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Does My Ex Miss Me? 3 Ways to Find Out!

Does My Ex Miss Me? 3 Ways to Find Out!

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So, wondering does my ex miss me won’t help. Making sure if it’s the case might. We’ll get into that!

Relationships are a beautiful thing. Couples are supposed to love and be devoted to their partner. In turn, should feel complete; as if they found their other half. However, this description of a relationship doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, relationships don’t work out. This can happen for an endless amount of reasons. Relationship failure is common and almost everyone goes through one. Sometimes people go through many breakups before they find the right one. No one likes to break up with a partner and end the relationship, but sometimes it needs to happen; most times for the better. When a breakup occurs, the “couple” is no longer a couple and therefore refer to each other as their ex.

Although breakups hurt, the most important thing is to move on. By all means take the time to let out your heartbreak, your anger and your tears. Luckily, heartbreak doesn’t last forever and soon enough you will find a new partner who makes you even happier than your ex. One thing to note, is that not everyone moves on from a break up in the same way. Some people take longer to get over a failed relationship. As well, the process of getting over a failed relationship can also look different. However, some signs that your ex isn’t over the failed relationship are quite common, not to mention odd. Have you recently noticed your ex acting odd and wondered “Does my ex miss me?”

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What is relationship anarchy – who are relationship anarchists?

Does My Ex Miss Me – ways to tell:

1. They’re Dating Someone Who Looks And Acts Like You

Sometimes people try to get over a failed relationship by diving into a new relationship. This can be damaging as the heart needs time to heal. If your ex starts dating someone right away, this is a sign that your ex still misses you. This is because your ex is feeling so empty without you, that they need someone else to fill that romantic gap. You can see that your ex misses you by checking the person they are now with in their new relationship. Often, when people miss someone, they will try to be with someone as close to the original person as possible to try and feel like they never lost the original person at all. Does this new person that your ex is dating looks, acts or behaves like you? If yes, then you have your answer to the question “Does my ex miss me?”

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Does he like me or my body?

2. They’re Finding Excuses To Contact You

Part of a healthy relationship requires the two people in the commitment to communicate with each other. So, when you find that your ex is still trying to contact you, this means that your ex still misses you. By contacting you, your ex is trying to make it seem as if nothing bad has happened and that the relationship is still functioning as usual. However, two exes need time apart as each person needs time to heal on their own and move on to a newer and healthier relationship. Some exes choose to still contact their previous partner because they miss having them around. Sometimes, people do this by finding the weirdest excuses to call up their ex. “Did you remember that one time when…”, “Did you hear what happened to…” “Do you remember where you put my…” All of these random questions are excuses that your ex uses to contact you. If this is the case with your ex, that means that they still miss you.

Third ‘Does my ex miss me’ sign:

3. They’re Jealous

When two people commit themselves to a relationship, they are promising to love one another above anyone else. This means that they are supposed to be loyal to their one, and only one, romantic partner. A common reason why relationships end is because one partner starts to show romantic affection to another person, outside of their original relationship. This is known as cheating, of course. This feeling of devotion can take a while to wear off after a relationship has ended. This is especially true when one ex partner isn’t over the original relationship.

As has been stated, some people find different ways of getting over a relationship. This could include going into, or trying to find, a new person to date. As well, some people move onto a new relationship after the failed one quicker than others. So if you start dating or flirting with somebody else to move on, that is normal.

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How to make him fall in love with you online?

However, maybe your ex isn’t ready to let you move on yet. In some failed relationships, one ex might still hold onto the loyal quality. This desperate grasp then transforms into jealousy when they see their ex around other people.

Jealousy is a common human trait that everyone experiences at one point in their lives or another. As well, some people show jealousy differently than others. Does your ex try to separate you from new or potential partners? Does your ex insult or complain about your new or potential partners? If this is the case, then the answer to your “Does my ex still miss me?” question is definitely yes.