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He Keeps Hurting Me Emotionally

He Keeps Hurting Me Emotionally

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He keeps hurting me emotionally, and I still love him. What’s wrong with me? This is a common question for many girls nowadays. Even though it’s hard to explain it to yourself, the right question to ask is “what do you want for yourself?”. Try to think about it first. Learn to deal with it but don’t give him another chance to do it again to you. Read more about it below.

What do you do when your boyfriend hurts you emotionally?

Talk about your feelings

It’s important not to ignore the situation. If he keeps hurting you, don’t think of it as a joke. Tell him everything. Tell him how you feel. If he loves you, he should respect all of your feelings and try to fix everything that bothers you. Maybe you won’t find a compromise immediately, but he must acknowledge your hurt feelings.

Except him to take responsibility for what he has done

You keep telling yourself: “He keeps hurting me emotionally”, but you don’t do anything to stop him. First of all, tell him about it. After telling him everything, it would be great if he takes responsibility for his actions. If he doesn’t realize what the problem is, explain it to him. Explain to him what’s hurting you. After saying this, the expected reaction is him hugging you and saying sorry for doing that to you.

He keeps hurting me emotionally
I loved you more than what you deserve

Both of you need to learn from what happened

Nobody loves this kind of situation, for sure. However, even when bad things happen, we can learn something that will assist our relations with people in the future. Both of you need to remember what made your partner upset and not to do it ever again! Consider this situation as getting to know each other better. It can possibly strengthen your relationship. On the other hand, if it continues to happen often, it will be helpful to talk with a professional. Sometimes it’s hard to identify what’s wrong. That’s what professionals will help you with. They will teach you to communicate effectively.

If you think that you two don’t work as a couple, it’s time for a breakup

How do I stop being emotionally hurt?

If you keep thinking: “He keeps hurting me emotionally, my life is done, I can’t fix it”, it’s totally wrong. Many people face that kind of problem during their life, but it’s important to learn something from it and focus on yourself. If you think that someone’s constantly being destructive to you, leave him. Focus on yourself. Set your life as a priority to anything else. Nothing’s more important than you.

Let the negativity flow away

When you feel anger, disappointment, or sadness for the first time, you don’t know how to behave. Don’t worry, it’s normal. It’s something new you’re facing and you have to learn how to deal with it. You can’t just shut it down. Learning to deal with not-so-good emotions can be a long process. Relax and let the emotions flow out of you.

Let go of your expectations

Your lover has his own expectations about how love should look like, just as you do. The evidence for that is that he wants you to change. Just because you wouldn’t intentionally hurt someone you claim to love, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t. That’s not to imply he’s deliberately trying to harm you. He may truly believe that his motivation is unselfish, and that he’s concerned about your well-being. You should be cautious if what your lover says about you contradicts with what God says about you. He’s most likely attempting to “fix” you to make his life easier.

Surround yourself with positive people

He keeps hurting me emotionally, what should I do? If talking with him doesn’t work out, cut him out of your life. Spending time with people who hurt you and who bring toxic energy into your life won’t do anything good to you. So, surround yourself with people who fill you up with good vibes. Know that no one can live life alone. There will come a day where we encounter a situation that is too difficult for us to bear by ourselves. In these situations, the loved ones are people who give us support and strength to move on and heal.

What to do when a man hurts your feelings?

Ask for professional help

If you’ve tried many methods to get the pain to go away, and nothing helped, ask for professional help. Sometimes, even though we know what’s the right thing to do, we can’t do it on our own. So, it’s a good idea to find an experienced professional who will help you get through this process.

He keeps hurting me emotionally, but why can’t I stop loving him?

The person who can hurt you constantly, even after you tell him you don’t feel well, is manipulative. He knows you love him and he will do anything to convince you he’s doing you a favor with whatever he does to you. He puts all his effort to change you and make you the person he wants you to be. Maybe you had a good relationship for a long time, so you keep reliving those beautiful memories you have. You obviously still love him because of your expectations. You know that you fell in love with a great boy and you can’t come to terms with the fact that you’re not dating that person anymore.

He keeps hurting me emotionally – To sum up…

What else to say if you think he keeps hurting me emotionally, then this: “The biggest mistake one can ever make is to take the things and people they have been blessed with, for granted.”

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