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How long does it take to fall in love?

How long does it take to fall in love?

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How long does it take to fall in love, to feel butterflies in your stomach and to get your whole world upside down? Love isn’t something that happens overnight. Well, mostly it isn’t. There is the case where you’re one of the few lucky ones who meet the love of their life and fall in love at first sight, but that’s rare. For the majority of people, it takes a lot of time to find and fall in love. Every person is unique. Everybody shows emotions differently at different times. Nature is beautiful in every kind of way. So is for the people. Everybody has their own timing and process of everything. Don’t be too worried about things that happen spontaneously. Men and women physically attractive in the amount of time can fell in love fast. It doesn’t take 134 days or a month of dating to fall in love. How long it takes to fall in love depends on people to fell in love in their own time. Romantic love, true love, and all types of love in average time will come to you. 36 questions published in the journal about if men fall in love faster than women can give you some answers. But mostly, it depends only on you two.

What are factors that affect how fast you fall in love?

Falling in love mostly depends on how old you are, your environment, friends, the family you were raised with, emotional stability and intelligence, your past and current emotional state and much more. Also, communication is very important. How fast you become close with that person, how much do you trust that person. If you feel comfortable with that person, you will faster fall in love. Love at first sight quotes talk about those moments when you immediately fall in love. If you think that is possible, then keep on dreaming, because it is.

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●     Your age

Years play a big role as younger people are more naïve and they mostly go with the flow. They have a free spirit and they easily make new friendships and new relationships because they don’t see danger in human relationships. Older people or more mature people are more careful. They wisely pick people, friends, and partners. Also, they’re really careful when it comes to their feelings. They don’t experience it often and quickly. So, younger people generally will take a month to two months to fall in love, while some older people will take 6 months or even a year to have emotions and fall in love. First love quotes are sweet and make you feel like you can love again like the first time you did. It’s not impossible, but this time, be more careful and take your time.

●     Your environment, friends and family

Community and society plays a big role in someone’s life. If you have a happy family that’s emotionally stable, such as with happily married parents, then you will always be more likely to have serious relationships, more emotional relationships and you will fall in love faster because you are raised that way. If you’re a child of divorced parents, or in an emotionally unstable family, then you will not have the right example of love in front of you and you will be much more careful about your emotions and how you “spend” them. Also, consider your friends. If they’re mostly in nice relationships or marriages, you will be more likely to fall in love faster. However, if all of your friends are single, then you will be someone who will like to be single and you won’t need to express your emotions to anyone.

When to say I love you for the first time
When to say I love you for the first time?

●     Emotional stability and intelligence

If you are emotionally unstable, that means you’re never sure about how you feel and you always need to be led by someone else. That means you will fall in love much easier and faster, even if you’re not really in love, because someone else is already in love with you. However, if you’re emotionally stable, it will be the opposite. People with high emotional intelligence fall in love slowly because they can recognize what they feel right away.

●     Your past and current emotional state

Your past experiences in relationships are the biggest factor when we talk about how long does it take to fall in love. If you were unhappy in past relationships, such as you were disappointed too many times, then you will not easily fall in love. You will take much more time and that’s totally logical. In the opposite situation, you will fall in love much faster if you are new to love because you don’t expect disappointment or heartbreak. Your current emotional state is also important. For instance, if you still have emotions for a past lover, or if you don’t know how you feel, you will not easily fall in love, or you will not fall in love at all. It’s not a good thing to keep feelings for a past lover while being in a relationship with someone else. In that way, you’re hurting someone and you miss a good chance to be happy. First, clear your heart and your mind, then give yourself space to fall in love.

●     Your gender

According to statistics, women fall in love faster and more easily than men. Women are more sensitive. They overthink and overreact. Women, more than men, tend to look for love instead of stumbling upon it. Even when love isn’t even present. Men are more relaxed when it comes to emotions. They don’t think that much and they don’t see things as seriously as women do. It’s not a rule for every person though. Sometimes, it can be the opposite. However, for the sake of statistics, this is usually the pattern.

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How to fall in love again?

If you’re clear with your past experiences and especially your past relationships, then you’re ready for new love. According to your past, maybe you will be more careful in choosing what relationship you fall into and take more time to fall in love. However, be brave and don’t let bad experiences affect your new relationship. Take it as a good lesson and give yourself time to meet someone, know that person well, and fall in love. Take care of yourself, your emotions, your inner peace and happiness. That’s how you are going to be able to love someone else. Don’t rush it and don’t force it. Let everything happen at their own time. Sometimes you will wait a little bit longer, but you’re going to get a beautiful relationship.  

Its important to have your eyes wide open and to listen to your heart. Choose someone who is good for your soul, not your ego. That’s the only way you can be happy. And don’t chase anyone. Everything what is for you, will come alone. How to do small things with great love? Well, first you need to open your heart for others, so you can be the one who is able to love others.

Final thoughts

Every person is unique and special. If you have the ability to love, use it in the best way. First, be able to love yourself. Take your time and don’t rush things. Let everything happen spontaneously. Be brave to love someone.  Don’t let bad things from your past have an effect on your present relationship. Also, be careful. Take your time to fall in love, try to know that person well, to spend some time with that person, and to be sure that person is the one for you or not. Love needs time, love loves truth. If something isn’t true, if there are lies around you, it will not last.

For that true beautiful love, it’s not hard to wait.   When it comes to you, you will see why everyone else were wrong. Value yourself, work on yourself every day. Don’t let your happiness depends on other people. Don’t let somebody else ruin your day, or worse, your month or year. Don’t overreact or overthink, try to see things from another perspective. Try to understand other people. Remember, how long does it take to fall in love, mostly, depends only on you. Fall in love when you’re ready, when it happens, it happens.