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Gay long distance relationship advice

Gay long distance relationship advice

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Gay long distance relationship advice is not something that is easy to give out to those you know who ask for it. LGBTQ+ community members are all unique. When people outside of the LGBTQ+ community talk about gay people it’s always a sensitive topic. Many LGBTQ+ community members are not accepted by others and it’s hard to find peace and love for them. This is especially true if it’s concerning their long distance relationship. It’s harder to keep that relationship from all the negative effects that attack them constantly. A gay long distance relationship requires bravery.

It means that you need to communicate with your partner and talk about everything. Very often your environment can ruin your relationship by telling you wrong advice or because they aren’t simply able to see the situation from a right corner. Make sure you create a great communication line between your partner and you. That way every problem could be solved without involving other people.

To all the LGBTQ+ community members in a long distance relationship

Although it’s hard, never give up. If you are in this situation, be aware that it’s a hard relationship to be in, but if you really love your partner it is worth it. People say if you want something for a really long time, that means it’s very worthwhile. If you think that is a special person, then don’t give up. Try your best, do your best, and everything else will come on its own. 10 helpful tips for long distance relationship problems can maybe help you in finding a solution for your relationship.

Facetime, skype for gay men or gay couple can mean a lot. Social media has a big influence on how long distance relationship work in real life. Serious relationship and so do open relationship can sometimes involve sexting or video chatting like some kind of date night. That isn’t a big deal. Dating apps can help to make next day better than the previous. Spending time with your loved one even on time difference and bad day can make your connection better.

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How to make your partner stay?

For every couple, it’s hard to keep a long distance relationship. However, there are lots of gay long distance relationship advice that may help. Keep in mind though that every situation is specific in its own way.

Phone calls on valentine’s day or any other occasions can mean a lot. Time zones arent big deal if the lgbt relationship is real. When did you last time watch netflix together? Make it as the first time you did. Try to make your long distance relationship amazing as new york lights. Take care of your loved ones.

Also, sometimes you need to let go of someone in order to get back to that person. If you stick too much on someone it can be really bad for you. That way you won’t keep anyone. Trust your relationship, trust your partner. Give them their freedom, because when someone has all the freedom and chooses you, that is an act of true love.


The best advice is to listen to your partner as communication is the most important thing in every relationship. Talk with your partner, be aware of how your partner feels and tell your partner how you feel. Bad communication ends lots of good things. It’s important to work on having good communication with your partner, also include video calling.

Communication is mostly the key, it’s very important when it comes to long distance relationships.

If you arent free to talk about your feelings and everything that is going on in your mind, maybe that person isn’t for you.

Do things together

Also, it’s nice to recommend online games, online dates, and other virtual activities that you and your partner can do together to refresh your relationship. It will make things more interesting. Top 9 things to do in a long distance relationship that you can use in your situation to fix it and make it more interesting. Also, you can find perfect long distance relationship games for LDR couples to refresh your communication.

Common things are the ones that make people connect with each other. Memories and happenings that you two made together. That is something that creates connection and spiritual attraction between each other. Especially, if you both like the same things and you have common interests.

Going out together, bowling or watching a movie can be very interesting and fun. Also, daily walks or picnic is a great idea.

Make memories together and let your imagination become reality.


Also, understand someone’s schedule might be different than yours so don’t panic about every little thing. That’s gonna just push your partner away. Don’t be jealous and don’t let negative assumptions about what your partner is doing with their time overwhelm your relationship. Be patient or you’re going to ruin your relationship. Timing is everything. People mostly don’t have patience and by their rushing they can ruin something that can be really beautiful.

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What if your partner loses interest?

Maybe, on some occasions, your partner will lose interest. Don’t be in the mood to catch that person more though. It will only push your partner away. Give your partner space, don’t bother your partner, and after some time you will know. If your partner comes back to you, then all is good. On the other hand, if your partner doesn’t come back to you, then you know that they are not the person who is meant to be by your side. When to let go of a long distance relationship leave your inner feelings and voice. Everything in life happens for a reason. Don’t force anything. There is a difference between fighting and forcing something. It’s ok to fight for a person who loves you, but if you force things, then it’s better to walk away.

Are they the one?

The person who loves you will never lose interest in you, They will never suddenly stop caring about you. Love is not easy to build. It takes time and patience and it’s necessary to have two people who invest in that relationship. If just one of them is trying, then that’s not going to last. Invest in your relationship, try new things, and new ideas. With time it will get better so never lose hope. Love is some kind of faith.

It’s hard to recognize immediately. In fact, it takes time to know someone and to get along with your partner through every situation. Real ones are the people who stay with you no matter what.

What if the people around you don’t support your relationship?

Gay long distance relationship advice in an environment with people who don’t support that relationship means a lot if you are alone in that situation. Sometimes people don’t understand, they don’t realize what love is. Love doesn’t have shape, years, color, gender or any other defining quality. Love is something beautiful, spiritual, amazing and more. When it happens, the whole world is yours. For real love is worth sacrificing everything. If your partner is really someone you can talk to about everything, then talk about your bad experience of the environment that you’re living in.

It’s important to find support because it’s very hard to walk alone. Don’t take everything personally, someone else’s opinion is just someone else’s opinion. For sure it’s the hardest thing to not have your family support you. However,  you need to know that maybe they need time to figure it out. Maybe they need to meet your partner to see how that type of love really looks between you two. Most situations change when people see that love is present. Every normal human will always support love and good things. Don’t look negatively on everything, give people time to understand and to accept. You need to have the strength to go through all that. You have the person you love the most, and remember that you are doing it all because of your relationship and love. Love is worth everything.

Gay couple walking with their hands together - Gay long distance relationship advice

Do the right thing!

Don’t give up easily on the person you love. The gay relationship needs a little bit more investment than many other forms of relationships. It’s hard to keep a long distance relationship, but it’s not impossible. The best thing is to keep the communication alive. Believe and trust your partner. Your environment can sometimes ruin your relationship so don’t take every opinion personally. First, think about what has been said and see if it’s good or not.

Remember that you know the best about what is happening in your relationship and who your partner really is. Try to bring positive vibes to your relationship. Listen to your partner and be there for them. Avoid negative things. In the end, everything will be fine. Worrying and dramatizing will only make things worse. Be positive, stay positive and good things will happen. Don’t forget to love yourself and be brave. Gay long distance relationship advice can sometimes be difficult, but it can help. Follow your heart. It will lead you to a beautiful destination.