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How To Fix A Toxic Relationship?

How To Fix A Toxic Relationship?

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Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, especially when we talk about healthy relationships. However, when things go wrong, we always try to find out why. It’s during these troubling times that we find ourselves asking how to fix a toxic relationship.


Communication is the key on how to fix a toxic relationship. You need to listen to your partner and their feelings. Also, you need to listen to your feelings and that’s for sure some good communication skills. Everything is a thing of compromise and conversation. Many people have thoughts in their head like “I love my girlfriend but I want to be single“, but often it’s just a temporary thing. Have faith, with love everything is possible. Feel good, make things happen.

Fixing Problems

Successful couples are the ones who fix every problem, not the ones who don’t have a problem. Many couples often don’t show their real problems. Often you don’t see an unhealthy relationship or sign of a toxic relationship. As a result, you see only the pretty side of their relationship. Every couple has their problems. Find out how to do small things with great love, small things matter. Take attention to small things, control behaviors and turn a toxic relationship into a good one.

how to fix a toxic relationship

Fixing A Toxic Relationship

To fix a toxic relationship, you need to have patience, understanding, will for how to fix a toxic relationship and lots of love for yourself and the other person. Don’t just let things happen, do something by yourself. Try to do something. It’s better to regret than not to try at all. Also, you need to take responsibility for your own actions and take relationship advice. Advice for how to fix a toxic relationship isn’t easy to say. This is because every situation is specific and unique. However, maybe these universal pieces of advice will help you.

How To Fix Communication In A Relationship?

Mostly, the main problem in any relationship is bad communication. For instance, people often stay quiet about things that bother them. Due to this, they don’t know how to fix a toxic relationship. They just get distanced. Of course, in cases like that, the relationship will only get worse. For things you care for, you need to try to fix them and make them better. Do some nice little things for your partner, like holding hands. Maybe it wouldn’t help you in long run, but immediately it will create a connection between you two. It’s easy when you’re reading this article, but in practice, you need to try your best, one step at a time.

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Healthy Communication

To practice healthy communication, always say what is on your mind. Say what you don’t like or what is hurting you and your feelings. Also, learn to say more often to your partner how much he or she means to you. Learn to say “I’m sorry” and “I love you”. When you do something wrong, apologize for it, don’t ignore it.

Seeing A Therapist

 If you need help, a good thing would be to visit a therapist. Lots of couples who have problems go to a person who is professional and educated on human relationships. The therapist will know the exact cause of the problem, especially if someone has passive-aggressive behavior, which is a serious problem. Most couples fix their problems by visiting the therapist. Also, It is better to have someone who will see things from a realistic point of view.

Taking Time

Adding on, maybe you need to take time off from dating your partner. With this, you will know if that person is not for you. It is very important to know your worth, and time can help you with this. Sometimes people are love blind and they don’t see things clearly when they enter a relationship.  Sometimes a little distance is good, to see how you function without your partner, don’t let your relationship turn into a rough patch. If you see that you need that person in your life, healthily, that’s a good sign to fight for it. Always take care of self-love first. Then, take care of the person you love. That’s the only way for things to get better.

how to fix a toxic relationship
Time is your best friend

How To Fix Relationship That’s Falling Apart

If you are sure that the person next to you is the person you love the most, it’s not easy to grasp that your relationship is falling apart.  The best solution is to find support. This could be your family, friends, someone who understands you, or someone who knows the whole situation. Good advice is always helpful in hard situations. When it is often toxic dynamics in your communication, try to find good advice, maybe it will help you. From people who really care for you, you will always get advice for your own good.

Do You Love Them?

It’s important to say that you love somebody. To love someone it means to love that person no matter if he or she is with you or not. That means that you must prepare yourself for everything, even for a breakup. Learn to love people for themselves, not for yourself. Always do your best for the person you love. However,  the other person needs to do the same if you want things to work out.

Work On Yourself First

Take care of yourself, invest in yourself, work on yourself. Be a better version of yourself. Sometimes we can’t affect some situations in our lives. If you focus on your job, friends, family, your hobbies, and your health, you will feel better and less sad. Sadness is something that slowly kills people and the relationships that they are in. Learn to love yourself, find things to love about yourself.

how to fix a toxic relationship
How to fix a toxic relationship

You Deserve To Be Happy

There are always lots of reasons to be happy. If you are the only one who is trying then you need to stop doing that. You always deserve a good person who will give you love back. Also, it’s important to know if something is your fault if there is one. Learn to apologize and change your behavior. It’s important to start with yourself and to recognize your toxic behavior and toxic reactions. Practice to change your bad behavior. Also, talk with your partner to give your partner signs of their toxic behavior or actions. If you can train yourself to change your toxic actions, your partner needs to do the same.

Relationship is something that takes two people, so both partners need to find out how to fix a toxic relationship. This means that both partners need to have some activity in that communication.

Is It My Fault?

A fault in a relationship is never only on one of the partners, both need to find out how to fix a toxic relationship.  If you constantly ask yourself if you caused a problem, then it’s not your fault, maybe you have a toxic partner. If you are trying to save your relationship, you shouldn’t be only trying to do this. When you don’t want to lose your partner, then the fault isn’t all on you. If you work on yourself, your life, your relationship, then you are doing great. If you take care of your partner and understand your partner, the fault isn’t on you.

Of course, sometimes we don’t see our bad sides. It’s important to have the will to fix our bad behavior in order to fix a whole relationship. If you are doing your best and nothing is changing, then you need to distance yourself a little bit. Sometimes other people see your value only when you are not around. Some relationships are saved because of that “little distance” where people realize that they miss the other person and that they need them back. People better see things when they put themselves in silence. Silence means to observe things or to see from another angle. In that position, the answers will mostly come by themselves.

Love And Happiness

The most important thing for you is to be happy. If you are not happy in your relationship, then you know what you need to do. Love is happiness and joy. If you are mostly sad and unhappy with someone, then it’s a big sign to seriously think about your relationship. Your partner should be someone who will bring you good things, with whom you will become a better and happier person. Love makes us better and that’s a fact. Love motivates us to do better, to give more, and to create great things. For love, you need to fight. You always have the opportunity to say I love you in 100 languages.

Final Notes

Great things won’t come easy, it’s a process. Mostly, it will be great, but in some situations, it will be hard. Everything in life is like that. If you don’t try, you will never know. Don’t let an ego ruin something beautiful. Always listen to your heart and sometimes your head. What you feel and how you feel will tell you what is the best for you. Other people can help you and give you advice. However, you know best about the situation you are in and you know if your current partner is the right one for you. Always keep that in your mind. With communication, you can solve everything. Don’t be afraid to talk, to let things out. This is the answer to how to fix a toxic relationship.