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How Many Times Will A Narcissist Come Back?

How Many Times Will A Narcissist Come Back?

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How many times will a narcissist come back after having no contact? If they come, what should you do? Read more about it below.

Do narcissists keep coming back?

Will a narcissist return after a period of no contact? What should you do if this is the case? It changes depending on your narcissist’s personality. Abandonment is a problem for narcissists in general since it scares them and might generate emotions of shame. Furthermore, if you provided them with a supply of opportunities for them to act narcissistic, losing you could mean losing something they really require. In addition, if the relationship is characterized by control, no contact can be highly upsetting for them due to the lack of control.

Narcissist's nightmare
What is narcissist’s worst nightmare?

When do narcissists discard you permanently?

Whether or not a narcissist permanently discards you is determined by three factors:

-Whether or not they have another source of self-esteem-building narcissistic supply.

-What kind of relationship they have with you.

-Whether you wish to be forever dismissed.

Versions of narcissists

 How many times will a narcissist come back? Here are some common personality types and how they react after they’ve rejected someone. Read more about these versions and you will find out.


Recycles are those who repeat their interactions with the same limited circle of people. They quickly move on to the next individual in the group when they grow dissatisfied with the one that they’re currently with. Everyone eventually disappoints them. So, when this happens they seek out the first person who begins to appeal to them again. Recyclers place a premium on familiarity. When they’re angry or disappointed with person B or C, they get nostalgic for person A. Until someone moves away or dies, they will most likely cycle among the same circle of people.

Novelty seekers

Boredom is quite easy to come by for novelty seekers. Many narcissistic people are basically “trophy hunters,” meaning that once they’ve “had” you, they’ll move on to pursue someone else.

They’re more interested in the thrill of the hunt than in the real connection. You’re unlikely to meet them again unless they’re bored and horny late one night. Then, out of nowhere, a text from them appears on your phone. They’ll try to get you back into a relationship that will last until either they’re satisfied or the sun rises, whichever comes first.

Grudge holders

For grudge holders, their personal history is littered with squabbles with individuals they now despise and refuse to communicate with, often over incidents they have mostly forgotten. They don’t remember the specifics. All they recall is that they want you to suffer. That’s precisely what they believe is happening when they’re away. By completely shutting you off, they obtain more narcissistic power for their weak self-esteem than they ever get in a true relationship. This is frequently a familial pattern. It’s likely that grudge holders have a family history where two or more family members have been or still are giving each other the silent treatment. In fact, this narcissist’s family has very few undamaged relationships after years of bitter feuds. Holiday dinners are typically tiny and uninspiring.


Romantics believe they’re in love with you and can stage elaborate and convincing courtships to prove it. You two are the epitome of beautiful love in their eyes. In fact, because it’s so important to narcissists that everyone sees you as the perfect couple, there are likely to be numerous images of the two of you posted on whatever websites they visit. Romantic narcissists may even help you plan a wedding and encourage you to start thinking about baby names. However, the novelty of portraying a loving marriage wears off after a long time, and they lose their ability to stay emotionally linked to you when things aren’t perfect. They could abandon you at any time.

Friendly advice

All you have to do to get rid of a narcissist is ignore their texts and phone calls, as well as any other attempts to persuade you to return to service their wants. Once they contact you, the ball is in your court. You, not they, get to choose what to do. You must never, ever text them for any reason late at night when you’re lonely and feel weak. If they’re bored and lonely, they’ll respond, and the whole thing will start over and conclude in the same agonizing way it did before.

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How many times will a narcissist come back? – To sum up…

If you’re thinking about how many times will a narcissist come back, the answer is this. If it’s about your ex-lover, be sure that they’ll come back to you as soon as possible. You’re the one who boosts their ego and gives them compliments all the time. Narcissists are those people who enjoy it. You can come back to that person, but think if it’s something you want. If you’re having difficulty saying ‘no’, then read up on how to improve assertiveness and try if you can to get out there and widen your social circle. This in itself will help clear the mist that’s clouding your judgment. It’s a slow process and nothing happens overnight, but the first foot on the rung of the ladder is always the hardest part.