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How to ask a girl out over text? – Tips and tricks

How to ask a girl out over text? – Tips and tricks

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How to ask a girl out over text or how to start a conversation? When and how do I get her to say yes? These questions often go through your head if you start liking someone. The first move is the hardest one. You’re mostly afraid of rejection and negative answers. However, you need to have the confidence to ask someone out. You don’t lose anything if you try. If some girl is occupying your attention, then asking her out is something that’s worth trying. How to win the girl you like? – 7 ways to win her heart, watch carefully and follow the steps.

Face to face versus text

However, asking someone out in a face-to-face situation can be scary and stressful. Sometimes people are more comfortable if they take that first step through a text message. Although a face-to-face interaction or even a phone call is preferred, as it’s more personal and straight forward, a text can give you a better chance of being successful if you struggle with these other forms of interaction or if these other options aren’t possible for you. However, just because you try to ask a girl out over text, it doesn’t assure you that you will get a positive response. Therefore, here is some advice that can help you get the response that you want.

Best way to ask a girl out over text

How to ask a girl out over text and how to formulate that question requires step by step planning.

Step 1: Find out if she’s interested

  • Before you ask yourself “How to ask a girl out over text? You need to find out if she’s interested in you or not. Any relationship depends on the interest of both people in a mutual manner. It’s best to watch how she acts, such as if she gives you certain, loving looks. When someone likes you, you will notice that. So don’t rush, take time and observe her. In the situation where you get the green signs, you will know that you have her admiration. Now, you need to do something about it.
Couple sitting on a date night in cute restaurant - how to ask a girl out over text

Step 2: Starting the conversation

  • First, you need to do “small talks”. Don’t ask immediately. For example, ask how she is, what she’s doing, how she’s feeling, how was her day, and so on. As well, if you had common situations or you saw her in the street or somewhere, you can use that to start the conversation. Ask her something about it, or just comment on the situation you were in. The best way is to make some good jokes about it as that will give her the impression that you have a great sense of humour. If you notice that her answers are given openly and in a nice tone, that means she enjoys conversation.
  • Is she asking you questions in return? Is she answering in full sentences? If so, then you know she’s in a good mood. That’s a green light to ask her out! If she isn’t interested in the conversation, her answers will be short as she will only answer the question and that’s it. That isn’t a good sign. If this is the  case, you can either wait to see if her mood changes or you can ask her out anyways. However, the latter choice is risky, and you probably won’t get the response that you have been wanting. Rejection is more likely if you ask immediately.

Step 3: Ask her out

If you see that she has an interest in you and in the conversation, then it’s time to ask her out. Ask her simply. For example “Would you like to go out with me on Sunday?”, or “It would be great to hang out sometimes, what do you think about Saturday?”. Wait for her response, it may take a while. Signs she is madly in love with you, you can recognize if you watch does she have interest in you. Does she ask you questions, is she fast in response and does she give you attention? When she does answer, let her response seep in. If she answered yes, congratulations! However, if she rejected your proposal, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Step 4: Date time!

If you get her to answer yes, now you can take her on a date. Try to go to some cool place. The place that you take her for yours and her first date says a lot about you. So make sure it’s something nice. Or something very simple, so you can leave a good impression. Don’t forget to plan ahead of time. As well, make sure that you carry on a nice conversation during your date so that the two of you can get to know each other better. 

Couple sitting on a car watching sunset, date - how to ask a girl out over text

Asking a girl out – you have never seen each other in person

How to ask a girl out over text when you haven’t seen each other in real life is a little bit risky. It’s always better to be sure and meet her first before asking her out on a first date. Find out what she looks like and what type of vibe she gives off. However, sometimes this can’t happen. If this is the case, you can start a conversation online to get to know each other through messages first.

Try to get to know as much as possible about her. If you realize through some time that you really like her and the way she’s thinking, you can ask her out. Just don’t ask her out too early. Let some time pass in the relationship through messages first. That way you will see if things work out between you two in the conversation. You will know her thoughts. Don’t rush, take your time.

Dating a girl

You shouldn’t be worried too much about dating or if she’s going to like you. Dates are fun and nice experience. Relax and have fun. It’s more likely that it will work out if the both of you are relaxed and you both are having fun. Don’t play games and tactics. If you act all the time, even if she falls in love with your character, she will fall in love with that person, the person you act you are. So be natural. How to ask a girl out over text doesn’t need to be hard to do. How long does it take to fall in love? Well, it depends on your connection. Just be brave and take things into your own hands. Be careful, lovely and funny. That’s a recipe to get to someone’s heart.