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How to be high value when he pulls away?

How to be high value when he pulls away?

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How to be high value when he pulls away and how to be okay with that? In a situation like that you feel desperate and degraded. Your self-esteem seems to get low value and your self-worth falls down. Red flags are mostly visible at the beginning, say relationship experts, but most people don’t want to see them, because they created already in their head a perfect version of that person.

The one who is ghosting you cant be committed relationship partner. Social media can sometimes send the wrong picture of healthy relationship and it can give bad dating advice at the early stages. First of all, you need to know that person like that isn’t for long-term relationship. You can maybe change the role, but never get attached to the person that once pulled you away.

How to get high value again?

When men pull away their emotions and attention, rule number 1 is: DO NOT CHASE HIM! He needs to chase you. Common reasons why guys pull away is because they don’t see feminine energy inside you. If you are the one who is chasing, you are losing at the start.

If a guy pulls away, you need to do the same. Get distanced and act uninterested. It doesn’t matter how you feel in that situation, try to control you sadness and emotions that are going on inside you.

Put yourself at the first place. For the person who ignores you, last thing to do is cry. Don’t make yourself even more sad and bad.

Put your own life in your hands, pulling away from you doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never see him again, it can mean that you need to see things clearer and better.

Love life can be pretty bad game sometimes and lot of women don’t know how to play it. The feminine woman always know her worth and she knows her standards and limits. High value men will have that masculine energy and he will make sure you feel loved and beautiful all the time.

But if you see that isn’t one of the quality men, ignore him and he will come back to you. Maybe don’t immediately, but by the time he will.

How high value woman acts?

How to be high value when he pulls away and how to stay high value can sometimes be really hard to get. Relationship advice for high value way of becoming his one of the fatal women can be in different forms.

You can start with text messages. Don’t answer him quickly and don’t make him a priority. If you are too caring, he will never find you as his soulmate. Biggest reason why single woman gets into trouble for pulling away is because she gets too quickly attached to someone she barely knows.

Make time for yourself, take time to know him before you get too much into feelings and relationship at all.

Try to know when he passes all limits and show him that he cant play with you. Don’t be overwhelmed with the emotions, that can drown you down.

Women are naturally more emotional, men mostly love to chase and conquest. That’s why men mostly play games and don’t involve emotions too much.

For the perfect man you will be amazing just the way you are. If someone doesn’t want you that doesn’t mean you aren’t valued or important, that means that you two aren’t meant to be together. Don’t take rejection personally.

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How do you make him miss you when he pulls away?

If he gets distanced, don’t immediately ask him why he did that and to bury him with lots of questions, men don’t like that.

Act like you didn’t even notice that he is getting distanced. Focus on yourself, enjoy with your friends and family and look super happy all the time. That will confuse him and he will think like “Oh, she is happy without me, she didn’t even notice that Im not that into her anymore. What is going on?” He will be confused for sure, because he already expected that you will chase him and beg him for attention.

If that doesn’t happen, he will stay low valued. That way, you are winning, because you didn’t give him space to hurt you, or at least to look like he didn’t hurt you.

If you are showing too many emotions, if you cry and he sees it, you are making low value person from yourself, and that doesn’t mean someone else makes you feel like that. You are deciding how you are going to be valued.

So, if you put the smile on your face, look beautiful and happy, he will come back to you for sure and you will make him miss you even more. Don’t text him, don’t be available for him all the time. Leave him alone for a while.

How do you take your power back when he pulls away?

Maybe it will look hard at the beginning for you, but it is a process of how to be high value when he pulls away. First thing you need to do is change your focus from him to yourself, immediately.

Most common mistakes that women made is that they forget about themselves and they become obsessive with their men.

Remember, the way you love yourself everyone else will.

Make sure you have healthy and loving relationship with yourself first, then you will know how to love someone else and how to let someone else love you.

It is process that everyone goes through and most problems you think you have, only exist in your head. Make sure you notice all the blessings you have in your life. Be grateful for them. Start to do your job better, to look better, to workout more, to become healthier and to change your lifestyle.

Do everything that makes you feel happy. Don’t bother what other people think or do, focus on yourself. Hang out with your closest people, spend time in nature, read lots of good books.

In fact, do everything that makes you feel satisfied and good.

How do you know if he’s pulling away because he’s no longer interested?

Change in a man’s behavior can be very obvious and visible. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he isn’t feeling anymore in love or that he loses interest in you.

But, if he doesn’t give you attention for a while and he doesn’t talk with you often, he is spending less and less time with you and he is always lying and finding excuses for his behavior, that is a sign that he is starting to lose interest in you.

Of course, you need to know the clear difference between losing interest and a bad mood.

To be nervous and have bad period in life is something completely different. But if you notice that he is having really good time and he doesn’t notice you anymore.

If he is spending his time mostly with other people who maybe aren’t that important to him and that he isn’t really communicating with you, he is losing interest for sure.

Don’t be upset too much because of that, try to ignore his behavior because it can also be “chasing for attention” like kids do. It is known that children will do something bad in purpose to get the attention from their parents, but if you ignore the child he will stop it.

Same method you can try with him. Avoid that behavior and focus on your life. Let him know that your world doesn’t spin around him. If you try to get him back desperately you will only pull him even more away.

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Are you losing him forever?

You really don’t need to panic, pulling away doesn’t always mean that he is losing interest. Sometimes, it can be that he has some problems he needs to deal with on his own.

So in that situation if you make panic you will stress him out even more. It is important to know your partner well in order to see the situation from the right angle.

In every case it is important to stay calm and to see if he is feeling really bad. In that case try to give him comfort and understanding but also a space to overwhelm the situation he is dealing with.

People differently go through situations in life, someone can panic and scream, some people get offensive and nervous and some simply pull away. It is just the process of healing for someone and that way he may want to protect you from the things that are going on inside his head.

Be there for him and don’t bother him even more with too many questions. Show him that you care but also respect his distance and will to get over that by himself.

If he wants to share his problems with you you will realize why he pulled away, but if he doesn’t give him time and space to get over it on his own.

What are some ways to keep him coming back?

To keep him coming back depends on situation and reason why he obviously pulls away.

If that is lack of interest in you, then you should definitely ignore him and live your life the best way you can. You should get along the fact that you can’t force people to be in your life forever.

You can enjoy and spend some time with someone but you never know if it’s going to end or it will last forever, that’s just life. It is unpredictable and all the beauty is in it. That is the reason why you shouldn’t be too attached to anyone because you never know if it’s going to end or not.

If you take care of yourself and your life in a way that no one can harm it or ruin it, you can enjoy someone’s company who has the same lifestyle as you do.

If you are constantly depending on someone’s attention, love or just existence, you are losing yourself and you are just hurting yourself.

The worst thing is that way when you represent yourself like “depending person” everyone will see you as the weight they need to carry and its something that will get harder and harder for the person over time and he will get away in some moment, because it is not naturally possible for one relationship to survive that way.

Make your life beautiful and your relationship will be the same.

Don’t make him jealous by the wrong ways

In a situation of wondering how to be high value when he pulls away, sometimes the anger can overcome situation and you can make mistakes that will even more ruin your relationship and connection with him.

For example, girl mostly in anger find “somebody else” to make him jealous or in order to show him “I don’t need you in my life”. That is the biggest mistake you can do. That way you are not just losing him forever, you are also making yourself even lower valued person.

That way he will realize that you weren’t for him at the beginning and that you are not worth his time and emotions anymore. So, be careful with your anger and feelings by that time. It is hard to handle the situation when you really love someone but in the patience lay most answers.

Think twice before you do anything and don’t do things you don’t want to be done to you.

Sometimes, the silence can be the best answer and you can get out of the situation as a lady. Also, with some actions you can make yourself even more demeaned and low valued.

So, don’t let your ego and your anger get over your real emotions and wishes. That way you can lose something that you really love through permanent emotions of anger and disappointment.

It is a double-edged sword.

How to be high value when he pulls away?

Be positive

Every situation doesn’t need to end badly. Don’t think in the negative way at the beginning.

Sometimes you can cause problems by creating negative scenes in your head. Don’t do it that way and don’t take everything like a problem or something that would ruin everything.

If you think positive things will go on in that direction. If you make a drama out of everything, the drama will happen all the time. Also, even if it is a bad situation if you think in a positive direction it can turn out good.

Sometimes it can be just a bad period or some healing process that someone goes through.

Bad things happen in life and sometimes it is very hard to go through it with a “happy face” and cool behavior. It just needs time to heal and get over something. Understanding from partners in those situations should be on a high level. Lack of understanding and care can also be a problem.

Sometimes, bad communication can be problem, not behavior. So, work on your relationship and communication with your partner, it will be easier for you to overcome anything.

It can be a good sign if he pulls away

Most people “love” when it comes to disagreement or little distance, that way their relationship becomes spicier. It isn’t boring and monotonous and it keeps them wondering what is going on with their partner.

Sometimes, people intentionally cause little fight to break the monotony in the relationship.

It isn’t something you should worry about then. Look at it as a little game, in fact, after all it will be better and spicier with your partner when he sees that he could lose you.

Also, you will miss him and you could not wait to see him again. Even if it looks like a bad thing, sometimes those can be really useful things in relationships and marriages.

If everything is perfect people wouldn’t know how to appreciate those good times. When you see that things can go bad and that you can lose someone you really love, you appreciate that person and relationship more. It is just something in human nature that doesn’t know how to value good things until they went.

So, when it comes back he will know how much he really cares and how much he doesn’t want to lose you. In case he doesn’t, he doesn’t belong to you from day one and now you know that is time to move on.

Self-confidence is the key

How to be high value when he pulls away and don’t look desperate? Well, self-confidence is the key. If you don’t have it yet, act like you have it. Pretend it.

Confidence really looks amazing on everyone and it shows like “I love myself and I’m feeling beautiful in my own skin. I deserve the world.” and that’s something that other people see.

When you look confident people will act upon you in a different way. If you don’t appreciate yourself, no one else will. Everything starts with you.

How you treat yourself is how you show others to treat you. Same is with your partner, if you behave like he is something perfect and you see only him and you don’t have a life besides him, he will treat you like that. Like someone he can always have no matter what he does. It is different when you set boundaries and limits. That way he will respect you more and take an effort to make you happy.

how to be high value when he pulls away

Not every defeat is a loss

In life you won’t get what you want, you will get what is meant for you. Don’t be upset to keep everything under control, that way you are just making yourself sad.

Sometimes, you cant affect things that are happening, especially when it comes to other people in your life. You cant affect someone’s behavior, someone’s feelings, someone’s mindset, or someone’s lifestyle.

You can only change the perspective, the way you look at things and the way you feel about them.

Mostly when you lose someone it is because you will get someone better in the future. Life is teaching you all the time, maybe sometimes in a hard way, but it will teach you to trust the process and to let things happen.

If you are not able to let go of anything, you are just sticking around the things that aren’t really for you, that way you are moving backward in life. Maybe something amazing is around the corner, next week or even the next day. Did you ever think about a life that way?

Try to let life be life and to affect things that you can, like is your career, your look, your daily routine and your self-care.

Everything else will happen as it comes and as it goes. It is like that in everyone’s life.

Maybe it doesn’t seem to you that way, but it is.

One day of sadness, two days of happiness

Being sad all the time about people who aren’t in your life anymore or about someone who doesn’t care results only in harming yourself. Take care of the person you are going to bed with every night – yourself.

Relationship with yourself is the only one you need to work on the hardest and the only one that will last from the day you were born to the rest of your life. Make it be beautiful.

Sometimes, men don’t understand that strong feeling of attachment to someone. Maybe someone isn’t used to too much attention and love. People are different and everyone has a different way of loving someone. All the beauty is in that. In differences.

So, that’s why exists soulmates. Those are people who perfectly match people who have the same way of loving someone. All of the people you met in your life will be permanent until you meet your soulmate. That is a person who will know how to love you perfectly and someone who will understand you perfectly.

Don’t be too worried about those happenings, because life may be prepared you something beautiful. Relax and live today the best way you can. You are beautiful and amazing on your own.

Don’t check on him on social media

Yes, you are curious what is he doing, are there other girls near and all that stuff. But, don’t do that. That way you are making yourself more miserable. Just leave the phone and focus on something else.

Social media can often show the wrong picture, or maybe he will use social media to make you jealous and bad. Keep in mind that everything isn’t as it seems to be.

Best way is to not check too much on him and don’t bother him too much. Let things happen on their own. You can’t accomplish anything by sitting and checking his profile and posts.

Think about other things and happenings in your life. Visit people you didn’t that often. Instead of checking his media, edit yours. Make your profile look good. Post some things that you really like or post some cute selfies.

But, don’t post too often, that way you are showing that you are catching attention.

However, social media isn’t a measure of real-life and it doesn’t show what is happening in real life.

So, don’t be too much into the virtual world.


Your appearance matters

How to be high value when he pulls away and make yourself look good? For the prettiest women in the world, the beauty isn’t in their looks only.

When you walk into a room, your energy and behavior, body language and way of walking say a lot. If it is in perfect harmony you will be the prettiest woman that walks in. Besides that add beautiful clothing and makeup and that’s it for sure.

Make sure you have your head straight up and that you look proud.

But, the most important thing is that you really feel happy and beautiful. If you feel that way you will reflect that on to others.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and happy, avoid those who pull you down and make you feel worse all the time. Energies are real and they say a lot. Sometimes, even something you don’t want to see.

Creating great energy and appearance can attract so many good people into your life.

If you have a bad appearance and energy, no matter how good and quality you are, you won’t attract so many people and you won’t be someone who is pleasant to hang out with.

Make sure you work on yourself, pay attention to things that are visible at the first sight.

Texting him

By texting him and giving him lots of attention you are making the situation worse. At first, you are making yourself boring and offensive. You are pushing him away more and you disrespect yourself by doing that.

Of course, if the reason for pulling away isn’t caused by problems in your partner’s life or the phase of healing. Then you can by the time send him a message or check upon him.

In every other way, you shouldn’t give him unnecessary attention and space to move even further.

If you stick too much onto something or someone that will only squeeze out more and more. It is just something that goes that way. If you are willing to let go, you are the winner.

Opposite you will always be the one who lost. You will always feel like less worth and someone who is left like an option.

Sometimes your behavior can really change things, but also it can ruin the same ones.

Nobody wants a person who doesn’t respect herself and who doesn’t know her value.

If you are constantly chasing him, you will be boring to him, no matter how good a person you are and how wonderful woman you are.

Sad truth is, if you are too good to someone, you will be treated the worse. So, keep in mind that you first need to be good for yourself, then for others.

Final answer – How to be high value when he pulls away?

We all have ups and downs, self-confidence isn’t always present and sometimes you may feel bad and miserable. That is part of life.

It can not always be perfectly good and smooth. Sometimes problems walk-in into our lives and test our patience and our positivity in life.

If you believe that everything will turn out great, it will. If you are making drama out of every tiny thing, it will be drama. Most things happen only in your head and that is the place where you should sort things and clean the space.

Blaming others and don’t work on yourself won’t fix situations that happen in your life.

By making yourself a better person, you are making others love you more. Also, you are giving an opportunity to yourself to make your life better, your circle more quality and your relationship stronger and better.

How to be high value when he pulls away? Focus on yourself, let your family and your friends become your priority and people who make you feel amazing.

Spend time on things you really love and make memories. Travel and read books, find your hobie or something you really enjoy doing it. Fix your life and make it beautiful without anyone, but be able to accept the good people who want to enter it.