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These 5 magical good daily habits will change your life!

These 5 magical good daily habits will change your life!

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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, good daily habits make a world of difference. Just 5 of them will make a strong impact and change your life for the better, creating a more focused, more energized, organized, achieving you. 

Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself in even the smallest ways. You’re too busy, and life’s too short to count the small things. Yet, there are many habits you can incorporate in your daily routine to better yourself. The best part? They’re quick, easy, and will turn your life around.  

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Here’s 5 magical good daily habits that will change your life:

5. Live Green

It cannot be overstated the importance of eating healthy food when you can. Sure, sometimes a quick delivery meal is all you need after a long day’s work. That’s all fine! You can still balance it out with healthy food.

You always have time to eat your greens no matter where you are. Working overtime? Have some veggies in your lunch. Running from class to class with no time to spare? Pack some fruits to snack on throughout the day. You can even find pre-made meals high in nutrition in grocery stores.

Living green also means having a healthy environment. Cut down on sugary snacks by leaving out nuts and dried fruit around the house. Consider getting a small plant, too. Leave it by a sun-lit window and keep it hydrated everyday (as should you). You’ll notice it’ll recycle the air around it, plus it’s a pleasant aesthetic for your home.

4. Neat? Neat!

Speaking of home aesthetic, what better feeling than to come back to a clean and tidy home? It’s absolutely psychological, and it works!

Start the habit of cleaning up as you go. Make your bed in the morning and tidy up any loose items around you. Do a quick clean of your kitchen as you enjoy your morning coffee or tea, and wash your cup if you’re not in a hurry (otherwise, just rinse it so they don’t stain.)

It doesn’t need to be a full clean-up, of course, but every little bit helps. You’ll appreciate these little exercises when you eventually do a full house clean-up because then it won’t take as long. Tidy up your mind by tidying up your surroundings. It’s well known that having a neat home is correlated with lower levels of stress.

3. Good daily habits: Exercise

Good daily habits: Exercise

While exercising is a given to boost your overall health, there are other activities you can partake in, too. It’s not all physically demanding.

Go on daily walks around your neighborhood to catch your breath. It really helps to take your mind off things for a moment. Have some dumbbells nearby and use them on occasion when you have a free hand. If you’re stuck on a particularly difficult piece of work, do some push-ups or sit-ups.

The best part about these little exercises is that they aren’t intrusive. Your mind is still at work, but now your body is working on itself, too. You can easily work them into your daily routine, and you’ll see a noticeable change in your health quickly!

2. Good daily habits: Check lists 

Good daily habits require a bit of devotion to work. Just like our everyday tasks, chores and work. There is an old saying that goes something like this – who makes plans in the morning, wastes the day. You should plan ahead, put all of your tasks in a check list on your phone, notebook, any place that works for you. Make daily, weekly and monthly check lists. 

As you finish tasks, ideas, plans, cross the item from the list. Ones you don’t finish stay on the list of the next day or week.   

1. Gratitude

Good daily habits - gratitude

It always helps to see things on the positive side. You begin to appreciate more, be thankful, and have more compassion.

Take a moment to self-reflect. Think of all the things you are thankful for, the things you take for granted, and appreciate what you have. You might remember a few forgotten things along the way. A kind gesture from a stranger, a great gift from a friend, an excellent new restaurant you tried over the weekend. Realize that you are always working on bettering yourself, and there’s always a goal to reach. Your sincerity will grow naturally, and you’ll be welcome company wherever you go!   Implement these 5 good daily habits in your routine and watch your life change for the better as you move towards the person you know you can be.