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What to expect from Gemini in Love

What to expect from Gemini in Love

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Free-spirited and graceful, intelligent and playful, they are the heart and soul of the party. With their lethally quick wit, they will leave you amazed, your jaw dropped in surprise, and you would be thinking of them long, long after the encounter. Right? And now you wanna know what to expect from Gemini in love? Are those bold and curious, chimeric beings the right match for you? Find it out in the text below.

Gemini woman in love – Personality traits

Unlike fixed and cardinal signs, Gemini is a mutable sign, and people born under it are adaptable, quickly evolving and prone to change. They are like human chameleons, responsive to their surrounding and the inputs they are receiving. They are getting by well in chaos and crisis, because of their ability to assess the situation from different perspectives and their keen intuition. That’s why they are often considered to be diplomatic.

Represented by the Twins, Gemini is the symbol of duality and complexity, reminding us that the world is not purely black and white and that each coin has two sides. This being said, Gemini is often thought to be deceitful and unreliable.

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini woman is no stranger to an occasional lie and trickery. But, while those are typically harmless, white lies, if she feels cornered or threatened in any way, lying would become the first line of her defense.

what to expect from gemini in love

Gemini woman is a magical, chimeric being that would not leave you indifferent. She will enchant you and perplex you with her quick-witted and whimsical mind. She’s like a fresh breeze on a hot summer night that will put winds in your sails and take you to the most exciting voyage of your life. She enjoys deep conversations, discussing new ideas, acting and assuming new identities, finding wonders in everyday things. The world is her playground and she is the artist with a magical paintbrush.

Gemini woman is a femme fatale, who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. It’s a long list of famous women born as Gemini – Angelina Jolie, Anna Kournikova, Naomi Campbell, Merylin Monroe, Queen Victoria, Anne Frank, Isadora Duncan, etc.

Gemini woman in love – A playful bookworm with a fairy wings

When a Gemini woman falls in love, the person in question is almost certainly a well-read man of a keen intellect, someone who will impress her with his verbal skills and share her love for wordplay and puns. You could say that a Gemini woman is sapiosexual, the intelligence is what turns her on, and a lover who is just cute but „brain-dead“ simply won’t be a match for her.

Not being a very emotional sign, at least not superficially, Gemini falls in and out of love fastly. For the Gemini girls, first love is almost by rule the result of curiosity towards something new. She is spontaneous and playful and enjoys her freedom and exploration. She won’t be tamed nor tied down, and a possessive partner is an absolute no-no.

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A Gemini woman is curiously sensual and her sex life is anything but boring. Confident and graceful, Gemini woman loves being naked and she is not a shy lover. If she feels like the time is right, she will make the first move. Imaginative and skillful, Gemini woman is in constant need of new excitements.

The best match for a Gemini woman, when it comes to sex, are Aquarius and Aries, but also Leo and Sagittarius.

Gemini man in love – Personality traits

Their symbol being the Twins, Gemini is likely an embodiment of two different personas in one. Change is their trademark, and routine their enemy. Complex and mood-shifting, passionately curious, their mind is always on the move, constantly hungry for new experiences, discoveries, insights. Gemini man is a quick learner, insightful and adaptable. Watching his mind at work is a true enjoyment and exchanging ideas with Gemini could be a pure mind-opening blast. With brilliant conversational skills, quick-witted and well-read, Gemini man will sweep you off your feet and seduce you with his brilliant intellect.

Gemini man is sociable and gets along with almost anyone. Not shy, and quite an extrovert, he enjoys the company of others and easily indulges into conversation with strangers. He is not selfish, nor egoistic, he loves to learn and believes in sharing, especially when it comes to knowledge. He is a master of trivia games and a story-telling champion. Fun and playful, charming, entertaining, and always ready for an adventure, Gemini man is often the life and soul of the party.

Eloquent and strikingly expressive, open-minded, adaptable, and with the ability to perceive the world from different perspectives, Gemini men often excel as artists, especially writers and actors, or politicians, or they are successful in competitive individual sports. Think of the famous men born under the Gemini zodiac sign – Alexander Pushkin, Thomas Hardy, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, Tupac Shakur, Boy George, Lenny Kravitz, Richard Wagner, Jean-Paul Sartre, Che Guevara, John F. Kennedy, Edward Snowden, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal…

Gemini man should not be put in a box nor branded by any means. He needs his freedom and challenges, he loves to surprise, and that is his way of functioning. The downside of this is that Gemini is often considered to be inconsistent and unreliable.

Gemini man in love – Quick-witted and youthful Peter Pan

A Gemini man falls in love easily but falls out of it even easier. His natural curiosity makes him attracted to anything new, but his analytical mind quickly processes the receiving information and filters out the ones which could be of further interest to him, discarding the ones less interesting. In other words, Gemini man gets bored easily. He does not look for stability, regularity, nor anything too ordinary. There has to be that spark of amazement and brilliance to keep him interested. You cannot really say that a Gemini man is dependable. He is instinctive and whimsical, despises rigid forms and monotony, and craves for experiences. His perfect companion must be fully independent and should never try to tie him down.

Gemini man’s major turn-on is intelligence and a lively quick-witted mind. His ideal partner should be intelligent, open-minded, mysterious, playful and spontaneous, and should share his passion for adventures. Do you think you are capable of keeping up with his Peter Pan character? For loving a Gemini man means accepting his forever youthful character and being ready to sail with him towards the open sea, come what may.

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A Gemini man would often date multiple persons at the same time, and he would see nothing wrong with it. Well, why, it is not that a Gemini man is deceitful or deliberately mischievous – he just does not perceive the relationships the same way as you may. This, however, does not mean that a Gemini man cannot be faithful and committed. Once he truly falls in love and makes a deep emotional connection, he is completely and idealistically loyal and would never compromise that for anything else – the same being expected from his partner.

In sex, a Gemini man loves to experiment and it is all about new excitements. He is potent, with a healthy sexual appetite. It is not, however, the act of sex that turns him on the most. He loves seduction, flirt, new experiences. He often changes poses, locations, and partners. He enjoys outdoor sex and might have a collection of different sex toys. He might get a bit selfish, in his rebellion against the monotony, and fail to pay attention to his partner’s needs and desires.

A Gemini man would likely find his perfect partner in Scorpio or Sagittarius, but his greatest love is often born under the sign of Aquarius.