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Funny first date questions

Funny first date questions

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Funny first date questions can make the atmosphere between you two on your first date more comfortable and relaxed. Of course, you need to be careful what you’re asking. The question needs to be proper. However, a good joke or a funny question will leave a good impression and it will create a nice atmosphere. The first date is mostly nervous for both people involved. After all, your goal on a first date should be to leave a good first impression and to impress the other person. Online dating is something else, where you can be free and more careful what to say and how to say it. Of course, you need to be real and don’t expect another person to be perfect like some celebrities Mae West or Rodney Dangerfield, Kris McGaha, and so on.

Self-confidence is very important in leaving a good picture of yourself. Confidence is always attractive. So work on it before you go on the date. Also, anecdotes from your life will leave the impression that you’re an interesting person. Also, you can comment about the situation that’s around you at that moment, in a positive way, of course. Dates are tense, but you can relieve some of that stress with a good icebreaker, like one of the following funny first date questions.

Questions for a first date

Before you start with the funny first date questions, you need to know something important. Funny first date questions are important to have, but first, you need to ask some serious questions. This is to know your date better. To be in a relationship it will require you to know their interest, passion, work, habits and more. Also keep in mind that you aren’t on a job interview, be free to take funny dating questions. Think like there is no mistake of telling my date a funny joke or question, maybe it’s exactly some kind they marry with. One more thing, for sure don’t ask a guy for a new dishwasher, that is completely wrong. You can go with questions like these:

1: What is one thing that makes you unique?

2: What have you done in life that you’re proud of?

3: What are the most random facts about you?

4: Who are the top 5 most important people in your life?

5: What is the one thing you wish you were better at?

6: What’s your favorite place in your town?

7: What do you do during your free time?

8: What’s the title of the last book you read?

9: Do you prefer indoor or outdoor dates?

10: What’s the furthest you have traveled?

11: What’s the riskiest adventure you have been on?

12: What’s your dream destination?

13: What are the top 3 movies you’ve watched?

By asking questions like these you will know something more about the person you’re dating. You will learn who they are, and what they envision their future to be like. With this information, you can find out if they’re the one for you. If it seems like the two of you match up, you can take their answers to these questions further to build a strong and healthy relationship with them.

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Funny questions

Once the foundation questions are over and done with, you can start having fun! After you ask some random questions,  the atmosphere on the date becomes more relaxed. With humorous questions, you will determine if your date has a good sense of humor. Funny first date questions can include anything. If you’re stuck, try one of these:

1: What are some of your worst nicknames?

2: Can we consider eyebrows as facial hair?

3: What are your funniest moments in life?

4: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

5: What is your favorite guilty-pleasure show on TV?

6: What type of food can’t you live without?

7: Why do banks have branches if money doesn’t grow on trees?

8: If you could trade lives with someone, who would it be? And why?

9: What movie star would you date, given the chance?

10: Which cartoon character would you say you resemble the most?

11: If Cinderella’s shoe fit well, why did it fall off?

12: If you would be a DJ, what would your name be?

13:If we’re not supposed to eat at night, then why’s there a light in the fridge?

14: Who was your first celebrity crush?

15: Have you ever texted a random person just for fun?

16: What’s the funniest dream you’ve ever had?

17: Do you love grocery shopping?

18: What’s your spirit animal?

19: Have you ever had to make people laugh?

20: What’s your favorite karaoke song?

21: What’s the worst joke you’ve ever told?

22: Have you ever pretended to laugh at a stale joke?

23: What’s your best random food combination?

24: What are some of the best pranks you’ve ever pulled off?

25: Have you ever drunk texted someone and later regretted it?

26: Who’s your favorite stand-up comedian?

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Funny questions or not?

Whether a question or comment is funny or not will depend mostly on the person you’re dating and your age. If you’re older, your conversation will be more serious. You will discuss some topics that are of mutual interest. This could include some business ideas, work situations, books, events, global problems and so on. If you’re younger, you can joke around a bit with some funny questions to make the situation more relaxed. Also, it will create a better connection between you two and you will have a good time. If you are having a good time and laughing a lot with someone, then it’s a very good sign.

Everyone wants someone who will make them laugh and happy. However, like anything in life, there should be a limit on how many funny questions you ask. If you go with too many jokes and funny questions, you can become a boring person and your date may lose interest. Also, you can leave the  impression that you’re a frivolous person who can’t be taken seriously. Or worse, that you’re not serious about wanting to be in a relationship. So be funny, but don’t over do it. Have control over your speech.

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First love quotes

Dates and first impressions

If you want to leave a good impression, then you for sure need to go with funny first date questions. It’s a great idea, especially if you’re a man. Women love funny guys as they’re someone who will make them laugh. Statistics say that men with good humor are way more attractive than the ones who are good-looking or successful. So, work on your humor. Also, women who have great sense of humor are also more attractive because they leave a “best friend” impression, which is so important because men want a partner who is both romantic as well as playful. Is love at first sight real? Find out! So if it is, that would be a great experience. So that will absolutely be a good impression. Asking funny first date questions and answering them in response if given the chance will also make you more relaxed and you will feel better and more confident while on your date. So if you’re getting ready for a date at this moment, don’t forget to take good jokes and funny questions with you.