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He bought me a gift does he like me?

He bought me a gift does he like me?

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Ask any teenage girl and they will all agree. Trying to understand boys, especially teenage boys, is one of the most interesting, complex, and confusing conundrums that teenage girls experience while growing up. The difference between genders in the human race is unlike any other animal on earth. Part of this reason is because of how differently both genders are raised. For example, girls are typically raised where they are supported to share their feelings and emotions. Boys, on the other hand, are typically raised to push down their emotions and keep their feelings under wraps.  

So, he bought me a gift does he like me?

This brings us to the event when members of the opposite sex interact for romantic or assumed romantic, purposes. When a boy meets a girl, let’s face it, stuff happens more often than rarely. Now, this could be romantic, as in a relationship, or this could be more casual, as in a friendship.

Everyone shows their love for one another differently. According to the author Gary Chapman, there are five ways to which humans show love to one another.

The first way is through kind words. This can include, compliments, affirmations and more.

The second way is through physical touching. This can include a simple hug to full-on sex.

The third way is through acts of service. This can be a simple gesture such as holding open a door or a more long term offer such as promising to finish someone’s English essay.

The fourth is with quality time. This can happen frequently, such as phone calls every day, or more sparsely like a monthly date night.

The fifth way is also the most recognizable way that humans show affection which is through the giving of gifts.

He bought me a gift does he like me
He bought me a gift does he like me?

This brings us to the question; he bought me a gift does he like me? This is a question that many girls who experience this situation automatically start to think. Before you start jumping to conclusions, consider these factors.

Have you recently done something gift-worthy?

This can include a special day, such as a birthday or a holiday, where gifts are handed out regardless of the relationship between the receiver and the giver. Also, it is common for some people to give gifts to others who have accomplished something. This can include winning a sports match, graduating, winning an award and more. If this is the instance, then it is common for boys to give gifts to girls without it being for a romantic purpose.

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Did he mess up?

Boys will be boys. This means that they aren’t always the most rational people. Sometimes boys act on impulse where they end up hurting someone else either physically or emotionally. In this instance, boys will often give gifts to girls who got negatively affected by what happened. Boys can do this after realizing their wrongs by themselves, or, more commonly, after having it pointed out by another female relative like a mom or a sister. If this is the case, the gift is nothing more than an apology.

What is the state of your relationship?

How do you know this boy? This brings us to the question “Does he like me more than a friend?” If you and this boy have been friends for a long time, then you probably have a clear understanding of his interest, particularly to what he finds attractive. Many long term friendships blossom in romantic relationships but if you know that you are not his type, then this probably isn’t the case.

Does he like me more than a friend?

Another way to determine this is how often you two are around each other. If the two of you spend more time apart by hanging out with members of your sex, then there are no romantic feelings bubbling up between you and him. However, if you realize that he has started to act differently around you, such as trying to spend more time with you, and only you, then there might be something going on!

Written by: Tania D’Amico