If you’re asking yourself “do long distance relationships work?”, don’t make any prejudices in the beginning. Try hard and do everything that you would do in every relationship. Don’t think of the bad sides of long distance relationships. Think of its benefits. One day, everything will pay off. Stay hopeful. That hope can make you feel better when you’re so far away from your partner.

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