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Friendship goals and everything you need to know about good friendship

Friendship goals and everything you need to know about good friendship

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Friendship goals in everybody’s eyes are those friendships that may seem unconditionally perfect. You need to know that behind every perfect friendship there’s a lot of work along with ups and downs. There isn’t a perfect friendship, but there can be a real friendship. A real friend is someone who really cares for you and someone who doesn’t let you walk away. Real friends don’t come in bulk, so when one comes along, they’re precious. A good friend can be someone u used to spend time with in high school. If you work on spending quality time with your close friends good news is that you can definitely set friendship goals with them!

What are friendship goals?

To have a real friend and to achieve friendship goals, you need to be a real friend.  Don’t gossip about them behind their back.  Respect them professionally in front of others. Back them up in their dire times.  Never force them to do anything bad.

Sometimes you have to compromise on your own values and principles to save your friend. Your friend also needs to be brutally honest with you at all times even at times when you screw up and when it’s your fault. Your true friend won’t let you live a life in mediocrity. They should make efforts, share things, and expose you to new things and ideas. This would uplift your life as well as you. Your true friend wouldn’t be a two sided human being. Your friend would be the same person irrespective of you being present in that situation or not.

Birthday paragraph for best friend
Birthday paragraph for best friend

Do real friends really exist?

Your true friend is someone who shares your friendship goals with you. They find ways to get you out of your comfort zones instead of chilling with you in those zones so that you keep growing in life. Your true friend would hang out with you even if your condition was 10 times worse than your current condition or 10 times better than your present condition. Your real friend would show you your mistakes and things you’ve done wrong in life, not to criticize you, but only so that you don’t make the same mistakes again and don’t hurt others and yourself. They would also help you improve on those mistakes. They will never let you feel alone in any situation in your life. In the worst times or best times, they will be with you.

Goals or not

Friendship goals don’t include your friend getting jealous or insecure of your success. They would help you achieve more and celebrate with you on your happiness and success. They would help you achieve your goals, dreams, aspirations, ideas and everything you work on. They would spread the news of your success but at the same time stay silent so as not to take the spotlight off of you. Friends help you when you fail in life.

They will never let any person speak bad about you in their presence and they will protect you behind your back. They will always defend you and your name. If you have friends to hang out with but you can’t talk with them, then you need new friends. One true friend is a need of all. However, by tying your friendship to goals that have been made by others, it won’t turn out as a success. If you really want to make friendship goals, make your own. Learn from them, fail at them, win with them, but first of all be friends with someone.

how to meet new friends
How to meet new friends?

Making a real friendship

Take your time getting to know people, it’s a process to get to know someone. Don’t jump to conclusions about who they are, don’t trust them until you feel comfortable enough to do so, and most importantly, don’t let bad experiences hold you back from meeting new people. Sometimes people must make mistakes learning, and it’s always a new experience with another human being. There isn’t anything in life from which someone can’t take as a lesson and a good thing. In this case, we can learn a lot about trusting people, meeting people and many other things. In particular, people learn to look for signals that this person’s worthy of our trust, our time, and our dedication to friendship. With this we can refine and focus more on having quality over quantity. Real friendship and friendship goals need time and a lot of work. Trust is an expensive thing.

Start with yourself

We all like to be seen and heard. Also, we have a need to be loved, cared for and to feel special. It’s time to build relationships to where there’s an equal give and take with people. All those feelings that we want, someone else needs to feel too. Be someone who treats your friend like the most special person on Earth. Be there for them, make little surprises for them, motivate them, give them attention and give them your time. Make them a better day if they’re having a bad one and be there for them. If you want love, give love. If you want friendship, be a friend. Everything starts with you. Sometimes, you will earn more than you give, if you’re willing to give.

Keeping a friendship during life

Friendship goals during life will become less and less. It’s hard to keep a real friendship for a long time. In most cases, the reason isn’t due to a fight or something bad, it’s just because life roads get separated and you just get more and more distanced. It’s a normal thing. Also, when you build a family of your own, things change. Of course, you don’t need to forget your friends when you get into a marriage or when you have kids. However, sometimes, physical distance and other life situations can affect so much. For real friendship, nothing can destroy it. It will live no matter what, because a real friend will be by your side even if they aren’t physically close to you.

Love, friends and compromise

Friendship, like every other relationship won’t happen on its own. There needs to be two or more people who don’t quit on each other. Forgiveness, love, understanding, help, effort and good intentions make friendship goals and friendships that really last. It’s really nice to hear some good stories about memories that some friends made together, especially if they’re friends for life. To have a friend your whole life from your childhood to your old age is a real blessing. Like any relationship, distance makes it easy to distinguish who your true friends are from those who are merely acquaintances, created by the proximity principle. However, for friendship goals, you need to give love to someone, your time, and be someone on whom they can always count. Both friends in the friendship need to do this. That way, everything will work and you will have one of the pure friendship goals.