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Friend crush – are you falling in love?

Friend crush – are you falling in love?

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Friend crush is something normal in friendships. It’s just the situation where two people become too close and end up falling in love. Statistics say that 90% of friendships between men and women lead to a relationship. Also, overthinking will just create a more uncomfortable situation. Be relaxed and listen to your heart. Develop friend crush into something bigger!

What’s a friend crush?

Friend crush is a state where you have feelings for your friend that aren’t based on friendship feelings. When you look at your friend like someone who you find attractive then you become aware that you fell in love with them. It’s a normal thing and it happens in many friendships. Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s both sided, but maybe it could be. It depends on your friend’s feelings. To explore these feelings, you need to take time and be very patient. Also, if you really value your friendship, you need to be careful, because sometimes it can get ruined. However, take some time to see the situation and your friend’s reaction.

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Do I have a crush on my friend? Is it normal to have friend crushes?

If you feel nervous around that person, if you try to be the best around your friend, if you like everything about that person, then you probably have a friend crush. It means you want to be something more than a friend with them. It’s a normal thing and it’s very common.

“I had a crush on my very good friend in high school. Initially, I was sure that it was just an infatuation and would go away eventually, but that did not happen, and I ended up growing more and more fond of her. Eventually, I decided that I had to get rid of these feelings because the friendship was too valuable for me, so I tried to distance myself from her. However, that didn’t work out either, because after every week or so if we hadn’t spoken, she would strike up a conversation, and with all the means of communication these days, it’s pretty hard to stay away. And the chemistry between us was just too good. We were both extremely introverted, almost to the point of suffering from social phobia, but when we were together, time would just fly.” – Anonymous

Like the case above, you will just feel the time fly by with that person. You feel amazing around them and you want to be forever with that person. It’s just something stronger than you.

Friend vs crush

One thing that would greatly advise anyone in a “friend crush” situation is to remain in the friendship solely because you’re set on dating them, even if they rejected you or are emotionally unavailable. It’s okay to like someone who you’re friends with, but can’t date. It’s normal. It hurts, but it happens to a lot of people.

However, if the friendship feels too hard, or if you only befriended that person with the sole hope of dating them and now you no longer have interest in them platonically as a person, then maybe the friendship isn’t a good thing for you right now. It can be very dangerous to jump to the conclusion that such emotions would be unmanageable. It’s better to avoid any situation where you might feel lust or jealousy.

Also, even in romantic relationships, we can’t always get what we want! In terms of pure lust, most people are sexually attracted to friends who want nothing to do with them sexually, yet still consider them as a friend. However, even in a relationship, compromises must be made for the relationship to work for both partners. Most of the time, not all sexual desires will be met with just one person. This is a major reason why someone values polyamory and free love over monogamy.


Maybe you actually do want to be friends with that person, which is nice, but that person doesn’t seem interested in pursuing a friendship. Try to be honest with yourself about your friend’s feelings. If they are constantly avoiding you, it may not be the best thing to pursue a friendship with them. You don’t need to be a copycat of anyone or pretend to be someone you’re not just to attract your friend. There are many people out there, go and find someone who likes your personality.

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How to get over a crush on a friend?

It depends mostly on how big of a friend crush you have. If you think you can successfully get over it, well and good, the other person does not need to know. If you can’t, then you might as well do something about it. Different people have different things to offer! It’s not necessarily that anyone is “better” than anyone else. It’s just that different people have different desires, willingness to try new things, willingness to accommodate others, moral values, and so on. So, it makes no sense to play any kind of game with friendship or relationship status.

Compromises are made all the time, in friendships and relationships, to make all parties happy. Why should it be any different with unrequited love? If you really can’t deal with your own unrequited love for someone, to the point that you feel the need to dump them as a friend because they won’t go to places with you, then you need to ask yourself how much you’re forcing your friend with. You’re not necessarily guilty of this, but you do need to ask yourself this and also understand that a friend crush is something specific and complicated on its own. However, it also isn’t impossible to have a positive response.

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