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Emotional affair – signs and consequences

Emotional affair – signs and consequences

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An emotional affair is usually when you become a very close friend with someone and you start to give them more attention than you give to your romantic partner. Sometimes it can be hard to see an emotional affair is established. However, there are few common signs that can indicate that an emotional affair is underway. If you find a person attractive and you feel the chemistry between you two, with time, it will usually develop into something deeper. You can fall in love. Sometimes, it’s just a lack of attention from your romantic partner so you find it in someone else. Usually, this other person is someone you spend a lot of time with. It’s more likely that you will connect with someone you’re seeing every day. So even if you don’t want to get close to someone, it can be hard to resist them if you have a sexual attraction to them. This is when an emotional affair happens.

Emotional affair signs

Here are some signs that you’re becoming attached to someone and that you are having an emotional affair.

#1 Talking more often

Everything starts with increased talking. If you realize you’re comfortable in conversation, you feel the need to talk to that person daily. Especially if you talk about everything with that person. It’s a big sign of an emotional affair. You end up talking less with your partner, and more with this other person. You find it more comfortable to tell that person everything than to your partner. Emotional infidelity, emotional intimacy and romantic relationship often starts with this. Talk. If your partner feels worried and you feel comfortable that can lead to physical intimacy with another person. Emotional support and long term committed relationship can not replace anything. Healthy friendships are like healthy relationships. There needs to be loyalty behind your back and support. Lots of love and understanding. Emotionally invested friendship with person who is attracted to you can lead into something deeper. Better communication with your partner and personal information can keep you from the sexual affair.

Heart in a sand - emotional affair

#2 Spending more time with this other person

When you like having a conversation with someone, you will likely spend more time with that person. This situation is the same, but it becomes more dangerous. When you spend too much time with someone you become attached to that person. When you realize you’re spending more and more time with someone, and you don’t feel the need to spend time with your partner, it becomes serious. You can also fall in love with that other person, if it hasn’t already happened.

#3 Comparison

One sign that you’re in an emotional affair is when you start to compare your partner with that person. For example, you’re going home and you didn’t buy something your partner asked you to pick up on your way home. You’re get home and your partner’s upset because you forgot to buy that. In your head, you think that the person with whom you’re having an affair with will never complain about a silly thing like that. You’re creating a comparison and you idealize that other person in your head as someone who’s perfect. Even if that person has an imperfection, you will use every bad situation to compare those two people.

#4 Lies

When you catch yourself that you start lying about that person to your partner, it’s a warning. Deep down you know that you’re acting in a bad way. You’re hiding your conversations and you avoid talking to your partner about that person. You act like things that you and this other person do together is no big deal. By trying to hide the truth you’re showing it. It will be obvious. It’s more important to be honest with yourself, than after that, with your partner.

9 Signs of an emotional affair

#5 Thinking about “that” person

Too often thoughts about that person are signs of falling in love with them. Mostly, when someone falls in love, they will constantly have that person in their head. So, it’s a clear sign. If that person’s on your mind all day, even if you’re with your partner, then in your mind and in your heart, something’s happening. Something you can’t ignore. Your communication with that person has gone too deep at this point.

Ending an emotional affair

The best advice is to cut that connection with someone at the very beginning. The earlier you do it, the easier it is for you to stay out of an emotional affair. If you realize you’re starting to get attached to someone, distance yourself immediately. Shorten that conversation, don’t talk too much with that person, don’t tell them everything and focus on being with your partner. Spend more time with your partner instead. Try to calm your mind. If it’s something that’s at the stage of constantly thinking about that other person, then it’s best to end every communication with that other person for a while. Cut that person out of your life if you want to save your relationship.

Melt love poems for her
Melt love poems for her

Emotional affair recovery

For recovery, the first step is to admit that you were wrong and that you weren’t careful. Then you can start with your recovery. The best thing is to get distanced from the other person you became close with. If you continue being close to this other person, you’ll be making matters worse. You might lose your romantic partner because of that.

Dealing with emotions

 To feel confused and lost is normal in a situation like that. Try to realize what you really care for, your relationship or someone new in your life who is maybe temporary. If you really love the person who is waiting for you at home, then you need to do everything to keep that person in your life. Be fair to your partner and be fair to yourself. Think about how you would feel if your partner does what you’re doing to you. Always do to others what you want them to do to you. Be careful of your words and actions. Sometimes small things like constant conversations or attention can lead you to some situations you don’t want to be in.

Things to love about yourself

Affairs and relationships

Relationship and loyalty is the thing of choice. If you want to be in a healthy and good relationship, then you need to have trust, loyalty, respect and lots of love. Imagine how you would feel if your partner had someone who they’re constantly with instead of you. It’s not a great situation, right? Well, then think about your behavior, your attention to your partner, your respect for your partner and everything you had and you’re having. If you don’t feel good in a relationship, then leave. When you’re single, you have the ability to flirt with others or to communicate with deeper intentions with someone. If you’re in an emotional affair when you’re in a separate relationship, you’re hurting someone who cares about you. Truth always comes out. For a beautiful relationship, you need to have a big heart and bravery to avoid everything around you that may ruin your relationship. Commitment is something beautiful and needed. If it isn’t too late, if you love and care for your relationship, fight to save it and make things work. Most importantly, don’t repeat this mistake again.