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How Do I Tell Him I Like Him?

How Do I Tell Him I Like Him?

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So, you like a guy, but you’re asking yourself “How do I tell him I like him?” Well, it’s great that you’re in love with someone, but don’t be scared. It’s not wrong to admit to someone that you like them. If you’re struggling to accept the fact that you’re in love with someone but you don’t know how to admit it to them, keep reading. You’ll find some useful advice on how to flirt, relax, and openly talk about your feelings with your crush.

Why is it so hard to tell a guy you like him?

Years ago when you were a little girl in elementary school, it was as hard as it is now to admit to a guy you like him. You kept sending your best friend to tell them instead of going on your own. Now, when you think of it, it’s funny, right? You realize now how life was easier even for some not so important things

Now, when you’re an adult, you need to accept the fact that you can’t act like the kid you used to be many years ago. Of course, it’s much harder to explain your feelings as an adult, but don’t let anxiety stop you from doing that. Admitting your emotions can be nerve-wracking, but don’t doubt yourself.

how do I tell him I like him

Why do we keep quiet about our feelings?

All of us feel some changes in our body when we interact with our crush. We get a faster heart beat, a stomachache, or we start sweating. Why do we feel that way? It’s a mix of protecting our feelings and fear of rejection. Nobody likes to be rejected. It can be really painful and hard to deal with, especially if we have idealized our potential partner.

The worst part of keeping quiet about our feelings is questioning ourselves with a million different questions that result in the worst possible scenario. What if he doesn’t like me? What if he thinks of me as a sister? How would I react if he rejects me? What if my confession ruins our friendship? What if I make a fool out of myself? Those are only some of the questions we keep asking and one way of preventing ourselves from confessing our feelings. Since all these questions are in our heads, the process of confessing our emotions keeps being postponed for days, weeks, or even months.

How do you tell a guy you like him without actually telling him?

Sometimes, words aren’t the perfect way to express your feelings. So, how else can you show interest so that your crush will notice you? Well, there are many ways you can show your potential partner that you’re interested in them. Here are some clear signs that can be a perfect fit for your situation to drop some hints to your crush.

how do I tell him I like him

Always laugh at their jokes

What’s a better way to show your crush your love interest? If he jokes around, we’re sure everything he says is interesting for you. That’s a perfect way to show him you’re interested in him. Even if no one else laughs at his jokes, he’ll realize you’re laughing and it will make him think of you in a different way than when he thinks about anyone else.

Make eye contact even if you’re far from each other

Eye contact is a blessing. Sometimes, you don’t have enough words to show him how much you appreciate him, how much you enjoy spending time with him, and how much you like him. If the two of you spend time in the same room, no matter how many other people are there, make eye contact. Smile at him. Be sure that eyes can speak like a mouth.

Use your inside jokes while communicating

This is an old-school trick. If you spend a lot of time together, after some time you will have some inside jokes. It’s a great idea to show him how much you care in a subtle way. When you use your inside jokes, he’ll realize how much you care about your conversations and how you remember all of the words you two exchange.

how do I tell him I like him

Say his name often while you’re communicating

Social media is great, but nothing can replace face-to-face contact. When you talk with your crush, you can show him interest while communicating, using body language. It’s something natural that everyone is able to realize. Body language is a great way to show upfront when you fail with words. Don’t make it a big deal. Say his name while you communicate. Your crush will be thrilled when hearing his name from your mouth.

Send him a text message

When you have a crush on someone, everything reminds you of them. So, use that situation for personal gain. How? There are many ways, but one of the most useful is sending your crush a text message where you say how something reminded you of them. For example, you were watching a movie and the main character reminded you he’s your crush’s favorite actor. It’s a great way to continue texting flirty texts with your potential partner.

Make up a nickname

It’s always cute to have some personal things with your crush. This one is definitely one of them. While talking to your crush, pay attention to everything he says. After some time, you’ill come up with a unique nickname for your crush. It will be a good sign for him to realize you’re interested in him and everything that’s connected with him.

Show your happiness every time you see each other

Of course, every time you see each other, you feel like you’re in seventh heaven. Don’t hide your feelings! Show your emotions. Show him that every time you see him, you feel like that first time you met where you felt butterflies in your stomach. The best advice for your love life is definitely don’t hide your emotions. Let them flow and take you the right way.

how do I tell him I like him

Make a mixtape

Would you make a mixtape for someone you don’t like at all? NO, of course. So, it’s a great first move to show your feelings. Think of his favorite singers and also put some songs that describe your emotions. This is one of the perfect ways to show you care if you’re asking yourself: How do I let a guy know I like him? Let go of fear. Believe me, nothing bad can happen. Emotions aren’t something to be ashamed of.

Take pictures of the two of you

When you spend time with your crush, suggest to him that the two of you take pictures together. It will be a cute memory for both of you when you get into a deeper relationship later. Also, a picture will remind you of him all the time and you won’t be able to hide your infatuation in front of anyone who sees the picture. If you post a picture on social media, use an emoji that will show him you like him.

If you talked about something important last time, ask him how things turned out

Remember that last time the two of you talked about some of his life-changing decisions? Ask him how things turned out. It will show him you listened to him and you care if things turned out right.

Make friends with their friends

If his friend is also your good friend, it’s a great opportunity for the two of you to spend time together. Even if you don’t know his friends, meeting his friends will give you some extra points, not only in his eyes but also in his friends’ eyes, which is also important. Behave well in front of them. Even though you’re probably already head over heels in love with him, try to act normal.

how do I tell him I like him

Remember his birthday

Well, this one is definitely one of the most important things to remember. When wishing him a happy birthday, you can show him your feelings. A birthday is a perfect opportunity for a milestone to happen. This special moment is an opportunity not to be missed to say I love you. All of us get especially emotional on these special days, so if he likes you, this confession will make his birthday complete.

Compliment him

Your crush is perfect in your eyes. So, use your opinion and compliment him every time you get a chance. Don’t overdrive it, but show him you like him. If you’re too shy to tell a compliment directly, do it in a fun way. Every guy likes a girl with humor. He’ll be delighted he met you and won’t let you leave him.

Be yourself

It may sound cliché, but one of the most important relationship advice is always to be yourself. Why would you act differently? Don’t you want him to like you for who you are? What would you achieve by changing yourself to make someone like you? Don’t ever think of that. If someone loves you, let them love you for who you are. The real you. With all your gains and flaws. Remember, if you change yourself, you’ll be able to act that way for some time. However, as time passes, you’ll get tired of being someone else. You won’t feel confident. So, the point is to be yourself. Someone out there’s waiting for the real you to spend a lifetime together.

how do I tell him I like him

What do you do when a guy likes you but you don’t like him back?

If a boy shows you he likes you, but you don’t like him at all, it can be a difficult situation for you to deal with. You don’t want to lead him on, but on the other hand, it’s not fair to hurt his feelings. Conversation is always the best way to solve this problem. Don’t avoid the truth. Tell him how you feel. Talk openly about his feelings, so he won’t expect anything from you. Don’t use apps to talk about this. Show him you respect him and talk face-to-face.

Things that you can’t forget

Be aware in every moment that he likes you

If you’re a hundred percent sure he likes you, don’t forget it at any moment of your conversation. Don’t let him think you’re in love with him if you’re not. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure he likes you, here are some signs that will make it easier to find out. If he constantly tries for body contact – he likes you. Also, if he constantly asks you out – he likes you for sure.

Don’t avoid him

Avoiding someone isn’t a solution to this problem. You can’t pretend everything is okay and he’ll somehow realize and get a hint that you aren’t into him. Take some time and talk to him. Don’t talk about this topic in front of other people, because he’ll probably get embarrassed for being rejected.

Don’t wait too long

Remember, procrastinating something won’t do anything good for dealing with your problem. The longer you wait, the worse it will be for both of you. As time passes, his feelings will grow and it will ruin your friendship forever. If you tell him on time, maybe there’s a chance that you two can continue to spend time together as friends.

how do I tell him I like him

Make a plan for conversation

Write down in mobile notes everything you want to tell him, so you don’t forget something important. Don’t make it more difficult by fumbling over words. Tell him directly how you feel. Think of some points why you don’t like him. For example, you can tell him you’re not ready for a new relationship or that you like someone else.

Be serious

From the first sentence, show him you’re serious about what you are talking about. If you laugh all the time, he will think you’re joking and won’t take your words to heart. If you don’t show him the seriousness from the beginning, maybe this conversation will go the wrong way.

Don’t be rude

Even though you don’t like him, there’s no need to be rude. Be nice. Let him know his good sides. Instead of making him feel awful, tell him something good about the positive sides of his character or behavior. If he’s interested, suggest that the two of you be friends.

Let him know that your feelings won’t change

If you don’t make it clear that your feelings won’t change, he might hope for it. Don’t end the conversation until you’re sure he realizes you won’t develop feelings for him. If the two of you are going to continue to be friends, set some rules so he won’t expect some kind of relationship instead of friendship.

how do I tell him I like him

Answer his questions

Don’t be the only one who’s talking. Let him ask questions if he has any. Be honest. Don’t think that you’re protecting him if you lie about your feelings. As long as you lie, it will be harder for him later to accept the fact that none of your words were true. When you openly tell him about your emotions, it will be easier for him to begin the “move on” process.

How do I tell him I like him? The best ways to admit to your crush you like them

The first thing you need to work on before admitting to him you like him is self-confidence. If you don’t feel confident in your own body and you don’t know how to deal with it, contact a life coach or relationship expert. Those are the people who studied what you need to fix. Talk openly about your feelings, and ask relationship experts everything you’re having doubts about when it comes to relationships. Also, a life coach will help you with any life situation you think you can’t deal with on your own. Don’t forget to talk with your close friends. Maybe some of them will share their personal experience that will help you.

After these interventions, when you feel you’re ready, talk with your crush and admit your emotions.

Indicate you like him by complimenting him

If you and your crush have known each other for a short time, but you’re so in love with him that you can’t keep that a secret, and you don’t know how to say that, don’t tell him directly. While communicating with him, compliment his looks, or how much you like talking with him. Don’t laugh while you’re telling him those comments, so he won’t think you’re joking. Include some cute and soft words. Also, while texting with him, use some cute emojis. Emojis are a great advantage of using social media, right?

Hint to him that you might be getting the feelings of love

If you’re looking for the right way to tell him in a subtle way you like him, without getting hurt if he doesn’t like you back, this one is definitely for you. Don’t make it like an announcement. Just say it in the middle of the conversation. Indicate to him that you might be getting some feelings for him. See his reaction. Did he smile? Did he continue to talk about it or did he just avoid the situation?

Make an effort to strike up basic talks with him

You must first build a verbal relationship with a guy before you can tell him you like him. This just implies that you’re on cordial terms with one other, that you know a little about each other, and that you’re starting to create a more intimate relationship. This is also an excellent opportunity to discover more about a person; this new information may impact your decision on whether or not to tell him you like him.

Make an effort to flirt with him

Guys, on the whole, are lousy at recognizing when someone’s flirting with them. This could be true, the internet is rife with guidelines for men attempting to answer the question, “Are they flirting with me?” That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t flirt, it just means you should be aware that, even if he likes you, he might not flirt back.

If you don’t have any ideas about how to flirt with him, here are some of them. If your hair is long, swirl it as you listen to what he has to say. You could also request a favor from him. This one’s sweet, but it could backfire for a variety of reasons. He might feel ashamed to perform your favor in front of his buddies, or yours. Smile, show him how your eyes shine when you’re together.

how do I tell him I like him

Discuss topics that you have in common

Talking about activities you could do together is a wonderful conversation starter. This doesn’t have to be something you both enjoy, if the boy is doing it with you, he might eventually enjoy it as well. That way, you’ll both be more at ease.

If you’re anxious about what he’ll say, simply ask him out on a date

As you’re not publicly expressing your attraction – simply the possibility of future attraction – this is an excellent strategy to try. All you’re really asking is if he wants to accompany you anywhere. There’s no reason he shouldn’t want to if he’s been responding positively to your flirtation and discussion.

Show that you care about the things he’s passionate about

This isn’t to say that you have to push yourself to like what he does, simply asking him about it shows that you’re interested in the subject. This will motivate him to do better and may perhaps draw his attention to you.

Allow him to teach you something

It makes a man feel more macho when he teaches a lady how to do something. This is because he gets to view you in your feminine energy while leaning into his masculine energy.

Ask if he’ll teach you how to do his pastime as a follow-up to the hobby chat. You may ask him to assist you to change your oil or a tire if he’s into cars. You could request language lessons if he speaks another language. Simply show an interest in learning whatever it is to appear sincere.

how do I tell him I like him

Stay out of the friend zone

You might be perplexed by this suggestion on how to tell a guy you like him. Isn’t becoming his friend an excellent way to get to know him better? Both yes and no. The issue with growing closer as a friend is that you run the risk of getting friend-zoned. He may have become accustomed to you being there for him as a friend and is unable to see you romantically.

So, yeah, spend more time with him, but don’t start telling him about other women or offering him dating advice. It’s a bad habit that you don’t want to get into.

Before telling him, practice what you’re going to say

It’s natural to stutter or blush when putting yourself out there, so take your time and plan out what you want to say ahead of time so you don’t have any problems later.

If you’re extremely apprehensive, practice expressing what you want to say in front of a mirror so you won’t be as terrified or stressed about what he might think of your feelings when you say it for real.

The most important thing is to maintain your self-assurance and remember to smile! You don’t have to strive too hard to show him how much you like him by continually coming up with fresh ways to show him. Simply be yourself and enjoy yourself.

I’m convinced this person is worth the risk as long as you’re comfortable discussing how much he means to you!

Demonstrate a new aspect of yourself to him

If you’re obsessing on a guy friend, he’s probably only seen one side of you—the laid-back, friendly version, with hair pulled back into a ponytail, sweatpants on, hungover, and so on.

show him your other side

It’s time to reveal a different aspect of yourself to him. When you see him, attempt to look good. Flirt with him a little. He may be perplexed (“who is this attractive, charming woman who’s replaced my friend?”), but seeing you in a new light will stimulate his mind.

Breakthrough the barrier of touch

Begin by caressing him in safe but tempting locations to show him that you’re interested. On his shoulder, hang or rest. Pretend to be bored while leaning against his shoulder. Alternatively, simply place your hands on his shoulder.

If he teases you, tap him on the shoulder lightly. You can either pretend to be upset or laugh it off. Make up reasons to touch him. Take his hands and remark something like, “Look at how big your hands are compared to mine!” if he has particularly large hands.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable to him

I understand that this is difficult because it’s difficult to trust someone. You can just talk about your ambitions and dreams, or you can talk about your personal experiences that you’re comfortable sharing. He’s not going to take it lightly if you open up to him. He’ll undoubtedly be grateful for the opportunity, and he’ll hopefully repay it with his own vulnerability.

Don’t make a mental picture of the experience

Imagining what it will be like to tell him you like him might be painful. Even though your crush is incredible, he’s still a human being with feelings of his own. He can be cautious to say what he likes about a person because he’s afraid. Also, if you think your crush is flawless, reconsider. Don’t be scared by him because we all have weaknesses. Avoid being very emotionally committed in a relationship that has yet to begin.

girl overthinking

Give him a present

Giving a gift to a person you like can be one of the most effective techniques if done correctly. Giving him a tiny gift, such as a movie ticket or candy bar, demonstrates that he’s on your mind and suggests that there might be something between you later.

Make a mental shift

On several levels, this is correct. Most of the time, the most difficult part of revealing your feelings to someone is worrying that they won’t like you back or that you’ll be exposed since you were the one who said it first, and when they don’t reciprocate, you’ll look silly or unimportant. Of course, being rejected is never pleasant. Remember that it means nothing more than that he was uninterested. Don’t let it ruin your life, and realize that despite the rejection, you’re still valuable.

Sit a little closer to him

Sitting closer to him creates a more personal and intimate atmosphere.

sit a little closer

It’s crucial that you don’t sit too near, or else it may scare off the other person owing to his comfort level. Instead of standing opposite to one another, stand adjacent to each other to prevent crossing boundaries and invading each other’s space.

Ask questions

This is a terrific method to indicate that you’re interested in him by asking questions regarding what he’s talking about or other topics.

If you already know the individual, recall anything he’s said to you in the past (extra points if you go further back). He may have told you last week that he had a root canal scheduled for this week. Inquire about the experience. He may have told you years ago that he secretly wished to learn to play the bagpipes. Inquire if he has ever taken lessons. He’ll be astounded that you remember what he told you.


Smiling is a great way to show someone that you’re delighted to be around them and that you’re having a good time. It’s also a subliminal phenomenon that makes people desire to spend time with others who are smiling since it makes them feel better.

It also encourages them to relax their guard and enjoy the situation more because they know they’re getting along well with you.

girl smiling

Since your date will be calmer in your presence if you smile a lot, he’ll feel more at ease and get to know you better.

Eye contact

Making eye contact is advantageous because you can look him in the eyes and tell him how much you like him.

Make sure you don’t glance away too much and attempt to keep an average level of eye contact so he doesn’t feel awkward. Also, rather than staring at other parts of his face or body, try making eye contact with his eyes. This will allow for a better connection during the conversation.

Take a chance

Be brave when you’re finally ready to tell a guy how you feel. After all the motivation, it’ll still be scary, but you have to do it or you’ll be back to square one. You just have to do it sometimes.  Otherwise, you’ll always wonder what could have been if you’d just taken a chance.

Whatever his response is, have confidence in yourself

If he replies yes, know that he likes you for who you are and that you’re actually appealing to him. Don’t question his reaction. If he claims he likes you, you can turn him off if you answer “really?” You have every right to feel self-assured by his response.

If he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, simply reject him with something like, “Okay, that’s fine. Don’t be concerned.” Then it’s time to move on! Remember that a “no” doesn’t necessarily imply that he thinks you’re terrible. His intentions could be convoluted. Have faith that his preferences don’t define you, and that there are plenty of other men who would be fortunate to have you.

confident woman

Don’t reveal too much information

You want to come out as self-assured without appearing hysterical or frantic.

If you make it startling how important he is to you and what bad things will happen if the two of you don’t date, he’ll most likely back off out of fear of commitment.

It’s crucial for both of your sakes that this doesn’t grow into something frightening. So don’t go overboard and keep your words basic while still expressing your feelings for him.

Trying to be sweet without being overwhelming can show him that you’re interested and enjoyable.

Even if he isn’t initially drawn to you, exuding the right amount of confidence might put him at ease and make him more receptive to the idea of dating.

How do I tell him I like him? Conclusion

Good luck! Don’t be sad whatever happens. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you know you have done everything needed. Don’t take it personally. Maybe he’s not the right person for you and you’ll realize that later. Remember, everything happens for a valid reason!

We hope these “how do I tell him I like him” advice helped you as much as possible!