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Exhausted During Period? Here’s Why and How To Fight Back!

Exhausted During Period? Here’s Why and How To Fight Back!

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Exhausted During Period? You are not alone. Mother nature’s gift, that time of the month, a part of your ovulation cycle, menstruation, your period, or whatever term you choose to call it, can often make you tired and exhausted. However, why is this?

Many girls feel tired and exhausted during period. Also, it’s completely normal, there’s no major health issue to be addressed. It can get difficult, though. And here is why. 

Exhausted During Period

There are many reasons why girls feel extremely tired during periods. Causes for why girls feel tired during periods can be separated into two categories. These two categories are called primary causes and secondary causes.

Why do you feel Exhausted During Period? The causes!

Why do you feel Exhausted During Period?

1. Primary Causes of feeling exhausted during period

Primary causes for feeling exhausted during periods include factors that are a direct form of your period taking place. Mainly, a period is a physical occurrence in your body that requires your body’s system to work by using energy.  

Even though you may not feel like your body is working hard, it is, and like any form of physical activity, it will cause you to be tired. Also, being tired during periods is caused by the way that your brain is being affected. When you are on your period, you probably noticed that you are experiencing many changes in your overall mood.  

This is because your brain is also being affected by your period just like certain other parts of your body. Before you are on your period, your brain is constantly producing a greater amount of the chemical estrogen to balance your physical body because you have a fertilized egg. The chemical estrogen is needed in a body to support a fetus during pregnancy.  

An estrogen is a group of female sexual and reproductive chemicals that support a female’s reproductive system. However, when you hit your period and your fertilized egg is no longer needed, your brain instantly stops producing an extra amount of estrogen.  

However, this sudden decrease in production causes the other chemicals in your body to become startled and off-balanced. This is why girls feel extremely tired during periods, due to the hormonal imbalance in their bodies.

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2. Secondary Causes of feeling exhausted during period

Secondary causes of feeling exhausted during periods are a result of the primary causes, both physically and mentally. In terms of physicality, since your body is working physically, there is a potential for aches and pains to occur.  

Any type of physical activity can cause aches and pain and these forms of physical stress require energy from your body to heal. Therefore, as your body is using energy to try and heal these aches and pains, the discomfort is leaving you tired during your period.  

Also, estrogen, the chemical which your body had been overproducing up until your period, is a main supplier of energy. Thus, when your body decreases the amount of the chemical estrogen that it has been producing, you no longer have all of this energy being created in you.  

As well, hormonal imbalances caused by the decreased production of estrogen can cause feelings of anxiety and depression . Anxiety and depression, though mental and emotional, can leave people feeling tired and exhausted.

Extremely Tired During Period? Here’s How To Fight Back!

Extremely Tired During Period

So, are you one of those girls who feel tired during periods? Worry not! As girls getting pregnant is nothing new (just look at the length of human history on earth) there have been many innovative techniques created on how to fight back against being extremely tired during periods!

1.     Physical Activity

Although it might seem counterintuitive or impossible to do any form of physical activity when you are extremely tired during periods, any form of physical activity can greatly help you regain energy.

Physical activity can take many forms such as playing a sport, going on a walk, swimming, running, jumping, stretching, and so much more. Therefore, you can choose the form of physical activity that you like and that you have the energy for.  

Physical activity can help leaven pain caused by periods which will leave your body free to store more energy for other uses.  

Also, physical exercise can help to produce endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical in your body that leaves you feeling good. This elevated mood instantly makes you happier and, as a result, stocked full of energy.

2. Sleep fights off feeling Extremely Tired During Period

One reason why girls feel exhausted during periods is that they aren’t getting enough sleep. It’s hard to sleep when your body is in pain. However, sleep is important for restoring your body’s energy level.

Some ways that you can make sure to get good and high-quality sleep while on your period is by trying to get to bed a little earlier, staying in a bit later, avoid using technology before bed, cut out any extra noise from your bedroom, and try to use pain diminishing resources like medication or hot pads.

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3. Eat Right and energize your body

When anyone is in pain, eating right takes a back seat. Many people who are in pain tend to reach for comfort. Comfort food usually involves a ton of fat, salt, and sugar. Although these may cause you to feel mentally better for a short time, they draw energy away from the body. This is because these types of food cause a sudden burst of energy followed by a sharp downward drain of what energy was just produced.  

This is why eating a balanced diet of healthy food is essential to stop feeling extremely tired during periods. Healthy foods give the body long-lasting energy. Also, there are many vitamins and nutrients in healthy food that provide energy and diminish pain. Such vitamins and nutrients include potassium, magnesium, iron and more.

Good daily habits do wonders if you let them. Try these three little things, workout, sleep and eating right and you’ll notice positive effects when your next cycle comes along. No more feeling exhausted during period.   Power up and you’ll power through easily.