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Double Chin Removal – All you need to know to Get Rid of the Double Chin

Double Chin Removal – All you need to know to Get Rid of the Double Chin

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Double Chin Removal is a trending topic these days. More and more people want to know how to get rid of the double chin. Why? People want to feel better about themselves. Anybody with a double chin will have likely received a comment about it in their day-to-day lives. It could be a passing comment, a tease from a friend or family, or even a straight jab at your appearance. It’s disheartening; it brings you down and makes you feel bad about yourself. After all, nobody likes to be called out on their insecurities.

So what do you do? You start thinking about getting rid of your double chin. Your first thought might be surgery, but hold your horses, not every body part needs surgery to fix. There are many other options to consider before resorting to shelling out your hard-earned money on a double chin removal surgery. Some of them are time intensive, and others require a change in your lifestyle and eating habits. Let’s learn a little about how double chins form and what options might work best for you.

Where do Double Chins come from?

Generally speaking, double chins form from an excess of fat in the body. But it’s also a result of genetics and aging.

For individuals with high fats diets (e.g. eating fast food often,) the body is given more fat than is necessary. So what happens to the unused fat? It is stored in the body for later consumption. Depending on the makeup of your body, this fat may live on your face, fattening your facial features, including your chin.

For others, a combination of their genes and aging may induce a double chin to grow on their head. This is due to a protein called collagen. Collagen is responsible for the skin’s elasticity, among many other functions. As an individual ages, collagen production decreases, and so does their skin’s elasticity. This is why the elderly have saggy skin; their bodies are not creating the necessary amounts of collagen to maintain a ‘younger’ look.

Genetics plays a role in how much collagen is produced in the body. It also outlines how your body functions and grows. That is why if you come from a family prone to double chins, you’re more likely to have one should you not take care of your body and health.

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Double chin plastic surgery procedure: Double chin Surgical Removal

Let’s first discuss getting rid of your double chin with surgery. Did you know there’s more than one Double chin plastic surgery procedure to choose from? They focus on double chin fat removal in different ways. 

Double chin fat removal

The first procedure is called lipolysis. It is basically double chin fat removal. The procedure involves administering a local anesthetic and burning the fat through liposuction. In other words, using a laser to melt away the fat. But it is just that: it removes the fat from your body, leaving the skin untouched.

The other procedure is called mesotherapy. This procedure is made up of several injections of deoxycholic acids (fat-absorbing compounds) that eat away the fat. This method takes longer as only a certain amount of injections are administered per visit. It could take up to 6 months of visiting your doctor once a month to complete the treatment.

In both double chin plastic surgery procedures, side effects include bruising, swelling, and pain.

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Double chin removal cost

While the surgical double chin removal cost varies on your location and your doctor’s level of expertise, you could be looking at fees in the thousands. There is no one specific amount, as some would charge as low as $500 for the surgery to get rid of the double chin, while other more experienced surgeons may charge up to $2,000 or $3,000 for the procedure(s).

Double chin removal non-surgical

Beyond surgery, there are other common ways to treat a double chin. Double chin removal non-surgical might take a little longer to achieve your goal, but you might find it’s more rewarding and gratifying!

Exercise is the obvious first method of double chin removal non-surgical way. And while no hard scientific evidence exists to corroborate this method, many people find that performing facial exercises (aside from other body exercises,) actually help in removing the excess fat on your face.

These exercises include puckering up your lips towards the ceiling for a few seconds, trying to touch your nose with your tongue repeatedly, and neck stretching exercises. What these exercises have in common is stretching the chin area as much and as often as possible. Even without the science to back it up, it’s still good to exercise your facial and neck muscles often. It’ll prevent muscle inactivity and soreness.

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Get rid of the double chin: Face masks

Beauty face masks are another method you could use for your double chin. Although they are generally considered a beauty treatment, the benefits of using face masks are multifold. They hydrate your skin, promote your pores’ appearance, and remove any excess oils accumulated over the day. They’re great for ‘cleaning up’ your skin.

They also promote collagen production. That’s right, facial masks have many advantages to your skin as they help in restoring your skin’s health and reducing the fat in the area. There are many different types of facial masks: green tea mask, egg white mask, coffee mask, etc… Try them out and see what you like.

Finally, look into changing your diet. It’s common knowledge your diet has a direct correlation to your body’s health and appearance. As mentioned before, eating foods high in fats and sugar is generally bad for you. Your body only needs so much to feed and maintain itself. But once it’s had its fill, it’ll store the rest for later consumption. With the advent of affordable and dopamine-high food diets (fast food, sugary snacks, etc…) it’s easy to have these kinds of foods often because of their convenience.

Double chin removal: Make it stick! It is imperative that you adopt healthier eating habits to prevent developing a double chin again and prevent any future damage to your body and health. After all, it all comes back to bite you in the end. Remember that not all fats and sugars are bad for you; they’re needed to sustain a healthy and active body. Incorporate more greens in your meals and stay away from fried food as much as possible. This is not to say you can’t ever have fast food again, but make it a point to always have some sort of greens in your meal. Substitute your fizzy drink for homemade orange juice; have some homemade steak and mashed potatoes instead of a fried burger. You won’t need to read about double chin removal and think about ways to get rid of the double chin ever again. Good habits and the intake of good nutrients leads to a healthy body.