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Dumper Stages – He Dumped Me, What To Do? How To Get Over It?

Dumper Stages – He Dumped Me, What To Do? How To Get Over It?

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What are the dumper stages? How does the dumper feel after dumping someone? How long does it take for a dumper to regret? What is the point of the dumper?

These are only some of the questions about dumper stages you will find an answer to.

Dumper stages – What are the stages of being dumped?

Every relationship has its ups and downs. When it comes to dumping someone, there is always a person that feels awful and experiences heartbreak. How does it feel? Which stages of breakup does that person go through?


The ego rules the world

The first stage is boosting their ego. Men have massive egos, which are usually restrained in relationships, especially if their spouse is domineering. It’s their way of ensuring that the ego doesn’t grow greater than the partnership, but after the relationship is finished, the ego conceals everything.

Most guys going through a breakup appear to be perfectly well and loving every second of life, but they’re generally deeply devastated on the inside. As a result, the ego stage is critical and significant, as it aids a man’s gradual retreat into his shell in order to recover from a breakup. They tell themselves that they made the right decision dumping you and that an old relationship was a mistake.


Slowly, but steadily, the realization dawns

According to a University of Texas study, the basic understanding of a breakup stems from the realization that you are genuinely alone, and once that realization hits a guy going through a breakup, he begins to do things that radically shift and transform his state of mind.

He resumes his search for happiness. But, for that to happen, it’s critical to recognize that he’s emotionally vulnerable and alone at the time.

Men will go to any length to protect their egos. They’ll put on a poker face and go out with their pals, flirt and divert themselves with other women, get banged, and bury themselves in work.

dumper stages

But, with everything going on, they’ll eventually realize they’re going too quickly and haven’t allowed themselves enough time to recover. When they realize they need help, that’s when the actual healing begins.

Acceptance at the outset

This is an acknowledgment that the relationship is done and that you have nothing more to gain from the other person. You may have attempted to contact her, met her, or even slept with her, but the reality that it’s ended is something you discover much later, in the later phases.

Earlier, you were preoccupied with disguising your feelings and having a good time in order to forget about them. You could even want to contact her at this point to try to make things work again. Because you’ve realized certain facts and are attempting to internalize the issue. But if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have to accept that it’s over.

dumper stages

Man develops into a social animal

Men, unlike women, do not internalize pain right away. They either allow it in and shrug it off, or they sweep it under the rug and attempt to move on with their lives as if nothing had occurred.

This might be quite disappointing for the lady with whom they were in a relationship. They aren’t over it or have forgotten about it; they are simply attempting to resurrect their egos and socialize as much as possible to forget their suffering.


You might not be able to connect with your anger at first. Breaking up throws you into the unknown, which may be paralyzingly terrifying. At that time, fear takes precedence over fury. As a result, when rage arises, it’s because you’ve briefly let go of part of your anxiety.

dumper stages

When you can access your anger, it may be liberating – at the very least, there are shades of remembering that you matter, of feeling justified in understanding that you deserve more from a relationship. Your fury may be aimed at your spouse, the situation, or yourself, depending on your temperament, life and family experiences, and your split.

He is in desperate need of answers

The want to know is all-consuming, and it can lead to irrational beliefs and actions. You must comprehend why something occurred, which may be beyond anyone’s comprehension.

You obsess over things your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend said at various times that you believe contradict the split, and you hang on to them as if they were gospel.

dumper stages

All you can think about or talk about is the agony, disarray, and bewilderment. However, you are first motivated to figure out what happened at any cost.

The need to make sense of something so perplexing drives you to argue with best friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers about why the relationship ended, while justifying why it shouldn’t have as if persuading them is the same as persuading your ex.

In this stage, he will be in need to somehow be in touch with you and talk to you for the first time after dumping you.

Dumper stages – How long does it take for a dumper to regret?

It all depends on the person and the circumstances surrounding the “dumping.” If there is a lot of deep-seated anger involved, the individual may become blinded by those sentiments and wish to break ties as soon as possible to get rid of the unpleasant components of the relationship.

After some time has gone and their anger has dissipated, some people may reconsider their behavior, thinking that they might have handled things better since they still care about the other person.

breakup stages

Dumping is a negative term for actions such as “throwing out the rubbish”! In other words, permanently severing emotional links to another individual. They may believe at the moment that “what is done is done” and that the separation is complete.

In the long term, as time passes and you reflect on your decision, you may find yourself regretting your decision, questioning why did I break up with you, and wanting your ex back. You start thinking of unblocking your ex on social media apps and contacting them. But should I do it?

Dumper stages – When does the dumper start missing the dumpee?

If you did regret, or second thoughts breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, how many days after a break up did it happen? When does the breakup hit you? How long did last your healing process?

It’s normal to miss someone with whom you’ve shared your life for a long period. We all have feelings, and it’s natural to miss that special someone when they are no longer in your life. It is one of every dumper’s remorse stages or stages of grief.

Breakups, on the other hand, are never pleasant. Fights, rage, hostility, grief, and a variety of other emotions are all present. Most couples split up when they are going through a difficult time in their relationship and realize they can no longer stay together.

Dumpers take slightly longer than dumpees. It’s extremely usual for the dumpees to first miss the dumper. They obviously didn’t want their relationship to end.

missing the dumpee

After a week, the dumper begins to miss the dumpee in a long-term relationship. The dumper, on the other hand, misses after a month or two if the relationship was only for a few months or was casual. Even after 5 or 6 months from the breakup, the dumper may miss the dumpee.

Dumpers are aware of their mistake

There are many ups and downs in a relationship. If the dumper has negative behaviors such as lying to their partners, not providing enough time and attention, flirting with other boys/girls, making unneeded excuses and blaming their spouse for the smallest of things, the dumpee would become irritated.

As a result, a battle is unavoidable. Dumpers aren’t aware of their errors until their partner points them out. Instead, they dispute even more and try to blame the girlfriend/boyfriend. They lack the maturity to see their errors, so they break up with their partners to put a stop to the constant conflicts.

dumpers are aware of their mistake

After the disaster, they realize their mistake. After some alone time following the break-up, the dumpers begin to realize their errors. It’s that time of year when they begin to miss the dumpees. They believe that if he/she had been able to admit and work on their faults, their relationship would have ended differently.

Dumpers have a ‘lonely feeling’

When dumpers are lonely, they miss the dumpees. And it’s not out of the ordinary. When you share your life and your time with someone, you begin to miss them when they go.

When you have someone to share your tales with within a relationship, it is the most thrilling aspect. You know, at the end of the day, there is that one particular person in my life who will listen to everything and will always stand by my side.

dumper stages - a lonely feeling

Dumpers understand they are alone after a few days have passed since the breakup.

When dumpers refuse to discuss critical or private facts about their life or families, they get lonely because their Ex-partner served as a safe haven for them. They felt comfortable confiding in them about their darkest secrets.

Dumpers are to blame

Dumpers miss their dumpees when they are guilty of their conduct and acts. This scenario is fairly typical in breakups that occur for significant reasons such as adultery.

Initially, the dumpers refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. They fight it out after their lovers discover that they have been cheating on them.

However, some dumpers refuse to accept this and believe that cheating is acceptable. Instead of recognizing their severe error, they blame their partners for a variety of unfounded reasons, and the relationship finally ends.

The dumpees are also severely harmed by dumpers. They badmouth their partners, use harsh phrases, and make them weep not just with their prior undesirable behavior, but also after the breakup.

However, it is only after a few weeks that the dumpers realize they have been disrespectful and incorrect in their actions. They feel terrible for inflicting so much pain on their once-loved lover.

Dumper stages – How does the dumper feel after a month?

The dumper feels either elation or guilt after a month. It all relies on the sincerity of the connection. If the relationship was real and both partners put in the effort, there will be regret. A dumper who receives no effort or abuse, on the other hand, is very happy.

The end of any good relationship has a profound emotional impact on both parties. Whether the dumper or the dumpee, there is generally an immediate sense of regret and loss.

dumper stages - feeling after some time

After a few weeks, the joy of the split wears off, and the dumper begins to wonder why the ex isn’t trying to contact them. Unless they’re in a rebound relationship, in which case this stage takes a bit longer, they realize that single life isn’t as thrilling as they anticipated.

If they’re interested in reconnecting with you, they’ll start reaching out around month three, and by month four, you’ll most likely hear from them if a reunion is in the works. It takes a long time to play without making contact.

Dumper stages – What is the best way to avoid your dumper?

The best way is surely the no contact rule. If you are wondering how the no contact rule will help you, here is the answer. If you didn’t delete them on social media, delete them now. It will be easier for you not to see their face every day on social media platforms.

You practice the no contact rule and as time passes, it will be easier for you to realize how it affects your ex. He will be surprised because he normally has your whole attention and can get you back whenever he wants to.

Invest in yourself, meet new friends, and try out new hobbies. Spend time with your loved ones, share your dumper experiences with a family member you are closest to. A new relationship can also happen when you least expect it.

Not all of us go through a post-breakup stage in the same way, so the best advice is to do how you feel. Just don’t let your ex give you false hopes. All these stages of a breakup are stages that every person goes through. Read all of these dumper stages, so you know what to expect when being in this situation.