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How to break up with your girlfriend-5 things to avoid

How to break up with your girlfriend-5 things to avoid

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How to break up with your girlfriend-5 things to avoid and how to do that without making a big mess, is a big challenge. Break up with someone is never an easy thing to do. Whether you want to leave your relationship or someone is trying to break up with you, it is always a nightmare. Someone is going to be hurt and you can not escape that.

Also, how to know when it is time to break up is very important to recognize.  Whether we want to admit that or not, there are always signs that something like that is on the way.

Which way to break up?

Well, there are a few ways you can do it. You can do it by text message, call, or in person. Which way you will choose to do it, depends on the type of your relationship and how long it lasted. If you were in a long-term and intimate relationship you certainly do not want to choose to do it by text or call. Your girlfriend deserves more than that in this case. She deserves your time and effort for you to explain yourself and your decisions.

Is it ok break up by text?

If the relationship had that just begun and did not last for too long, it is ok to do it by text or phone call. It is a possibility that you did not click at the very beginning so it is better to end it sooner than later. And because the two of you are still probably doing more texting than seeing each other anyway, you can end it up that way, too.

Always try not to hurt another persons feelings!

However you decide to do it, it is always important not to hurt someone′s feelings. Except in the case of a major incident or rudeness, someone exposed you. If disagreement size fits, maybe you will be a little bit vindictive and you will want to hurt that person back, too. But before you do that it would not be bad to think about it twice and then decided will that be a good idea or not. Some people are just not worth of it.

Try not to hurt another persons feelings

If you decided you want to break up with your girlfriend, you need a good reasons and explanations for your action. If you are a decent person, you will consider those things. You do not want to be rude and heartless, especially if she did not do anything to provoke a breakup. So if you want to do the right thing and not leave her completely broken-hearted with a bad memories, you should pay attention to the next 5 things you should not do.

1# Don’t cheat on your ex before you break up with her.

First, and the most important thing is to not cheat on your girlfriend before you break up. If you met someone else and that is the reason for breaking up, try not to cheat before you come clean with your girlfriend. It is important at so many levels. As first, it would be devastating for your partner if she still loves you and had no idea what is coming to her.

And second, you will feel much better about yourself later knowing you have been a better man and did the honest thing. Because things like that always come to hunt you around. That is for sure. So try to be considerate and polite so you do not hurt her feelings.

Don′t mention the other girl

As well, do not tel her about the other girl. Maybe that will be easy on your conscience, but honestly, your girlfriend will be devastated by that information. Even in the case, she is insisting on knowing is there another girl, do not confirm that. Try to avoid that question if it is possible.

Because, in the reality, she does not want you to confirm it. She is just saying out loud what she is already suspecting. And she will see it in your eyes and your posture so she does not need your words to acknowledge that.

He has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with me
He Has A Girlfriend But Still Wants To Sleep With Me

2# Don′t put all the blame on the other person.

If you are one of those people who like to put all the blame on the other persons for their actions, try to avoid that while you are breaking up with your girlfriend. It probably will be hard for you but try, at least, this time, to be a better person and do things the right way. It is bad enough that you are doing that out of nowhere. You do not need to be that inconsiderate and put all the blame on her even she does not know what is happening and what just hit her.

How to break up with your girlfriend-5 things to avoid. Be respectful and honest.

Tell her nicely how you feel and why it will be better for both of you to break up. Be respectful and honest and she will appreciate it. Everyone likes to be treated nicely especially when something bad is happening. And the fact that you treated her well at the end will give her a sense of importance and her self-esteem will not get demaged. That is very important in this kind of situation, especially with the girls.

3# Don′t be insensitive. Try to minimize the heartache.

When that day comes and you decide to break up with your girlfriend, try not to be inconsiderate. Acknowledge her feelings and try to respect them. She might be surprised, mad or she can burst into the tears. You should be prepared for all those situations and react properly. If she is just surprised but ok with it, it would be easy. You will probably be able to talk about what is happening with ease and say goodbye like two friends. In the case she gets mad at you and your reasons for breaking up, you will be in the trouble.

Be prepared for the rage

When they are mad people usually doing and saying things that are not nice. And it is problem to stop them in that action. Be prepared for series of insults and bad things about yourself. Try not to respond the same because it is little bit of your fault and you do not want to make a scene. Especially if you are in the public. Listen patiently for a while and then say you have to go and just leave. She might still be talking but you just keep walking and do not look back.

Comfort her

And, then, it is a possibility that she might burst into tears in front of you. She could be overwhelming and surprised by your action and she will not be able to keep it together. If she starts crying, try to comfort her. She is still probably in love with you so it is your job to try to minimize the heartache. Do not focus on relationship issues and your reasons for breaking up. In the fact, you should completely avoid that in this situation. She does not want to or need to listen to it.

Comfort her and calm her down with your words

Calm her down with your words

What you should do is to try to be polite as possible and start saying a lot of nice things about her and your relationship. Compliment everything you can about her, her looks and personality, and remind her of all the good times you had together. And say sorry as much as possible. That should calm her down and convince her that she was not just a number to you. Because that will show her that you notice every nice detail about her and your relationship, and you will remember her by that.

4# How to break up with your girlfriend-5 things to avoid. Don’t lead your ex on.

When you are breaking up with your girlfriend it is important not to lead her on and leave the space for doubts. Say your reasons to her and try to let her know that it is the end of your relationship for real. It is not recommended that, if you start feeling sorry for her, to say things like we can see each other occasionally or we can call or text sometimes. That will just prolong the agony and you will need to have this kind of conversation, again, after all. So it is just a waste of time for both of you. Especially for you, if you already have other plans.

If she needs some more time with you, after all, accept it

But if she is really hurt and maybe she insisting to stay in contact with you for a while until she adjusts to the fact that is over, then accept it and run the risk. Let her contact you when she needs for it, but remember, you will still have to end in some way. But, being nice and fair with your partner at the end of the relationship is not a bad thing. You decide how much contact is appropriate and for how long, so you can both move on with your life in time.

If she needs some more time with you, accept it

5# Don’t gossip about your ex.

And, in the end, try not to be a blabbermouth after your relationship ended. It is important not to gossip about your ex girlfriend and your relationship problems especially if you were the one who ends it. Why? Because it is a possibility that, that girl loved you and she is already dealing with herself and her emotions about you. The emotion that you pushed away with ease.

That is already too much of a  burden. So she does not need you to go around talking about your relationship and how you end it. Or even worse. Bragging about your new girlfriend. Do not do that with trusted friend or even with a family member. It will reveal sooner or later and she will be hurt even more. When you are asking yourself how to break up with your girlfriend-5 things to avoid, this is certainly one of those things you should avoid.

Give her time and space to get over you

If that was the reason for breaking up it is important for you to hold on with things like that. You will have enough time to enjoy your new relationship in public. Give your ex-girlfriend a little bit of time and space to get over you even for a bit. She already does not know what hit her and how to deal with that. Especially if you had mutual friends. In that case, she will probably have to give up some of them. And sometimes, all of them. It is life-changing situation so try to respect that.

Give her time and space to get over you

Relationships begin, last, and end

So romantic relationship begin, last, and end. How to know when it is time to break up is something that is not always easy to recognize. Some relationships end sooner, some of them later. Sometimes we are the reason, sometimes the other person. But, it is always important to respect one another and the time you had together. It is not important who is ending it, it is important to do it nicely so you do not have bad memories you do not want to remember.

When you are asking yourself how to break up with your girlfriend- 5 things to avoid, try to keep this in mind. Try to acknowledge her feelings and the fact you are the one who wants to leave and try to be considerate as possible. You have the right to live your life the way you want to but, it is also important to treat nice people which coming through our life with some purpose. They deserve our respect and recognition for the time and emotions they invested in us.